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The 5 Best Stemless Wine Glasses (2024 Guide)

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

Stemless wine glasses are very stylish pieces of glassware that have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years.

Many people enjoy the fact that these sleek wine glasses are easy to store and clean, and they take up far less space than traditional stemmed wine glasses.

There are many different stemless wine glasses on the market today, and choosing the best option for you comes down to weighing some of the most important factors of each.

Choosing the Right Stemless Wine Glasses

choosing the right stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses are very convenient and are the wine glass of choice for many enthusiasts all over the world. Each option has certain strengths and drawbacks, and it is important to keep the most important features of each in mind when shopping.

Price and Value

When it comes to just about any purchase, price is one of the first things that customers consider. It is important to choose a stemless wine glass that is of solid quality and made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and maximum enjoyment.

Choosing the cheapest option when it comes to shopping for a set of stemless wine glasses is rarely the best way to go, as the majority of value selections are made of cheap plastic and feature a very thick rim that is not ideal for wine tasting.

It is also not necessary to purchase the most expensive stemless wine glass set on the market, and some of the most premium options on the market are actually the least durable. This is due to the fact that high-end wine glasses feature extremely thin rims that tend to be very brittle.

It is also important to pay attention to the difference between price and value when it comes to stemless wine glass sets. Different sets contain different amounts of wine glasses, and the options that present the best value will strike a balance between price and quality.

Design and Style

Some people are under the impression that the shape of a wine glass isn’t very important when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many different styles of stemless wine glasses on the market today, and each of them is designed with a different purpose in mind.

There are certain decorative stemless wine glasses that are best used for entertaining and display. Some options come in a variety of different tints and colors, making it easy to keep drinks separated at large events and parties.

The shape of a wine glass is also very important when it comes to aromatics and the way that different styles of wine are served. White wine glasses are generally smaller and feature a rim with a smaller diameter to help concentrate the aromas of more delicate white wines.

Wine glasses that are designed for serving red wine are generally larger in profile and overall size, and they feature rims with wider diameters that help some of the strong aromatics of red wine escape and become a bit more diluted.

For these reasons, it is important to consider which styles of wine your household most often enjoys, and purchase wine glasses accordingly. There are also stemless Champagne flutes, which make for great elegant options when it comes to serving sparkling wine or mimosas.

Company Reputation

Another important consideration to make when shopping for a set of stemless wine glasses is the company that produces them. Certain companies have long-established reputations for providing high-quality wine glasses, and these are the best options to use.

One great way to find a high-quality brand of wine glass is to check in with your local wine bar and see what they use. The majority of high-quality wine bars will use trusted brands and it can be helpful to physically see and hold a glass before purchasing.

Another easy way to check the reputation of any given company is to search for its name on the website of the Better Business Bureau. This is a fantastic free resource that can help customers weed out shady businesses before making purchases.

There are also a number of different review platforms online that customers use to share their opinions with other shoppers. These include Amazon, Google, and Yelp, each of which can be very helpful resources for prospective customers.

Delivery Time and Cost

delivery time and cost

It is also important to think about delivery concerts when shopping for stemless wine glasses, as many people stock up on new glassware in anticipation of a large party or event. These can be time-sensitive affairs, and it is important that wine glasses are delivered on time.

One of the best ways to ensure fast and easy shipping for Amazon Prime customers is to shop for items that are listed as “Prime Purchases.” These items qualify for fast and free two-day shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

For stemless wine glass set options that are not available through Amazon, it is important to choose a company that uses high-quality shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, or DHL to fulfill their deliveries, and the best companies allow customers to choose their delivery service.

Another great way to shop for stemless wine glasses is to choose an in-store option. In many cases, you can check ahead online to see which items are available and in stock before leaving your house or driving anywhere.

Matching Accessories

Wine glasses are often purchased in a set with the intention of matching with other tableware like plates and water glasses. Certain options are available as part of a larger set, and others are designed to blend in with just about any interior design style.

While bright and fun stemless wine glasses that are uniquely decorated might be the perfect choice for some occasions, there are others where a more neutral and less flashy wine glass is called for.

For this reason, it is always best to choose a classy and elegant wine glass set that is stylish without being too crazy in terms of design. This ensures the most possible combinations and allows you to serve them alongside many different types of tableware.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Stemless Wine Glasses

dstblcr-table__imageAmazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Ideal For Everyday Use
  • Lead-Free
  • Each Glass Holds 15 Fluid Ounces
dstblcr-table__imageGodinger Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Perfect Item For Any Occasion
  • Timeless and Sleek Design
dstblcr-table__imageJoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Stemless Base For Stability
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Unique Gift for the Wine Lover
dstblcr-table__imageJoyJolt HUE Stemless Wine Glass Set
  • Handwash Only to Retain the Shine of the Jewel-Like Base
  • No Freezers or Fiery Cocktails
  • Thick Lead-Free Glass
dstblcr-table__imageDragon Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Comfortable to Hold
  • Sustainable and Reusable
  • Professional Lead-Free Glass

Top 5 Stemless Wine Glasses

1. Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses


  • One of the most affordable options on the market at just over $15
  • Included four matching glasses
  • Good rim thickness in terms of balance between quality and durability
  • Amazon Basics brand is one of the best in terms of returns and value
  • Made in the USA
  • Over five thousand positive reviews from happy customers


  • Not one of the thinner-rimmed options on the market
  • Fairly basic option, as the brand name would suggest
  • Not one of the more striking options in terms of stylish design

2. Godinger Stemless Wine Glasses


  • Full price of just under $30, but often goes on sale for around $20
  • Stylish design with beautiful glass profile
  • Thin bottom with a wide middle is great for wine aromatics
  • Crafted in Europe in a traditional crystal factory
  • Established brand that has been crafting high-quality glasses since 1973
  • Over two thousand positive reviews on Amazon


  • Design does not lend itself well to the aromatics of stronger red wines
  • There are more affordable options on the market when not on sale
  • Needs to be handled gently when cleaning and polishing

3. JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses


  • One of the top-selling stemless wine glass sets on Amazon
  • Over 14 thousand positive reviews from happy customers
  • One of the most affordable options on the market
  • Elegant “egg-like” rounded shape
  • Durably constructed from shatter-resistant material
  • Fairly thin rim for a quality wine-tasting experience


  • Not all customers enjoy the unique rounded glass design
  • Not made from one of the more traditionally sought-after glass materials
  • Only available for purchase online

4. JoyJolt HUE Stemless Wine Glass Set


  • Unique and colorful design that is great for parties
  • One of the larger stemless wine glass sets as it includes six glasses
  • Six different unique colors to help keep glasses separate
  • One of the more durable options on the market
  • Unique rounded design makes glasses simple to clean and polish


  • Colored wine glasses do not go well with all interior decor
  • Not made from traditionally high-quality glass material
  • Features a thicker rim than some other options that is not ideal for wine tasting

5. Dragon Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses


  • One of the most uniquely designed stemless glasses on the market today
  • Two different color options including clear and iridescent
  • Features indentations on either side of each glass designed for finger placement
  • Over three thousand positive reviews on Amazon
  • Available in sets of two, four, or six


  • One of the more expensive options on the market at around $45
  • Not all customers enjoy the unique design or finger indentations
  • The reliability of the company’s wine aeration claims is fairly shaky

Final Thoughts

While there are many different high-quality options on the market today when it comes to stemless wine glass sets, the JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glass set is the best option for the widest variety of customers.

It is one of the top sellers on Amazon, and tens of thousands of people have praised this stemless wine glass set for providing high quality at a reasonable price point. Click here to take a look at this top-selling wine glass set, and see if it is the right fit for you!

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