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How Much Pink Moscato Does It Take to Get Drunk?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

Wine is tricky from the point of view of intoxication. Its bouquet and flavor tend to make it seem less alcoholic than it really is so that one moment you’re knocking back glass after glass, and the next thing you know you’re trying to unlock your front door with the garage remote.

Fortunately, this is one of the few times in life when your drink of choice – along with a couple of commonsense precautions – actually makes it easier to avoid the pitfalls of terminal excess.

In this article, we will answer the question “How Much Pink Moscato Does It Take to Get Drunk?”, as well what you can expect.

A Tasty Beverage

Moscato is not like other wines. While both are made from grapes – the name comes from the muscat grape – in the case of Moscato, the fermentation process is stopped halfway.

As a result, it’s a lot sweeter (sweeter than Riesling!) and a lot less alcoholic. Pink Moscato typically is between five and seven percent alcohol, about the same as your average beer.

But then the point of Pink Moscato is aroma and flavor, not getting hammered.

The Same But Different

Regular Moscato is made exclusively from white grapes. Pink Moscato is made from a blend of red and white. Merlot gives it extra color and the flavor of strawberries. To this is added linalool (pronounced ‘linal-oh-ol’), an aromatic compound that amplifies the fruity, floral scent of the grapes and the Merlot.

Moscato is available as still, sparkling, and semi-sparkling.

Small Moves

small moves
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It’s hard to imagine anyone getting seriously drunk on Pink Moscato but it’s all too possible. For one thing, alcohol in general makes you thirsty. The temptation then is to slake your thirst with yet another glass of Moscato. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep some bottled water handy and sip it between glasses.

Moscato’s lightness and deliciousness are another reason you might find yourself drinking more of it than you would normally.

To this end, you would be well advised to eat something. Alcohol isn’t digested, it goes from your gut straight into your bloodstream. But if it’s all mixed up with food, that process takes a lot longer.

A big piece of chocolate cake, a plate of ice cream, or some appetizers will serve the purpose admirably, especially since Pink Moscato is technically a dessert wine.

Also, you’re not going to feel the full effects of the alcohol you’ve imbibed until you get up and walk around. So make a habit of it, even if it’s just to go get another piece of cake!

When All Else Fails

If, after several hours, you’re feeling somewhat the worse for wear, drink an apple juice or grape juice. Grape juice is best since it contains the most corn syrup.

The main ingredient of corn syrup is fructose. Fructose has been proven to accelerate the rate at which we metabolize alcohol by 45%. It also has the added benefit of shortening the length of time we stay drunk.

Closing Time

closing time

In conclusion, even if you’ve only been imbibing something as relatively innocuous as Pink Moscato, that’s no reason to drive drunk. If you can afford to drink, you can afford a ride-sharing service.

In Other Words…

  • To get the best experience of a drink like Pink Moscato, limit yourself to three glasses in the space of two hours;
  • Intersperse your shots with food to slow absorption and water to offset dehydration;
  • Get up and walk around from time to time to gauge how drunk you really are;
  • Drink a can of coke or apple juice (grape juice is also good) between shots to speed up how quickly alcohol leaves your system.

How Much Pink Moscato Does It Take to Get Drunk – FAQ

Is Moscato really wine?

Yes. It’s a Perlè Rosè made from grapes.

Is Pink Moscato sweet or dry?

It’s sweet. Very, very sweet. A 750ml bottle typically contains a cup of sugar. That’s between 150 and 200 grams!

Does Pink Moscato contain a lot of alcohol?

No. Pink Moscato is between 5% and 7% alcohol. Wine made from grapes that have been fully fermented is between 11% and 15%, nearly twice as much.

Is Pink Moscato a cheap wine?

Moscato is not that cheap. It’s relatively inexpensive only because of its low alcohol content.

Is Pink Moscato a girl’s drink?

There are a lot of rappers who would take violent exception to that. Pink Moscato is very popular with the hip-hop community.

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