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The 5 Best Wine Clubs With Free Shipping (2024 Guide)

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

Delivery-based wine clubs are a great way to broaden your horizons when it comes to the world of wine, and there are dozens of different options to choose from.

Many wine enthusiasts prefer wine club options that offer free shipping, as the shipping costs associated with these types of services can really add up over time.

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the different wine clubs with free shipping that are available today. We will take a closer look at the most important factors when it comes to choosing a wine club, and we have also hand-selected five of the top wine clubs on the market today.

Choosing the Right Wine Club

choosing the right wine club

With so many different wine club options to choose from today, it can be tough to differentiate between them during the shopping process. We have highlighted some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a wine club to ensure that you receive high-quality wine that is packed and shipped correctly.

Price and Wine Value

The overall cost of any given wine club is one of the most important factors for many wine enthusiasts when it comes to making a choice between wine clubs, and there are many different pricing models out there that vary from service to service.

There are many different budget-oriented remote wine club options on the market today, and each of them employs a slightly different business model to deliver quality wine to their customers at a very reasonable price.

While these budget-oriented services may be easy on the wallet, they do not generally make for great fits when it comes to more serious and experienced wine enthusiasts. These low-priced options are better suited for newer wine enthusiasts who are looking to expand their palates when it comes to the world of wine.

More experienced wine enthusiasts and those with more specific tasting preferences should stick with wine clubs that offer bottles from the exact countries and wine regions that they generally prefer.

There are a number of different mid to high-tier wine clubs on the market today that offer great deals on more “high end” bottles of wine from the Napa and Sonoma regions of California. There are also options that focus solely on international selections, most of which focus on the wines of either France or Italy.

It is also important to take a look at the difference between price and budget when it comes to wine club delivery subscriptions. The term “price” indicates the amount that the service costs, and it is best to determine the yearly price of each service when comparing.

Different wine clubs use different pricing and payment models, which can make it tough to directly compare the prices of two services that deliver with different frequencies. Another important factor to take note of is the amount of wine included per shipment.

The term “value” refers to the quality of goods or services that the customer receives in exchange for the price. When it comes to wine subscription services, the two most important factors that determine value are the amount of included wine bottles and the quality of the wine itself.

Delivery Frequency

Another important factor to pay close attention to when comparing different wine delivery services is the frequency of delivery. Some wine clubs deliver new shipments each month, while others operate on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis.

It is also important to take a close look at the average wine consumption of your particular household, as this will help determine which wine club option is best suited to your needs. The goal is to find an option that matches the amount of wine your home typically drinks, ensuring new bottles are delivered around the same time your wine supply diminishes.

Different wine clubs also feature varying amounts of wine per order. Some wine delivery services supply a full 12-bottle case of wine per shipment, while others allow for regular shipments as small as one or two bottles each.

When it comes to wine quantity, the last factor that should not be overlooked is your available wine storage space at home. Those with less storage generally prefer services that deliver fewer bottles more frequently, while those with ample space or wine coolers tend to stick with services that deliver half to full cases of wine on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Shipping Method

While free shipping is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing between different wine clubs, the shipping method can also play a major role. Different wine clubs use different shipping services like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the United States Post office to fulfill their orders.

While the company that is used to deliver wine shipments doesn’t matter much in some locations, there are some people who live in areas or buildings where one service has a better reputation for delivering packages on time compared to others.

It is also important that the wine club uses a delivery service that knows how to properly handle wine, as even the finest bottle can be rendered undrinkable if it is exposed to high temperatures for a significant amount of time. fou

Perks and Extras

Some wine clubs have developed a good reputation for including small gifts and extras with each shipment, while others include thoughtful perks for all of their members. These small touches can make a world of difference when it comes to customer satisfaction

Some wine enthusiasts enjoy small gifts and extras like tasting notes and snacks like nuts and chocolate that are hand selected to pair well with each bottle of wine. Others prefer options that include perks like coupons and discounts, which can lead to significant savings on bulk orders of wine.

Top 5 Wine Clubs With Free Shipping

With dozens of different wine club options to choose from today, it can be a major chore to sort through all of the available options to find which offer free shipping. We have taken care of the research and legwork and hand-selected five of the best wine clubs that do not charge for shipping to simplify the shopping process.

1. Winc Wine Club

winc wine club

The Winc Wine Club is a unique style of wine club that takes its own approach when it comes to both wine sourcing and pairing its members with the best possible wine selections for their tastes. The service begins with a simple tasting quiz that consists of only six questions.

Using the responses from these six simple tasting questions, an algorithm determines which wines from the Winc wine club’s library are best suited for specific tasting preferences. Members then rate each wine they have tried, and the system learns from the feedback to dial in future selections.

One of the best things about the Winc wine club is its incredibly deep list of different grape varietals and blends. This allows members to work their way around to many different unique grapes and single-varietal wines that are not available with other services.

One of the reasons that Winc wine club is able to offer such an extensive list of different wines is the fact that they are both the wine club and the winemaker. Winc sources grapes from all over the world and makes its own wine which is helpful for both quality control and cost reduction.

This is one of the reasons that the Winc wine club is fairly affordable compared to other similar services. The value of the service is tougher to determine, however, as there are no market prices set for any of Winc’s unique wines.

While some wine enthusiasts do not enjoy the fact that none of Winc’s wines are made by more established and trusted wine producers, there are others who find many Winc wines to be of very high quality, especially considering the fairly low cost of membership.


  • Wide variety of different and unique grape varietals
  • Simple six-question quiz makes startup a breeze for new members
  • One of the most affordable options on the market today
  • Feedback system continues to refine selections for members
  • All wines in the portfolio are organic and sustainably grown


  • None of the wines are made “on-site” at the vineyards
  • Many people prefer wines from individual producers
  • Not the best option for more “seasoned” wine enthusiasts

2. SomMailer


SomMailer is one of the best wine club options on the market for those who prefer “old world” wines made in the traditional style. It is one of the best ways for wine enthusiasts to “work their way around the map” when it comes to French wine.

France is the birthplace of the most famous and recognizable wine grapes in the world today, and many serious industry professionals and sommeliers consider it to be the most important wine country on earth.

SomMailer offers three different membership options, each of which is delivered on a quarterly basis. What makes this wine club different from others is the quality of wine, as they offer their members some top-shelf bottles from less-known producers in famous French wine regions.


  • High-quality wines from some of the most famous regions in the world
  • Wine experts hand-select wines from hundreds of different French wineries
  • Three different membership options to choose from with different wine amounts
  • One of the best ways to discover some truly impressive and memorable wines
  • Members are able to hand-select wines from each shipment for future purchase


  • Only features wines from the country of France
  • Some people prefer sweeter wines in the “new world” style

3. Dry Farm Wines

dry farm wines

Dry Farm Wines is one of the best wine club options when it comes to natural wines that are produced using sustainable and clean methods. This wine club offers some of the most unique low-intervention wines in the world to its members while supporting small sustainable farming.

Natural wines have become very popular over the past two decades, as many younger wine enthusiasts have shown an affinity for minimal intervention winemaking. While natural wines can offer some unique and delicious tasting profiles, they have also developed a negative reputation in terms of stability and consistency.

Dry Farm Wines lab tests all of their wine to ensure consistency and quality. They also ensure that each of their wines is sugar-free and vegan-friendly, and each selection they offer is moderate in alcohol content.

By ensuring that each bottle of natural wine offered by Dry Farm Wines does not exceed 12.5 percent alcohol by volume, this service allows its members to easily keep an eye on their consumption, often leading to fewer headaches and more responsible drinking!


  • Offers a wide portfolio of natural wines that are lab tested
  • One of the best options for vegans and fans of sustainable winemaking
  • All wines offered are free of sugar and additives
  • Many small and independent wineries and vineyards are featured
  • 8 different membership options to choose from
  • Many different wine styles to choose from including Sparking and Extra Low Alcohol


  • Not one of the most affordable wine club options on the market
  • Some people prefer more “stable” wines with moderate sulfites for preservation
  • Low alcohol wines are not for every wine enthusiast

4. Plonk Wine Club

plonk wine club

Plonk Wine Club showcases an impressive selection of organic wines that are fairly hard to come by. There are three different wine club options to choose from, and it is one of the best wine clubs with free shipping on the market today.

With the ability to choose between red, white, and mixed wine memberships coupled with the fact that each service is offered in 3, 6, or 12 bottle varieties, Plonk wine club is one of the most customizable wine clubs for more selective members.

Each wine that is offered to members is guaranteed to be low in both alcohol and sulfites, as well as Organic and made without any added sugars. Many people prefer these “clean” wines over natural wines, as they offer a bit more stability in terms of shelf life and consistency.


  • One of the most customizable wine clubs on the market today
  • Wines are low in sulfites and grown without pesticides
  • Offers many wines from smaller operations that are hard to find elsewhere
  • One of the best ways to explore organic and clean wines
  • Fairly reasonably priced compared to some other options


  • No wine quiz or feedback system to ensure proper wine matches
  • Some people prefer more versatility with sparkling wine options

5. Naked Wines

naked wines

Naked Wines has taken a completely unique approach to the wine delivery business model, and have implemented a very successful system that is similar to that of the world of investment banking.

Members choose small and independent winemakers to support before planting a single seed, and Naked Wines funds and purchases all of the grapes from that years crop.

By allowing members to choose which wineries to fund and support, Naked Wines is able to ensure a guaranteed market for the wines before they are even produced. They also receive a significant discount due to the fact that they are purchasing the winemaker’s entire yearly crop.


  • One of the most unique and interesting business strategies of any wine club
  • A great way to support small farmers and independent winemakers
  • Members are able to track an entire vintage from planting to harvest and bottling
  • Features some highly rated wines that have received over 150 awards
  • Offers steep discounts on wines from some very famous and prestigious regions


  • Does not feature any “name brand” or large recognizable labels
  • Some people prefer a more simple and traditional wine club approach

Final Thoughts

While each of the five free shipping wine clubs that we have highlighted represent some of the best options in the industry, SomMailer is the best option for the widest crowd of wine enthusiasts.

It offers members a unique look into some of the most famous and prestigious wine regions in France, which is considered by many to be the most important country in terms of wine knowledge.

Click here to take a closer look at the SomMailer wine club, and see for yourself if it is a good fit for your needs!

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