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Dutch Bros Cup Sizes

Jason Gass
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

If you haven’t yet experienced the newest kid on the coffee chain block, you need to find your local Dutch Bros coffee. These drive-through coffee stores are quickly becoming a popular alternative to the option you find on every corner.

The reason Dutch Bros has become so popular is that they offer a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Sure, you can get a typical cup of coffee, but you can also get hot tea, cold tea, energy drinks, blended coffee, iced coffee, and sugar-free flavored drinks.

Dutch Bros cup sizes come in four offerings: kids, small, medium, and large. The capacity of these cups is unique to Dutch Bros, and they differ for hot and cold drinks.

Follow along with us as we take a closer look at the drink-size offerings from Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros Cup Sizes Guide

dutch bros cups sizes guide
Image: m01229

So, Dutch Bros is a new option in your neighborhood, and you are trying to figure out how and what to order. The first thing you need to do is understand the sizing for hot and cold drinks at Dutch Bros. Here’s our guide to drink sizes at Dutch Bros.

  • Kids – This is the smallest size Dutch Bros. offers. While this size is popular for the younger customers at Dutch Bros, we find that the kid’s size drink is perfect for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. The kid’s size is a 10-ounce cup.
  • Small – The Dutch Bros small is either a 12-ounce or 16-ounce cup depending on whether you order a hot or cold beverage respectively.
  • Medium – As with the small, the medium cup size at Dutch Bros differs for hot and cold drinks. The medium hot drink is 16 ounces, while the medium cold drink is 24 ounces.
  • Large – Dutch Bros offers you a 20-ounce hot drink and a 32-ounce cold drink.

What are the Different Dutch Bros Cup Sizes?

different dutch bros cup sizes
Image: Nicolas Vigier

For easy reference, here are all of the cup sizes that are offered at Dutch Bros.


dutchbros hot drinks

Kids Hot Drinks

kids hot drinks

Small Hot Drinks

small hot drinks

Medium Hot Drinks

medium hot drinks

Large Hot Drinks

large hot drinks


dutchbros cold drinks

Kids Cold Drinks

kids cold drinks

Small Cold Drinks

small cold drinks

Medium Cold Drinks

medium cold drinks

Large Cold Drinks

large cold drinks

What is a Small at Dutch Bros?

what is a small at dutch bros
Image: Majiscup Paper Cup 紙コップ美術館

When you order a small drink at Dutch Bros, you will get a different size for hot and cold drinks. The small hot drink is 12 ounces and will cost you around $2.50. The small cold drink is 16 ounces and will cost you around $3.50.

It is also helpful to point out that Dutch Bros offers a kid’s size drink that is smaller than the small. This size is only available for hot drinks.

What is a Medium at Dutch Bros?

When you jump into the medium-size drinks at Dutch Bros, you start to see the real difference in quantity between the hot and cold drink offerings.

The medium hot drink at Dutch Bros is 16 ounces, and costs around $3.00. The medium cold drink is 24 ounces and costs approximately $3.50. This is nearly 10 ounces more than you get with a hot drink at Dutch Bros, and it only costs around 50 cents more.

What is a Large at Dutch Bros?

what is a large at dutch bros
Image: cyclotourist

Large drinks at Dutch Bros have the greatest size difference. The large hot drink at Dutch Bros is 20 ounces and costs $3.50 for a basic coffee drink.

Large cold drinks are quite a bit larger than hot drinks at Dutch Bros. A large cold drink will cost you around $4.00 and gives you 32 ounces of beverage.

What is a Large Hot (20 fl. oz.)

A large hot drink at Dutch Bros is a 20-fluid-ounce beverage. While this doesn’t seem like much, 20 ounces is equivalent to a British pint or 2.37 cups. For the coffee lover that wants a coffee to last more than just a few minutes, the large is a nice option.

One of the complaints about large, hot coffee drinks is the imbalance of coffee and milk. If you want more coffee in your large Dutch Bros coffee, ask for an extra shot of espresso. This will cost you a bit more, but it really gives you a better taste of Dutch Bros coffee and reduces the amount of milk in your cup.

What is a Large Cold (32 fl. oz.)

Dutch Bros gives you a whopping 32 fluid ounces in their large cold drink. For reference, this is two American pints or a full liter of beverage. This large size is used for Dutch Bros iced coffees, blended coffees, teas, and energy drinks.  

Why Is A Cold Large Bigger Than a Hot Large

cold large bigger than a hot large
Image: aaron_anderer

No, Dutch Bros isn’t trying to convince you to drink cold beverages instead of hot, with a larger-sized cup for cold drinks. There is actually a very logical reason behind the larger size cups for hot and cold drinks.

The additional space in the cold drink cup is for ice. Sure, it may seem like you are getting more liquid in a large cold drink at Dutch Bros, but in reality the actual amount of liquid in large hot and cold drinks is the same. The use of larger cold drink cups allows Dutch Bros to give you a similar amount of beverage for the same cost.  

What is the Biggest Drink at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros is well known for their secret menu offerings. However, unlike Starbucks, the Dutch Bros secret menu only pertains to the drink ingredients. It does not have a secret size offering. The largest size that Dutch Bros offers is their 32-ounce cold drink cup.

Secret Dutch Bros Menu Sizes

secret dutch bros menu sizes

We would love it if Dutch Bros would have a special-sized cup on their secret menu. However, their secret menu is all about the wide variety of drink options that are available. You won’t find a secret size on the Dutch Bros’ secret menu.


If Dutch Bros is new to your neighborhood, here are some of the frequently asked questions from new customers.

1. What is Dutch Bros?

Though this coffee chain is just now reaching many parts of the US, it has been around for quite a while. Dutch Bros was started in 1992 in Oregon, by two brothers. The idea behind Dutch Bros was to provide high-quality coffee without having to leave your car.

Currently, Dutch Bros has stores in 11 states, but is expanding almost daily.  The core values behind Dutch Bros are quality, service, and speed.

Oh. And no, the name is not Dutch Brothers. It is Dutch Bros. Loyal customers will be quick to correct you if you call this coffee chain Dutch Brothers.

2. What makes Dutch Bros so special?

On the outside Dutch Bros seems to be much like other coffee chains. However, the quality of its products, wide variety of unique and creative drinks, and an almost party-like atmosphere make Dutch Bros stand out from its competitors.

3. What is a Broista?

That person making your coffee at Dutch Bros is not a “barista”. Sure this is the typical title for a person that brews the coffee at most coffee shops. However, when you are at Dutch Bros, the person making your coffee is a “Broista”. Like their fun and unique drinks, this is a light-hearted alternative using the “bro” in the company name.

4. What Dutch Bros drinks are caffeine-free?

There are plenty of offerings on the Dutch Bros menu that are caffeine-free. Besides the kids’ drinks (hot chocolate and not-so-hots) caffeine-free options include Dutch sodas, Dutch frosts, and smoothies. You can also request any of their espresso drinks to be made with decaffeinated coffee beans.

5. Which syrups are sugar-free?

If you are looking for sugar-free flavors at Dutch Bros you have a good number of options. Sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros include: vanilla, coconut, hazelnut, chocolate macadamia nut, Irish cream, raspberry, strawberry, and peppermint. They also have sugar-free dark chocolate and white chocolate syrups and caramel sauce.

6. Can I purchase Dutch Bros coffee beans?

Once you have a cup of Dutch Bros coffee, you may want to enjoy their special coffee blend in your home coffee maker. Fortunately, you can buy their Private Reserve coffee beans for brewing at home.

Dutch Bros coffee can be purchased at any Dutch Bros store, Amazon, and some local grocery stores. You can even buy Dutch Bros Private Reserve in K-cups for your Keurig.

7. What are the most popular Dutch Bros drinks?

There are a few drinks on the Dutch Bros menu that are particular favorites. When it comes to espresso-based drinks, most of the Dutch Bros classic drinks are quite popular. However, their most popular espresso-based drink is the Golden Eagle.

This is a Dutch Bros Breve with vanilla and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. For reference, a breve is basically a latte, but instead of milk, it uses half and half. This results in a rich and creamy coffee beverage.

On the cold drink size, the Dutch Freeze is incredibly popular, and this drink option comes in a wide variety of flavors.

8. Does Dutch Bros have a secret menu?

Dutch Bros may have invented the secret menu. As a matter of fact, the regular secret menu at Dutch Bros is huge. There are multiple secret options for each of their drink lines.

You will also find special offerings on the secret menu depending on the store you are visiting or the region the Dutch Bros is located in. If you are curious about the store-specific secret menu items, you will need to ask.

9. Can you get a gift card at Dutch Bros?

Yes, all Dutch Bros locations sell gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased as physical cards, or you can send an electronic gift card through email or the Dutch Bros app.

10. How does Dutch Bros make their mochas?

The Dutch Bros mocha is another unique offering. While most other coffee shops make mochas using espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk, Dutch Bros has a completely different way.

The Dutch Bros mocha is made using espresso and chocolate milk. This seems to make the Dutch Bros mocha smoother. However, you won’t be able to alter the chocolate flavor in the Dutch Bros mocha.

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