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Is Pure White Hennessy Illegal?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Is Pure White Hennessy illegal? The quick answer is that it is not illegal in the United States. You just cannot buy the liquor within the country at your local liquor store.

You can buy it elsewhere in the world and bring it back, however, the import fees are going to be extremely high as it is not something that is stocked in the US.

When you do manage to find it, you will have to pay a high price to get it as there is a low supply worldwide.

Hennessy Pure White has not given a clear reason as to why the liquor is not sold in the United States. The alcoholic beverage is sold in the Caribbean and the Cognac region of France.

Is Pure White Hennessy Illegal? What You Need to Know

Can you bring pure white Hennessy to the US?

pure white hennessy bottle
Image: Andy Lucero

You can bring Pure White Hennessy into the US if you have bought it elsewhere, however, as it is something you will be bringing into the country, the import costs will be high.

Pure White Hennessy is not illegal in the US, however, it is difficult to find and expensive when you do find it.

Why is Hennessy pure white so expensive?

Cognac can only be produced inside the walls of Cognac City and is made using three particular types of grape. White Wine grapes are seasonal and difficult to grow and must be harvested within a 4-month time frame.

Due to the complicated process of producing Cognac, there is a limited supply window. As such, the price is driven up by high demand and low supply of Pure White Hennessy.

Where can I buy White Hennessy in the US?

Store Information Price and Size

Princeton, NJ


United States

$278 for a 700ml bottle

Princeton, NJ


United States

$295 for a 700ml bottle
Hop, Cask & Barrel

Washington, DC


United States



United States


How much does white Hennessy cost in the United States?

Type Size Price
Hennessy Pure White 750ml $94,99 – $139,99
Hennessy Black 750ml $39,99 – $46,99
Hennessy VSOP Privilege 750ml $51,99 – $58,99
Hennessy Paradis 750ml $799,99 – $999,99

Do they sell white Hennessy in the Bahamas?

hennessy in the bahamas

Hennessy Pure White Cognac can be bought in the Bahamas or the Cognac region of France at a price between $40 and $50.

Is there a difference between white Hennessy and regular Hennessy?

Pure white Hennessy has an aged quality between VS and VSOP. It has a subtle flavor and is not overpowering. Pure White Hennessy is extra smooth which makes it a delightful alcoholic beverage to drink.

How many bottles of Pure White Hennessy can you bring back to the US?

There is no federal limit on how much alcohol can be brought into the country for personal use.

However, US Customs and Border Control are likely to flag you if you are bringing more than a case (12 bottles of wine for example) in your luggage.

How do you drink Pure White Hennessy?

drink pure white hennessy

To enjoy the aromas and taste of Hennessy Pure White, allow the bottle to cool on ice for a while. Enjoy the alcoholic beverage on the rocks in a tumbler or as a long drink.

Due to the beverage’s character, the flowery and smooth aromas and taste will be fully brought out if it is allowed to cool first.


Can you bring pure white Hennessy to the US?

While Hennessy White is not illegal in the United States, it is not sold there. Hennessy refuses to answer as to why the Pure white Brand is not available in US stores.

Where is Hennessy Pure White sold?

Hennessy Pure White Cognac is generally only sold in the Caribbean and Cognac, France. Most people can only obtain this alcoholic beverage while on vacation and they are unable to purchase it in their local stores.

Is White Hennessy still Cognac?

Technically, Pure White Hennessy is a blend of Eaux-de-vie made in the Cognac region of Charente. It is one of the most versatile Cognacs in the liquor market.


To answer the question “is Pure White Hennessy illegal”, the short answer is that it is not illegal. It is simply not sold in the United States and access to alcoholic beverages is difficult to obtain.

The beverage needs to be bought overseas in the Caribbean or from the Cognac region of France.

It can be brought into the US if you are returning from holiday, but the import fees you will have to pay will be high. There is no clear reason from Hennessy as to why the Pure White range is unavailable in the US but it is not illegal.

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