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The Top 3 Wine Festivals in Idaho

Charl Joost
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

As the weather starts to warm, wine festivals are popping up all over Idaho, and they’re a fun way to spend time, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or not. There’s something to be said for getting out of the house and enjoying the company of others while enjoying a tasty glass of wine (or two).

Wine festivals are an excellent way to learn more about wine and have a great time doing it. While there are tons of all-you-can-drink wine fests, Idaho’s wine festivals focus on educating young people and introducing them to the world of wine, emphasizing taste over consumption – which is always a good idea.

Some of these festivals even offer intensive classes you can take and then come back throughout the day to sample wines. These festivals are fun, they’re educational, and they can be pretty beautiful.

Idaho has some gorgeous vineyards that you can check out too. Plus, with the support of our many wineries in the area, it’s an excellent opportunity to speak with local vintners and learn more about where your favorite wine comes from.

Most of the wine festivals in Idaho are held in vineyards, so you get the added bonus of being able to go on walking tours of the vineyard itself and see how your favorite wines are made.

The vineyard owners will often be on hand to answer questions about their business and any experts they may have hired to speak during the event. As part of this, they’ll talk about why knowing about your wine is essential – what affects its flavor, what kinds of grapes are used, etc.

So, let’s take a closer look at the top wine festivals in Idaho and what you can expect on your visit!

The Top Wine Festivals in Idaho

The Idaho Wine Commission has plenty of festivals throughout the state. The commission’s purpose is to increase awareness of Idaho wine and wineries and promote and support the growth of quality winemaking in the state.

Most Idaho wine festivals have the same requirements, with some exceptions here and there. Individuals wishing to consume alcohol must be 21 and over and bring a valid ID, and attendees can not bring their own alcohol into the festival area.

  1. Savor Idaho Wine Festival
  2. Taste of Caldwell Wine Festival
  3. Holesinsky Harvest Party and Wine Stomp

savor idaho wine festival

1. Savor Idaho Wine Festival

This prestigious wine event in Boise, Idaho, took place on June 12th, 2022, at the stunning Botanical Gardens.

While the event has already occurred this year, attendees had the option of selecting one of two waves to participate in Savor, Idaho. Wave 1 – from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, or Wave 2 – from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. 15 minutes before the end of the wave, the wine pouring was stopped to prepare for the next wave of attendees.

Savor Idaho wine Festival introduces consumers to Idaho’s fantastic wine industry by showcasing some of Idaho’s most delectable wineries and cideries.

Attendees can experience some of Idaho’s local industry professionals, sponsors, and food trucks while strolling through the garden and sipping Idaho wine.

Those who purchased tickets for Savor Idaho this year took advantage of food vendors and were able to bring their own picnics, blankets, and lawn chairs to set the mood for a relaxing occasion full of beautiful wine tastings, laughter, and friends.

The tickets, on a first-come, first-served basis, could be purchased for a non-refundable $60.

Over 21s are only allowed at this event. All ages were also required to present identification, which was scrutinized at the door.

Given the nature of the event, children are also not permitted. Therefore, anyone under 21, including infants, cannot attend.

2. Taste of Caldwell Wine Festival

caldwell wine festival

Caldwell is referred to as the wine region of Idaho, and what better place to learn about wine and attend a festival?

On May 14th, the first installment of their first wine festival took place from 5 pm to 8 pm, with its primary focus on regional Sunnyslope Wines. Wine tastings, food, and information about the agricultural effects of wine on the Caldwell region are some of the highlights attendees can expect.

Ellie Mae Millenkamp supplied the entertainment and music in 2022, and attendees can expect a similar experience in 2023.

You can anticipate seeing several participating wineries, such as:

  • Chapelle
  • Sawtooth Winery
  • Hat Ranch Winery
  • Williamson Vineyards
  • Vizcaya Winery
  • Hells Canyon Winery
  • Kindred Vineyards, and many more!

On-site purchases of food and non-alcoholic beverages were made at the Indian Creek Plaza Bar & Shoppe or any participating Food Trucks.

Those who attended were also permitted to bring their own cooler, but all alcoholic beverages should be sealed or unopened to enter the event. Non-alcoholic drinks in a factory-sealed, non-glass container are permitted for attendees to bring in.

Tickets are necessary to partake in the tasting, but the event itself is free to attend. The cost of each ticket is $45. This includes a tributary glass, a tasting passport with 12 tickets, and much more.

It’s essential to keep in mind that admission to the wine tasting means you require a ticket. To buy a ticket, you must meet a few requirements, including a valid ID, which is necessary at the entrance on the day of the event. You must be 21 or older to make a purchase. There is no refund available for ticket holders either.

The Caldwell Wine Festival is held at Indian Creek Plaza – Caldwell, 120 S, Kimball, Caldwell, ID 86305. Come rain or shine, the festival will not be canceled. Ensure you’re prepared for all types of weather when attending.

3. Holesinsky Harvest Party and Wine Stomp

harvest party and wine stomp

As one of Idaho’s most eagerly awaited parties, the Holesinsky Harvest Party and Grape Stomp are scheduled for Saturday, September 24th, 2022, from 1 – 7 pm.

Harvest season is every winery’s favorite time of the year, and Holesinsky Winery’sWinery’s event serves as a well-spent day with the family. Consider taking off your shoes, rolling up your pants, and having a memorable time pounding grapes at Holesinsky Winery with your loved ones.

Those attending will be entertained all day long with live music by Aaron Golay and the Original Sin, a firm favorite among visitors to the winery. You can expect to indulge in family entertainment, winery tours, contests, and more!

But this event isn’t just for adults. With all the entertaining activities, the kids can have fun too. They’ll be entertained with an extra-large bounce house, pumpkins to decorate as a keepsake, and a mini treasure hunt. Additionally, axe-throwing throwing lessons will be available to people of all ages.

Those in attendance will be welcome to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets for their comfort, with this being an entirely outdoor event.

Evans Farmstead Cheese will be available for all your wine and cheese pairing requirements. Various foods will be available for purchase, too, including delectable treats by Breakables by Edlin and Food or Beverages Pizzeria Antico. Throughout the event, wine can be purchased at a bar set up.

This event is an ideal opportunity to purchase your summer release wines.

Children enter for free, and there is a $20 per person cover fee. You receive a complimentary glass of wine with admission, a chance to win a hamper, and availability to all the entertainment and live music! Tickets should be bought in advance because they are selling out quickly.

Members of the Holesinsky wine club receive free admission and have exclusive access to open bottles of the Cab and Syrah throughout the event.

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