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The 6 Best Wine Festivals In Louisiana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

Wine culture in Louisiana has potentially grown over time. Although the hot, humid climate of Louisiana makes growing grapes difficult, vintners are successful in handcrafting some of the finest wines. Each year plenty of wine festivals and other events are hosted in Louisiana that no one would ever want to sleep on.

Wine festivals in Louisiana attract numbers of wine enthusiasts and make them explore diverse wine varieties to be tossed with tasty and traditional Cajun dishes that mark the specialty of Louisianian food culture.

Let’s blaze a trail through these intriguing wine events and embed those flavorsome sips and moments deep into your memory later to be cheered throughout your LA journey.

Don’t wait, just grab your hands on these events and start planning your trip today!

The Top Wine Festivals in Louisiana

A treat to your taste buds! Here are the best wine events never to be missed in Louisiana.

  1. New Orléans wine and food experience
  2. Oak wine bar summer wine fest
  3. Annual Food and wine fete rouge
  4. Trap music and wine festival
  5. Rouge at Blanc
  6. St. Francisville food and wine festival

1. New Orléans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE)

new orleans wine

Isn’t it fascinating that New Orléans wine and food fest brings together all the gourmands, connoisseurs, and sommeliers together each year?

This event calls all the foodies and wine lovers to once again fall in love with the amazing dishes and excellent wines. NOWFE comprises five days and more than 250 wineries are represented pouring world vintages to be cheered upon.

The event also serves the purpose of educating, entertaining, and inspiring both the producers and the consumers to appreciate quality food and extravagant wines. Seminars are also led by vintners and experts in viniculture during this event.

This one event in LA is the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy with your family and friends. From a grand wine tasting showcasing thousands of wines to the royal street stroll exploring the antique shops and art galleries, you’ll discover a wide range of wine and yummy snacks.

Top chefs from around the city offer the best culinary experience like no other, making the event to be listed in the USA’s top 10 best general food festivals and wine festivals. It also provides you with a chance to learn about the wine and food pairings directly from the vintners and the chefs that created them.

So, clear your schedule now and book your tickets for this five-day fest from June 7 to June 12, 2022, from New Orleans, LA. Tickets are sold separately to all the events and there is also a range of VIP bundles that you can avail of.

2. Oak Wine Bar- Summer Wine Festival

oak wine bar

The Oak wine bar- summer festival is the best place for all those wine enthusiasts who are on a constant hunt for vast varieties of wine. It is undoubtedly a great setting to taste different nuances of wines throughout the world. This event lasted three days.

Wednesday is to serve old-world wines, all the famous classic wines are brought to the table and served, and Thursday caters to all the new-world wines that are popular and are in great demand. Lastly, Friday is for the attendees to pour and enjoy their favorite varieties of wines and champagnes marking the end of this great festival.

A summer breeze and a sip of chill wine are a combo that everyone looks forward to. The uniqueness of oaks summer fest is reserved in this theme of old to new wine culture that not only attracts sommeliers but also people who are enthusiastic about culture and history.

This festival will take place this year on August 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, so avail this opportunity and grab your tickets that cost $25 online and $30 at door, and get ready to be a part of this summer fest to be held at 8118 Oak streets, New Orleans, LA.

3. Fete Rouge Food and Wine Fete

Fete Rouge Food and Wine

Baton Rouge fete rouge is a premium wine event that showcases 200 wines around the globe as well as the mouth-watering cuisines prepared by local chefs.

It is a fun and engaging event featuring a chefs’ competition where 30 local chefs would be preparing their best dishes to win a gold medal while all the attendees will taste and sample the food along with those valuable wines as a sort of Ying yang offset to the hot and spicy dishes.

In this event, you will enjoy tempting delicacies and have the opportunity to create your very own platter that is filling, flavorsome, and offers a variety of items prepared by the best local chefs. Tossing them with a diverse variety of wines would amplify the flavor even more and would appeal to your taste buds.

Events like the Baton Rouge fete are worth attending and serve as a cure for boredom and keep you fresh and delighted through live entertainment and music performances paired with good food and a touch of sweet wines.

Don’t wait for this event usually sells out and get your tickets for $95 for a fun-filled experience to be held on August 26, 2022, from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm at ‘Auberge Casino Baton Rouge 777 L’Auberge Avenue Baton Rouge, LA

4. Trap Music and Wine Festival

trap wine festival
Image: COD Newsroom

Wine a little and you’ll feel better, couple it with music, and make it boozy. Trap music and wine festival is the best spot for all those young adults to live a day full of hip-hop music and celebrate the grape-oriented libation featuring 30 different wines.

The word trap itself is an Atlantic slang used for the house exclusively to sell drugs. Trap music is a hip-hop genre that synthesizes drums and vocal content primarily focusing on drug use and urban violence. This festival has plenty of activities from trendy wine sips and DJs playing trap music hits to shopping contests, live games, and much more.

Get ready to bring your lawn chairs to Louis Strong Park, New Orleans, LA to entertain your classy and ratchet sides in one filled event.

Don’t miss out on this crazy festival that will serenade your soul and revive your heart. Book your tickets now at $15 to relish your taste buds on September 3rd from 3 pm to 8 pm.

5. Rouge et Blanc

Rouge et Blanc

Rouge et Blanc is held on the campus of McNeese State University and planners recently announced the return of the annual festival on October 8, 2022, from 2 pm to 6 pm. Save the date for a premier food and wine event the region has to offer.

Rouge et Blanc attracts thousands of visitors each year to be gathered under the roof of McNeese state university in lake Charles, LA to enjoy the appetizing food and robust wines.

Rouge at Blanc serves as a fundraiser for banners at McNeese university, allowing the funding for cultural and educational programs they offer. This festival is indeed a party with a purpose.

This culinary event allows you to sample the best food and wine across the town with a beautiful setting that is great for such an event, giving you plenty of room to wander and move together in the pleasant fall weather of southwest Louisiana.

It is certainly worth going out with your friends, family, or significant others. The festival is pretty much like the Baton Rouge fete with different restaurants serving a variety of food and wine but the outdoor setting is what makes the whole festival more alive and eventful.

To attend an event that not only fulfills your foodie mood and wine craving but also serves a bigger purpose is as good as the cherry on top.

So put on your favorite dress and get ready to attend this eventful night filled with appealing food and even better wine. The tickets are $125 per person and go on sale on august 05, at 9 am.

6. St. Francisville Wine and Food Festival

St. Francisville Wine and Food Festival
Image: St. Francisville Wine and Food

Louisiana’s most beautiful festival brings chefs, sommeliers, vintners, and live local music back to the people each year.

This 3-day festival spotlights the best of Louisiana and Mississippi chefs, delicious dishes, and sweet wines. This outdoor culinary event with such beautiful views of nature is a must-go-to place to explore the creative innovations of the chefs with a blend of wine and a splash of live music.

Holding a glass of wine walking and wandering through the stalls showcasing the intriguing talents of the top chefs of some legendary restaurants and sampling their dishes with attractive views is a moment wished to be lived.

This festival is successful enough to mark its place in “Louisiana’s most beautiful culinary festivals” and a tour spot for the attendees to sound and sight live music, lawn games, and scrumptious food with the perfect wine combos.

Moreover, the venue is so aesthetically pleasing that it will instantly fill your camera roll with tons of images that you cannot resist sharing on your social media.

Mark your spot at St Francisville wine fest 2022 featuring Keenan family dinner, bubbles, and barbecue festival, and a “Louisiana spirits” cocktail and spirits tasting courtyard.

Tickets for all the events range from $95-$250. The early bird sale ends on July 01, 2022, so hurry up and get yours now! The fest will take place at The Myrtles & Restaurant 1796.

Best Wine Festivals In Louisiana – Conclusion

Indeed, one can never get bored in Louisiana. It is regarded as a “melting pot” for cultures with its unique food, finest wines, live jazz music along with other outdoor activities like fishing, exquisite and stunning views, etc.

So, do not wait and plan your trip to Louisiana!

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