Casamigos Vs Patron – Comparing The Two Great Tequilas

Casamigos vs Patron, what makes each of these tequilas so great? What do they offer that the other does not? And most importantly, which one should you be choosing for your next night out on the town? Read on to find out!

Casamigos Vs Patron – History of two Tequilas

In 2013, Casamigos was founded by Rande Gerber and actor George Clooney, who are also partners in Casamigos Tequila. The brand’s namesake comes from the compound words “house” and “friends,” which describe the spirit’s origins.

The company was founded when Gerber and Clooney were in their Mexico home and came up with the idea of premium vodka that was not exclusive but available to everyone.

Clooney made headlines when he sold the tequila company for $1 billion to Diageo in June 2017, but he still holds a stake in the company through his Casamigos Holding Co., LLC.

Patron is produced in Mexico and distributed by Patron Spirits International, Inc. The company was founded by Martin Crowley and John Paul in 1989.

The brand is best known for its premium tequila made from Weber Blue Agave plants.

How is Patron Made?


Patron is made from 100% blue agave plants in the Jalisco region of Mexico. The plants are harvested by hand and brought back to the distillery, where they are cooked for 24 hours in large traditional stone ovens called tahona.

The cooked agave is then crushed, juiced, and fermented for two days before being distilled in copper pot stills, personally designed by the original Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz.

After distillation, Patron Silver is ready to be hand-packed and distributed. Aged varieties are created by aging in oak barrels and blended further to perfection!

How is Casamigos Made?


The agave used to make Casamigos Tequila comes from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. After harvest, the agave pinas are taken to a distillery, where they are cooked in brick ovens for 72 hours.

The cooked agave pinas roast is then fermented for up to 80 hours and distilled in barrels before bottling.

They also choose to distill their product in small batches rather than large ones so that they can control each step of the process.

This leads to better quality control over the final product as well as more efficient production times for each batch produced.

Casamigos vs Patron – Similarities

The two brands share a lot of similarities: both were founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to create high-quality products that reflected their personalities.

Both brands produce a wide variety of tequila types, including Blanco (white), reposado (rested), añejo (aged), and extra-añejo (extra aged).

They also both offer some limited edition bottles that are more expensive than their standard offerings. Both tequilas are produced in Mexico at distilleries located in Jalisco and use almost similar ingredients in production.

The alcohol content of Patron and Casamigos tequila is the same at 40%.

Casamigos vs Patron – What Sets Them Apart?

The two brands are often compared side-by-side as two of the best premium tequilas on the market today. Let’s take a look at the key differences between Casamigos and Patron to see how they stack up against each other!

Flavor Profile

The taste and flavor profile of Patron is unique. It has notes of earthy agave with hints of caramel and vanilla that are brought out by aging in oak barrels.

The finished product has a smooth finish that is easy to drink on its own or even mix with other drinks like margaritas or mojitos.

Meanwhile, Casamigos’ flavor profile offers notes of agave, vanilla, and oak. The finish is smooth and crisp, with hints of citrus and pepper.

The taste of Casamigos tequila is unrivaled in the world of tequila. Casamigos have a distinctively smooth taste that comes from their fermentation and distillation process.


The price difference between Patron and Casamigos is based on several factors such as the quality, age, and availability of each brand’s products, as well as their marketing strategies.

Patron, the top-selling tequila in the world, comes in a 750ml bottle and costs around $44 – $48. Casamigos also comes in a 750ml bottle and cost around $39 – $41 (prices vary with flavor variations).

While Patron and Casamigos are both 100% agave tequilas (which is what makes them so expensive), Patron has a much more extensive distribution network than Casamigos.

This means that while you can find Casamigos at many bars and restaurants around the country, Patron has been sold in over 50 countries since its founding in 1989.

Flavor Variations


Casamigos is a tequila brand that was founded by George Clooney and his partner Rande Gerber. The brand has three main varieties: Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.

  1. Blanco: The blanco version of Casamigos is made with 100% blue agave. It has a light flavor with hints of sweetness and a crisp finish. This is the perfect tequila for mixing in cocktails or sipping on its own.
  2. Reposado: The reposado version of Casamigos is aged in oak barrels before being bottled. This gives it a smooth but spicy taste with notes of pepper and citrus that makes it great for sipping on its own or in mixed drinks like margaritas or Bloody Marys.
  3. Anejo: The Anejo version of Casamigos is aged even longer than its reposado counterpart, giving it a richer flavor that’s still smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks without diluting it too much with ice cubes.
  4. Patron: The Patron brand is sold in several different varieties. Some are discussed below.


  1. Patron Silver – It is a 100 percent agave Blanco tequila that has a very mild flavor profile. The silver variety has a hint of citrus and pepper notes with a smooth finish that isn’t too spicy or harsh on the palate.
  2. Patron Reposado – It is aged for at least two months in oak barrels before being bottled, which gives it its darker color and smoother taste than the silver variety. It has a more complex flavor profile than silver, with notes of caramelized orange peel, vanilla, and cinnamon spice mixed with hints of citrus and pepper spice.
  3. Patron Anejo: This is aged in oak barrels for 12 months before being bottled and released to the market. Its flavor profile includes caramelized orange peel notes with hints of vanilla bean sweetness mixed with cinnamon spice and peppery spice notes on the finish that lingers slightly longer than other varieties of Patron tequila.

Uses in Drinks/Cocktails

uses in drinks

Patron Tequila is the best-selling tequila in the world, and for a good reason. It’s smooth and delicious, with a nice bite of agave flavor. BUT, there are lots of different ways to drink Patron tequila, and each one has its own merits.

The most common way to drink Patron tequila is on the rocks. It goes great with lime juice and salt or sugar on top. If you like a little extra kick, try adding some ginger ale or soda water as well!

You can also make a classic dirty martini by shaking up some vodka and olive brine with some lemon peel for this cocktail. In addition to adding some vermouth for sweetness, we also like to add just a bit of Patron as well!

Casamigos have various ways to drink their tequila, including sipping it straight or mixing it with other drinks. You can drink Casamigos tequila straight by pouring it over ice cubes or into a shot glass.

If you enjoy drinking tequila with lime juice and salt, add some lime juice and a few grains of salt to your shot glass before pouring in the tequila.

Another way to enjoy drinking Casamigos is by mixing them with other ingredients, such as lemon juice or watermelon juice, for example.

Mixing a little bit of watermelon juice with Casamigos will give you a sweet-tasting margarita that goes down smooth! Silver Breeze, Danny Ocean’s cocktail, and Patron Pineapple cocktails are some of the most well-known mixed drinks made with Patron vs. Casamigos!

Check out this expansive list of different cocktails you can make using Patron or Casamigos.

Patron vs Casamigos – The Final Verdict!

If you were to ask me which tequila was better, Patron or Casamigos, I would have to say that Patron is better.

The reason why I say this is because of the way that Patron is made. The Patron family has been producing tequila for over 200 years, and they have never strayed away from their original recipe.

They have stuck with the traditional methods, and they have never changed anything about their process.

Patron is the best tequila on the market. It is a top-shelf brand and has the highest alcohol content of all tequilas. It is a smooth, well-balanced tequila that is perfect for mixed drinks but also great when served neat or on the rocks.

Casamigos, however, has a much more modern touch in its production. Casamigos is a relatively new brand, which makes it difficult for it to compete against old-timers like Patron.

Both Patron and Casamigos have an exceptional reputation among tequila enthusiasts, so the decision of which is better depends on your preferences!