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How Much Jameson To Get Drunk?

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

People consider Jameson as one of the best brands of Irish whiskey worldwide. It is a unique beverage combining the sweetness of honey with the deep and comforting scent of wood, transporting you to the green pastures of Ireland. Additionally, Jameson stands by the motto, “Sine metu”, meaning no worries.

While it sounds like magic in a bottle with the ability to soothe your nerves and uplift your mood, Jameson is a rather potent alcoholic beverage. It contains 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Thus before indulging in a glass of Jameson, you should know how much Jameson to get drunk. 

Is Jameson Whiskey Strong?


Several variations of Jameson whiskey are available on the market. Some are stronger than others in terms of alcohol percentage. Many bottles of Jameson whiskey contain 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Experts at the distillery source water from the Dungourney River for creating the whiskey and diluting it to the appropriate strength.

Some expressions have even higher intensity, for example, the Masters of Malt Jameson whiskey is 43% ABV.  

Can Jameson make you drunk?

Jameson is a whiskey, and whiskey makes a person drunk. The amount of alcohol intoxicating a person varies between people because of different factors.

The body weight, age, and alcohol tolerance of each person are irregular and few of the factors that determine how much Jameson it takes to get drunk.

However, on average, it takes four shots of whiskey to make a person feel drunk or tipsy. A man prone to drinking strong liquor regularly and having a large body will show greater tolerance to alcohol. He may require seven to nine shots of whiskey before he is drunk.

Typically, 120 ml to 180 ml of whiskey from a standard-sized 750 ml whiskey bottle is sufficient to knock you out. 

Does Jameson Whiskey Make You Fat?

There are 79 calories in a single shot of Jameson whiskey. Hence be sure to track how much you guzzle down because too much Jameson whiskey regularly while eating proper food can make you put on a few pounds.

Which Is The Best Variant Of Jameson Whiskey?

jameson bottle

Most wine connoisseurs prefer the Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel over the other types because the company stores it in double-charred bourbon barrels for aging.

This imparts a great depth of flavor and essence to the whiskey giving it a luxurious feel. 

What Are The Best Ways Of Drinking Jameson Whiskey?

People love Jameson whiskey for its versatility. There are numerous ways to enjoy this beverage. You can have it neat or top it with ice in a rocks glass to free the aroma. 

This whiskey is also ideal for concocting a pleasant cocktail. Jameson mixes exceptionally well in the famous Irish coffee and gives a depth of flavor to that recipe.

It also pairs excellently with ginger ale and is a suitable whiskey base for tonic water. Owing to its versatility, it has become a popular addition in bars.

Bartenders serve Jameson regularly, either plain or mixed with a shooter.

Does Jameson Whiskey Have A Burning Sensation In The Throat?

jameson drink

Jameson has a mild sweetness that is not overpowering. It also balances the sweetness with a slight burning sensation in the mouth, which drinkers appreciate. It is subtle enough for you to enjoy a shot of Jameson, neat.

Which Form Of Whiskey Makes You Drunk The Quickest?

Whiskey containing the most alcohol percentage will intoxicate you the quickest. Most whiskeys contain 40% alcohol by volume, which is 80 proof.

However, there are some variants of whiskey called “cask strength”, comprising 60% alcohol by volume, which is over 120 proof. Although these variants are more concentrated and can intoxicate you much faster, experts advise that this is not the ideal way to get drunk.

Cask strength whiskeys have an intense and rich flavor and are generally pricier than regular whiskey. People purchase them for their distinct taste and savor them on special occasions. People do not use them carelessly as mixers or shots because they are expensive to replace.

Therefore, if you intend to get drunk at a party, you should opt for cheap blended whiskeys. Examples include blended whiskeys like Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, or the Famous Grouse. Manufacturers create these beverages so people can get drunk, making them as affordable as possible.

How Much Jameson To Get Drunk – Conclusion

You should be aware of all the factors that influence how quickly a person gets drunk so that you can be aware of how much Jameson it takes to get drunk.

It is also better to figure out your alcohol tolerance so that it is easier for you to pace yourself while drinking whiskey and not be startled when the effects kick in.

In other words, start slow, and then you’ll know!

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