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Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

There are times on a hot and sunny day when an iced coffee sounds like the perfect treat to cool you down. However, if it is later in the day, you may be wary of consuming more caffeine.

Luckily, the answer to “does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee?” is a strong yes! Let’s take a look at Dunkin Donuts and its decaf offerings.

What is decaf coffee?

“Decaf” is short for, “decaffeinated.” In other words, a coffee that no longer has caffeine. However, this is a bit misleading.

According to Healthline, in order to be considered decaf, coffee has to have about 97% of the caffeine removed, meaning there is still around 3% caffeine.

How is decaf coffee made?

You may be wondering how caffeine is actually removed from the coffee. The process is actually very interesting and more involved than you may have imagined!

Mental Floss has a short video explaining the scientific process that goes into removing caffeine from coffee beans if you want to learn more.

Does Dunkin have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Is decaf popular enough for Dunkin’ to have decaf iced coffee? The answer is, yes! Dunkin’s franchise stores have decaf iced coffee in addition to their regular brew.

In fact, most of their iced coffee beverages, including lattes, can be ordered decaf. However, decaf espresso can also run out quickly, so always double-check with the barista.


It is important to know that if you prefer a flavored coffee, such as Vanilla or Hazelnut you cannot get that decaf.

However, you can order a regular iced decaf coffee and the barista can add vanilla or hazelnut syrup to give you a similar experience.

Does Dunkin’ have Decaf Iced Cold Brew?

Unfortunately, due to the brewing process for Cold Brew, Dunkin’ and most specialty coffee shops do not offer decaf cold brew.

Since Cold Brew is made in small batches, coffee shops would have to purchase specialty beans and do a separate small batch brew. That does not mean it won’t be an option in the future.

Does Dunkin’ Decaf Coffee Taste the Same as Their Regular Coffee?

It is no secret that decaf coffee can sometimes taste milder than regular coffee. In fact, according to the National Library of Health and Medicine, depending on how the caffeine is removed even the smell and color can change.

According to Dunkin however, there is no difference in taste between their standard caffeinated brew and their decaf brew. Dunkin’ decaf is a smooth, medium roast brew, that has flavors of chocolate and nut.

What are some delicious decaf iced coffee beverages at Dunkin?

dunkin decaf iced mocha

Regular iced decaf, which is decaf iced coffee with milk and sugar, is extremely popular but there are other favorites as well. A Decaf Iced Vanilla Latte or a Decaf Iced Mocha are also great choices.

To order a decaf iced latte, simply ask the barista to use decaf espresso in place of regular. Since flavored beans aren’t available in decaf, coffees that use flavored syrups are a great choice.

There is also an option on the Dunkin’ app to order decaf.

Can you make Dunkin Iced Coffee at home?

dunkin iced coffee

Yes! Dunkin’ sells their decaf roast in stores alongside their regular roasts, and you can use them to brew iced coffee at home.

Dunkin also sells their decaf in K-Cup pods, so that you can enjoy a hot or iced decaf coffee in the office, or wherever you may have a Keurig machine. To make iced coffee, either uses a specialty brewing method or pour over ice to chill.

If you’re seeking a delicious iced decaf coffee, Dunkin’ thankfully has you covered and with the exact flavor of their regular brew. If you’re planning on ordering an iced decaf from Dunkin remember:

  • Make sure you mark “decaf” if using the app
  • If you are ordering an espresso-based beverage, ask the barista if they have decaf espresso, it can run out early!
  • You can also purchase Dunkin iced decaf to make at home.

What questions do you have about decaf coffee at Dunkin? Do you have a favorite iced decaf beverage? Comment and let us know!

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