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Cincoro Tequila Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 14th, 2023

Cincoro Tequila, founded by five NBA owners, sold out before being able to launch, with twenty-three awards in the accredited spirits competitions, is a noteworthy drink.

There are six luscious varieties available, for the first-time palette, which will entice another sip, or even the more experienced tequila aficionados will appreciate the beauty of Cincoro Tequila.

A dinner party with friends or a girl’s night out? Grab a bottle of Cincoro Tequila, an ultra-premium tequila, the perfect accompaniment to any evening.

A drink meant to be shared!

A Brief History of Cincoro Tequila

history cincoro tequila

As briefly mentioned above, Cincoro Tequila was founded by five NBA owners, their shared love for tequila created a bond that is ultimately reflected in Cincoro Tequila’s magnificence.

They shared a vision of creating a naturally rich tequila that is, ultra-smooth with an extended luxurious finish.

They currently have five expressions (styles) available.

  • Blanco
  • Reposado
  • Gold
  • Añejo
  • Extra Añejo

Cincoro Tequila uniquely uses a 100% Blue Weber agave harvest and captures both the highlands and lowlands appellation terroirs situated in Jalisco, Mexico. Fields of blue hues as far as the eye can see, are truly an astonishing sight.

The containers for Cincoro tequila are resplendent of the agave plant leaf and those majestic fields. It evolved into a gorgeous sculpture with a reflection on the five owners and a five-faceted form.

Seamlessly stylish yet intricate and classic, a delight to the eye. The contents of the container match the wrapping.

Prices, Variations, and Sizes

Let us explore the finesse that defines the expressions of Cincoro Tequila.

There are seven steps applied to making tequila, some being extremely more intricate in its delicacy.

  • Harvesting
  • Cooking
  • Extraction
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Aging and then finally bottling


Image: cincoro

A Crystal-clear colored tequila with aromas that are slightly sweet with light vanilla, it is exceptionally smooth with complex facets. Citrus with light vanilla tantalizes the tastebuds.

A finish with light vanilla, fresh agave, pepper, and citrus (lime, grapefruit). Blanco tequila has an impressive flavor, complexity, and finish.

  • 750ml 40% Alcohol Volume Starting at $83


Image: cincoro

A beautiful medium golden-colored liquid with aromas of cooked agave, hints of vanilla, baking spices, and toasted crème Brulé. A slightly sweet oaky taste with caramelized vanilla and white chocolate

An incredibly long finish with baking spices, cooked agave, and vanilla. Outstanding tastes and aromas gained from a unique aging regimen.

  • 750ml 40% Alcohol Volume Starting at $114


Image: cincoro

A stunning intense amber color marked by aromas of orange rind, oak, sweet, cooked agave, and maple. Delicious butterscotch and dark chocolate that ignites your tastebuds.

  • 750ml 40% Alcohol Volume Starting at $144


Image: cincoro

A remarkable dazzling golden color with aromas of toasted oak, raisin, cinnamon, and vanilla. Delectable flavors of dried fruits, sweet honey, toasted oak, and vanilla.

A finish of cinnamon, cooked agave, white chocolate, and almond.

  • 750ml 40% Alcohol Volume Starting at $350

Cincoro Tequila Extra Añejo

cincoro tequila extra añejo
Image: cincoro

Deep copper-colored tequila, with aromas of sweet, cooked agave, dried fruit, baking spices, and caramel with subtle wood notes.

Extremely complex taste of lightly toasted oak, white chocolate, sweet, cooked agave, lingering spices, and undemanding coffee.

A finish is akin to a fine cognac, complex, extra-long, toasted oak, baking spices, dried fruit, and light agave. An exceedingly rare and unique tequila produced in limited allocations.

  • 750ml 40% Alcohol Volume Starting at $1800

Cincoro Founder’s Series Extra Añejo

A deluxe limited edition with only 523 bottles made and signed by all founding members, Michael Jordan, Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens, Wyc Grousbeck, and Emilia Fazzalari. of Cincoro Tequila.

A signature release of the Extra Añejo expression each one stands at twenty-one inches tall.

It has subtle notes of wood, spices, and cooked agave, followed by intense oak, sweet agave, caramel, and light vanilla on the palate.

  • 75L Starting at $5000

Alternatives and Comparisons

alternatives cincoro tequila

Don Julio

Founded by the namesake of the brand, Don Julio

  • Blanco
  • Reposado
  • Añejo

70 Añejo Claro Tequila

1942 Tequila

  • Ultima Reserva
  • Reposado Double cask Tequila
  • Reposado Private Cask Tequila
  • Reposado Double Cask Tequila Lagavulin Aged Edition

Calle 23

Introduced by Sophie Decobecq a French-origin scientist that has three styles available.

  • Tequila Blanco
  • Tequila Reposado
  • Tequila Añejo


Ocho adopted the old and unique ways of terroir harvesting.

  • Tequila Plata
  • Tequila Reposado
  • Tequila Añejo
  • Extra Añejo


Manufactured by The Patron Spirits Company and introduced in 1989.

  • Silver Patron
  • Reposado Patron
  • Añejo Patron
  • Extra Añejo Patron
  • Silver Roca Patron
  • Roca Patron Reposado
  • Roca Patron Añejo
  • Gran Patron
  • Gran Patron Platinum
  • Piedra
  • Burdeos
  • Patron XO Café

Limited Edition 2022 Mexican Heritage Tin Edition

How to Drink Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro Old Fashioned

cincoro old fashioned
Image: cincoro
  • Two and a half ounces of Cincoro Añejo Tequila
  • Half an ounce of light Agave Nectar
  • Three dashes of Angostura bitters

Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass, stir and strain into your glass of choice.

Best suited with a rocks glass and as a garnish, a maraschino cherry, and orange swath.

Cincoro Diablo

cincoro diablo
Image: cincoro
  • Two ounces of Reposado Tequila
  • Six ounces of muddled blackberries
  • Half an ounce of Agave Nectar
  • Top with two ounces of ginger beer and a splash of soda water.

Mix the ingredients into a mixing glass to extract the juices except for the tequila, once done add the tequila shake and strain over ice.

Top with a splash of soda water and ginger beer.

Best suited for a Collins glass and as a garnish, a lime wheel, and fresh blackberry.


Is tequila good for you?

Tequila can aid your digestion by having a small amount before a meal. The agave in the drink has high insulin levels promoting beneficial bacteria.

Can you drink tequila if you are gluten intolerant?

Yes, you are in luck as tequila is naturally gluten-free.

Who made the first tequila in the world?

Cuervo was the first-ever producer of tequila in the world. His son Jose María Guadalupe de Cuervo began selling the very first Vino Mezcal de Tequila in 1795.

Is tequila stronger than other spirits?

Tequila is not stronger than other spirits with a standard 38% – 40% alcohol volume like most other spirits.

It has a unique taste and is more commonly consumed as a shot.

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