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Calphalon Espresso Machine Review: Pros, Cons and Features of the Temp IQ

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 8th, 2024

While large brands like Breville and Delonghi seem to dominate the home-based espresso machine industry, many people are unaware that there are smaller brands that work tirelessly to deliver the same quality as larger brands with a lower price tag.

Calphalon is a kitchenware company that has primarily risen to prominence for manufacturing high-quality non-stick pots and pans but has recently moved into the espresso space.

Calphalon currently has four different espresso machines in their lineup, and each of them is designed to accommodate the needs of different espresso enthusiasts.

In this article, we provide a Calphalon Espresso Machine review by looking at each model and breaking down the most important features and capabilities of each model.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Calphalon Machine

things before buying a calphalon machine

When it comes to purchasing any kitchen appliance, there is a considerable amount of research that needs to be done to ensure that you are getting the best product for your needs and budget.

We have highlighted four of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a Calphalon machine to help simplify the shopping process.

Price and Budget

When it comes to building out your kitchen with high-quality appliances, the expenses can quickly mount up leading to a stretched budget. Many people choose Calphalon coffee makers because they offer a good balance between quality and value.

It is very important to decide on a set budget before beginning the espresso machine shopping process, as many people find themselves overwhelmed by the number of different machines out there. Sticking with your set budget is the best way to ensure you make the right decision when it comes to choosing between machine models.

There are currently five different coffee machines manufactured by the Calphalon company, and four of them are capable of making high-quality espresso drinks. The other model is only designed to brew traditional coffee and is the most affordable model in the lineup at just under $120.

Many customers who are keeping an eye on their overall budget find themselves drawn to the Calphalon Compact Espresso Machine and the Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine. These machines are priced at $299 and $399 respectively and are both equipped to make high-quality and simple espresso drinks.

For those who don’t mind spending a bit more on their home espresso machines, the Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine With Grinder And Steam Wand is a fantastic option. It is priced at just under $700 and showcases all of the features present on high-end machines from larger brands.

The most high-end home espresso machine offered by the Calphalon company is quite reasonably priced when compared to the top models of larger international brands. Their top machine is a variation of the Temp IQ machine with upgraded Thermoblock technology and an integrated milk frother, and it is reasonably priced at just under $750.

  • Space Saving Design
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Convenient Volumetric Control
  • Integrated Conical Burr Mill Grinder
  • Pre-Programmed Settings for Single and Double Shots
  • Thermoblock Heating Technology

Design and Features

Some people require more features on their home espresso machines compared to others, and it is important to take a close look at the type of espresso drinks you enjoy most before purchasing.

Those who usually only drink “shots” of espresso will benefit from the sleek designs and low prices of “compact” style machines. While those who find themselves spending too much money on lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos at coffee shops will most likely prefer the simplicity and convenience of machines with more bells and whistles.

While machines with more features cost more upfront, they can lead to some serious savings over time compared to spending at coffee shops.

Style and Aesthetics

When it comes to style and design, there aren’t a wide variety of options in the current Calphalon lineup of espresso machines. Luckily, the brushed metallic look features on all five coffee machines tend to blend in and adapt well with a variety of different interior design themes.

The majority of the coffee machine designs featured on Calphalon machines are reminiscent of other machines on the market, meaning that nearly all of their models could easily blend into kitchens that feature other brands of home appliances.

Size and Weight

Another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to shopping for and choosing a home espresso machine is the physical dimensions of the machine itself.

It is always a good idea to take a ruler or tape measure and map out the dimensions of the area where you’d like your new machine to go.

By ensuring that you have the correct length, depth, and width for your desired area, choosing a new machine becomes much more simple. This is the best way to make sure that your new machine fits correctly into its intended space, particularly if you are looking for a machine that can fit under the cabinet/counter.

Calphalon Espresso Machine Review

calphalon espresso machine

Calphalon Espresso machines have become fairly popular over the last few years, and there are many espresso enthusiasts that claim they offer the same quality as name-brand machines that cost hundreds of dollars more.

When it comes to the designs and features of Calphalon espresso machines, there is not much that can be considered unique. For the most part, their espresso machine designs look to be very similar to the machines already on the market.

This makes Calphalon one of the best options for those who are looking for the features and simplicity associated with more well-known machines, while also trying to save some money. These machines are durable and made with high-quality hardware, making them one of the best values on the market in the eyes of many.


  • Feature similar designs to some of the top models on the market
  • Reasonably priced compared to some of the larger name brands
  • Four different espresso machine models for a wide variety of needs


  • Some people prefer to use larger name brands
  • None of the designs are unique or different
  • The market prices remain steady and there are rarely sales

Alternatives to Calphalon Espresso Machines

alternatives calphalon espresso machine

While the Calphalon company’s espresso machines are considered by some espresso enthusiasts to be one of the best-kept secrets in the coffee industry, there are others who prefer the name recognition of brands that are far larger.

We have chosen three of the top espresso machine companies on the market today and highlighted the top features of each.

1. Gevi Espresso Machines

Gevi is an Italian company that has developed a very good reputation over the years for manufacturing high-quality and durable machines that have proven themselves to stand the test of time in terms of both style and performance.

Gevi offers a full line of different espresso machines, and many people enjoy knowing that their espresso machine was both designed and manufactured in Italy. Their machines typically feature traditional design styles, though they also have more modern designs in their lineup.

2. Breville Espresso Machines

Breville is a very large manufacturing company that has grown to major prominence in the coffee industry for being one of the top producers of Nespresso machines. These pod-based systems are convenient and effective and have changed the habits of many espresso enthusiasts.

While the majority of the Nespresso machines produced by the Breville company are also available from other companies including Delonghi, they have also developed their own signature machine. This exclusive design is called the Creatista, and it is available in three different unique variations.

3. Mr Coffee Espresso Machines

Mr Coffee is one of the most established and easily recognizable brands in the entire coffee industry, and they are most well-known for producing economical and durable traditional drip coffee machines. They have recently ventured into the espresso space with much success.

Mr Coffee now has a wide variety of different espresso machines in its lineup, and one of the most popular and well-received models is called the One-Touch. This automatic machine easily constructs more complicated espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos for the ultimate ease of operation each morning.

Calphalon Espresso Machine Review – Conclusion

While the Calphalon company may be best known for the production of high-quality non-stick kitchenware like pots and pans, many people have found that their espresso machines are on par with much more expensive and well-known espresso brands.

If you are looking for something that straddles the line of quality and price, then you will want to look into purchasing a Calphalon Espresso Machine,

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