The 5 Best Gifts for Vodka Lovers

Vodka is a clear alcoholic beverage that is most consumed as a shot or shooter, or as the base of a flavored cocktail. Some premium vodka brands specialize in creating a product that is perfect for sipping.

In this article, we are going to look at our top 5 picks of the best gifts for vodka lovers which will give you some ideas as to what to get your loved one for their next celebration.

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What to consider before buying a gift for a lover of vodka

How to choose the best gift for a vodka lover

how to choose the best gift for a vodka lover

There are two main points to consider when buying a gift for a vodka lover: your price range and what they would appreciate receiving.

The easiest way to make you regret buying a gift for someone is spending too much on it. You are more likely to worry about the price of the gift and the amount you have spent than about the celebration the gift was bought for.

You also want to consider what your loved one would appreciate receiving. If they loved cocktails, finding a gift that incorporates vodka and cocktails is a good option.

Alternatively, if your loved one prefers sipping premium vodka, you should look for a gift that will enhance that experience for them.

What are the advantages of a vodka-related gift?

The primary advantage of buying a vodka-based gift is knowing your loved one will receive enough value from it to be worth the price you spent on the gift.

You do not want to buy a gift for a loved one that will end up sitting in a cupboard or will never be used. So, you need to consider what they will want or what they do not have and use that as a starting point for choosing the right gift.

Things to look for in a vodka-related gift

Beyond considering what they will use, there are several things to look for in a gift. Firstly, is the gift going to stand against the test of time, meaning, is it durable enough to last and give your loved one value? Is the price of the gift option worth the value that will be received from it?

If the gift is something that can only be used once but it has a high price point, this may not be the right option to go with. Finally, will the gift make their vodka experience better or will it involve an effort they do not want to make?

These are just a few considerations that you should think about before making your purchase.

5 Best Gifts for Vodka Lovers

1. DIY Kit for Homemade Vodka Flavor

DO YOUR VODKA | Alcohol Infusion-Kit | DIY Kit for Homemade Vodka Flavor | Cocktail Kit with 12 Botanicals | Bar Essentials | Perfect Bartender Kit Gift Idea for Men and Women
  • DO YOUR OWN THING - Break free of standardised mixes and let your imagination and taste buds run wild with this exclusive DIY Vodka kit. The only extra you need is a bottle of Vodka: infused for just...
  • GET CREATIVE WITH NATURE – Experiment with twelve fragrant herbs & delicious spices to give your Vodka a truly personal touch. All our botanicals are 100 % natural, freshly sourced and come in glass...
  • PAMPER YOUR EYES & PALATE - Along with premium ingredients, our kit contains two beautiful Italian-glass prep bottles and a high-grade bar jigger made of stainless steel. Personalise your creation...
  • BECOME A PRO AT THE BAR - Over 25 original and old fashioned recipes including Gin, Whiskey and Vodka will give you a head start on your first ever homemade batch. We’ve got you covered with a...
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF PURE ENJOYMENT - This home bar kit is the perfect gift idea for not only Vodka lovers, but also Dad’s, Mom’s and friends. It is an absolute hit at every birthday party, under...
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  • Everything you need to make a vodka infusion: this infusion kit comes with 2 glass bottles to store your vodka infusion, 12 botanicals to flavor the vodka, 2 lids, a stainless-steel jigger to measure out the vodka, and an instruction card to guide you through the process.
  • Wide range of botanicals: there are 12 botanicals in this kit that are 100% natural and freshly sourced. Stored in glass tubes with cork lids, these botanicals include cinnamon bark, lavender, chamomile, hibiscus flowers, rosebuds, and more.
  • Additional features: The glass bottles that come with the ki are pre-labeled and are an aesthetic way to store and display your homemade vodka infusion. These bottles can easily be cleaned after use and reused for the next infusion. The labels may not do well in a dishwasher, so handwashing is a good way to ensure they last.


  • High price point: Although the kit contains multiple pieces to use in making a vodka infusion, it does come at a cost of approximately $60. Depending on the reason for buying the gift or how close you are to the recipient of the gift, this is something that should be bought after careful consideration.

Vodka is a semi-neutral alcoholic beverage which makes it a good option for making flavored drinks or cocktails. With this infusion kit, your loved one can make their flavored variation of vodka and gives them some additional fun.

2. HOST Freeze-Insulated Martini Cooling Cups

HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Cooling Cups, Plastic Freezer Gel Chiller Double Wall Stemless Cocktail Glass Set of 2, 9 oz, Grey
$27.49 $22.00 ($11.00 / Count)
  • MARTINIS SHOULD ALWAYS BE SERVED CHILLED - The Host Martini Freeze cocktail glasses are engineered specifically to keep cocktails frosty and refreshing, whether shaken or stirred. No ice or dilution...
  • THE MAGIC IS IN THE GEL - The insulated plastic walls of these stemless martini cocktail glasses are filled with proprietary cooling gel. This works as a beverage chiller when frozen. Freeze for two...
  • COMFORT-GRIP SILICONE BAND FOR EASY SIPPING - The BPA-free plastic construction creates a sturdy martini glass that works everywhere. An insulated silicone band on the base makes for comfortable...
  • THE PERFECT GLASS FOR A WIDE RANGE OF CLASSIC COCKTAILS - All kinds of classic cocktail recipes stay frosty in the Host Martini Freeze. Enjoy a manhattan, cosmopolitan, or classic gin or vodka martini...
  • INNOVATIVE GIFT FOR THE COCKTAIL ENTHUSIAST WHO HAS EVERYTHING - This martini glass set is perfect for dad, or any cocktail enthusiast who strives for the ideal spirit sipping experience. Perfect...
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  • Durable material: Aside from dishwashing, these glasses can last a long time under most conditions. The plastic will not crack in the freezer and is safe to use somewhat frequently. BPA-free plastic ensures a safer drinking experience, and the silicone should not be affected when the glass is placed in the freezer or hand-washed.
  • Easy to use: The glasses can be placed in the freezer which will activate the gel within the plastic. The gel will turn white once it is frozen and will slowly become opaquer as it defrosts. Then, you can simply repeat the process when you want to use the glasses next.
  • Ergonomic design: The grip of the glasses has been designed to fit comfortably in one’s hand and the silicone is soft enough to not make it uncomfortable to hold. Additionally, the silicone will prevent your hand from getting too cold when holding the glass.


  • Handwash only: These martini glasses cannot be placed in the dishwasher as the acrylic plastic and silicone may not stand against the heat of the dishwasher. It does make it something additional to clean and can be a bother for some people.

Martinis are traditionally served chilled which makes these martini glasses a good gift idea. The design of the glasses will keep your vodka martinis chilled throughout your next party or celebration with friends without watering down the beverage with ice.

3. Vodka Serving Set – Shot Glass Holder

Vodka Serving Set - Keeps Drinks Cold - Vodka Gifts - Shot Glass Holder - 6 shot glasses for vodka included - A Stainless Steel Vodka Chiller Set - Gifts for vodka Lovers - Maverick Unity
  • This high end vodka serving bowl lets you chill vodka or any other drink, in style, during dinner, parties and cocktail hours. Designed to hold ice and one bottled beverage, as well as 6 shot glasses...
  • The perfect vodka gift set: This stylish stainless-steel bottle and shot holder, is a stunning gift for vodka lovers. Excite the Vodka drinkers with this top shelf vodka server.
  • This elegant vodka glass chiller would work extremely well as a centerpiece for any event. Use it as a shot glass holder with a vodka decanter for parties, weddings, dinner parties or in any occasion...
  • You can also use it as a caviar serving set, by placing your favorite caviar bowl in the large round notch at the top of the server. (caviar bowl not included)
  • Funny vodka quote: Vodka lovers will surely appreciate the inscription "in vodka we trust" which is engraved on the face of the serving bowl.
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  • Creative design: This shot glass holder has been designed with a space in the middle to fill with ice and 6 indentations for a shot glass (or an average size) to be placed within. The stainless steel will absorb the chill from the ice and will then go on to chill the beverage within the shot glasses.
  • Durable material: Stainless steel is a durable material and is rust-resistant meaning that it will not rust when exposed directly to ice or moisture. Similarly, it is a neutral material that will not stand out or look tacky on a table at a party or displayed on a bar cart.
  • Multiple uses: Aside from being used for vodka, this set can be used with all types of alcoholic shots and can even be used to keep caviar cool. Although it does not come with a caviar bowl, this kit can be used by placing the bowl in the large hole in the middle of the kit.


  • High price point: This set comes with a price tag of approximately $60 and that may be higher than you are willing to spend on a gift. Ensure before purchasing that your loved one will use it often to make the value worth the price, and that you are comfortable spending that money on this set.

When you are at a party wanting to take shots, but the alcohol has warmed up, this may put you off. However, with this shot glass holder, that is not a problem.

It has space to hold 6 shot glasses and some ice, chilling your shots without watering down the beverage or requiring the whole bottle to be placed in the freezer.

4. Cocktail Shaker Set

Mixology Bartender Kit, SuperCook Cocktail Shaker Set, Bar Accessories for The Home Bar Set, 25 OZ Martini Shaker, Drink shakers Cocktail with Bamboo Stand, Alcohol Mixer Shaker Set Gifts for him
$39.90 $35.99
  • 【All-In-One bartending set 】Executing a winning cocktail takes equal parts bartending skills and a high-quality bar set cocktail shaker set. Bar essentials for home take care of the latter. Each...
  • 【 Bartending kit with Stand】 Eco-friendly bamboo stand (Patented), carefully designed to keep your barware tools organized and accessible at all times. No more clutter in your kitchen drawers and...
  • 【Premium Stainless Steel Material】All tools of bartending kit are made of premium Stainless Steel. This cocktail shaker set bartender kit is delicate, high-grade, rust-proof, and leak-proof. Do...
  • 【Easy to clean】The surface of the bar kit adopts mirror high-polished technology, so the bartending kit has a beautiful luster and a fashionable and sleek look. the bar set inner wall adopts wire...
  • 【Perfect gift】-- An ideal gift for both starter and professional alcohol shaker, as all cocktail mixer set alcohol measuring tools are included. Perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries,...
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  • Everything you need to make cocktails: This kit includes 15 pieces all of which can be used to make cocktails. There is a stainless steel 25-ounce shaker, 2 dual jiggers, a muddler, ice tongs, a strainer, 2 liquor pourers, a long-handled spoon, 2 stainless steel ice cubes, a bamboo stand, a strainer, and a corkscrew.
  • Durable materials: The items are all made with stainless steel which is a rust-resistant and durable material. Stainless steel is easy to clean and will not rust or leak when used frequently. Stainless steel is a safe material to use around food as it can easily be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Comes with a wooden stand: This kit has an interesting curved wooden stand with indentations to fit each of the 15 tools in neatly. The stand is made from bamboo, which is a sustainable and durable material, meaning it will last over time and will not be affected much by frequent use.


  • Difficult to store: The way the kit is set up makes it a bit difficult to store in certain areas. You need to ensure there is adequate space to fit the kit without damaging the top of the shaker or the long-handled spoon.

For a fun gift idea that will allow beginner bartender to practice their moves, this cocktail shaker set is a good gift idea. It includes all the tools needed to make a cocktail and will make you look more professional and knowledgeable when making cocktails for friends or family.

5. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers and Pouch

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers & Pouch | Golf Gift Set | Glass Whiskey Stones for Chilling Vodka, Whiskey & Scotch | By Jem Glass
  • Golf glass not included with chiller set.
  • Includes 2 glass golf ball whiskey chillers.
  • Includes 1 velvet pouch for safekeeping in the freezer.
  • Ice golf balls make a great gift for the golf lover and whiskey lover.
  • Not your average ice balls for whiskey, whiskey stones set, or whisky ice balls.
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  • Affordable price: At approximately $25, these chillers are worth the price as your loved one could get quite some value from them. They will not water down the vodka and will help improve the overall experience of drinking vodka. The chillers will last a long time and will stand up against frequent use when stored correctly in the pouch.
  • Quirky design: This set is a good option for someone who likes golf and likes drinking vodka as it combines the two concepts well. The unique shape will make it a good conversation piece and will likely be used frequently by your loved one.
  • Durable: Glass, when it is thick enough, is a durable material and can be placed in the freezer without risking cracks. Add in the velvet pouch and these chillers can be used frequently without risking wear and tear or damage to them. The velvet will keep anything else in your freezer from scratching the glass balls and will prevent them from sticking in your freezer.


  • Only the gold ball chillers included: This set does not come with a gold ball glass as advertised in the images. Rather, you would receive only the 2 glass golf ball chillers and the pouch.

Many people like to sip premium vodka but do not want it watered down with ice. This is where these golf ball chillers will come in handy. This is a good gift idea for a loved one who prefers to sip their vodka rather than add it to a cocktail or mixer. These chillers will help improve the vodka-drinking experience.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a gift option for a vodka lover, there is a wide variety of choices available. That is why you should take some time before purchasing it to think about the considerations suggested at the start of this discussion.

Will they find value in the gift and does that value match the price tag? Is this something they will use frequently, or will they forget about it after a short while?

If your loved one prefers to drink vodka with some flavor and wants something fun to do with friends or family, the DIY infusion kit could be a good option. They will get the benefit of being able to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage while being able to make their flavors.

The martini cooling cups are good for someone who likes to make their cocktails at home and prefers them chilled.

Similarly, the shot glass holder will allow your loved one to enjoy a chilled shot without watering it down, and the cocktail shaker set will allow them to look professional while making homemade cocktails.

Finally, the golf ball chillers will allow your loved one to chill their vodka without watering it down. The best gift overall will be the one your loved one appreciates most.

Make sure you also check out our articles on the best gifts for gin lovers and the best gifts for whiskey lovers for more gift-giving ideas!