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The Best Whiskey For A Hot Toddy

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

A hot toddy is a classic drink that is perfect for chilly weather. The basic recipe is simple: whiskey, honey, lemon, and boiling water.

However, there are many different variations of this drink, and picking the best whiskey for a Hot Toddy can make a big difference in the flavor.

It is said to have originated in India in the 1610s when the country was under British rule. The drink gets its name from the Hindi word “taddy,” which translates to a fermented palm sap drink. In 1786, the word “toddy” was officially defined as an alcoholic drink made with hot water, spices, and sugar.

The hot toddy quickly became a popular way to warm up on cold winter nights, and it remains a staple of wintertime drinking to this day.

Hot Toddy Ingredients

The ingredients in the cocktail, and the fact that it is drunk hot or warm, make it a soothing drink when you have a cold. A hot toddy is made of whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot tea. The whiskey is a natural decongestant and dilates mucus membranes.

Lemon is another main ingredient that is rich in vitamin C, which some studies have suggested might help shorten a cold. Honey is known to help relieve a sore throat and hot tea helps soothe.

These are the ideas behind why a hot toddy helps you feel a bit better during a cold, but there is no scientific evidence to support that it will actually cure a cold.

However, hot toddies can provide temporary relief from symptoms such as congestion, a sore throat, or coughing.

Best Whiskey for a Hot Toddy

whisky for a hot toddy

When it comes to choosing the right kind of whiskey, it can be daunting with all the options available in store.

When it comes to picking the right bottle, it’s important to know what kinds of whiskeys offer what flavors, and ultimately what your preferences are.

If you prefer a sweeter cocktail then, bourbon will suit your taste the best. However, if you’re a fan of drinks that have a spicy kick rye will be a great option.

Lastly, while a bit unconventional for a hot toddy, scotch can add an earthy, smokey quality that many people enjoy.

The Best Bourbon Whiskey For a Hot Toddy

When it comes to making a hot toddy, bourbon whiskey is a solid choice. This is because bourbon has a smooth flavor that pairs well with the other ingredients in a hot toddy.

In addition, bourbon is the most common whiskey used in this and most other whiskey cocktails. since bourbon is less likely to overpower the other flavors in the drink. As a result, bourbon is good for those who want to enjoy a flavourful and well-balanced drink.

The following are some of the best bourbon brands to use in a hot toddy:

Bulleit Bourbon is a popular type of whiskey that is known for its smooth and mellow flavor. Often used in mixed drinks, Bulleit Bourbon is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a cocktail.

The smooth flavor of the whiskey pairs well with the other ingredients, making for a delicious and comforting beverage. Whether sipped by the fire on a cold night or enjoyed year-round, a hot toddy made with Bulleit Bourbon will always be a crowd-pleaser.

Four Roses Bourbon is a medium-bodied bourbon with hints of vanilla and oak. Its sweet flavor helps to balance out the tartness of the lemon. It is made with ten different herbs and spices, including orange peel, cardamom, and cloves which will immediately complement the ingredients in the hot toddy.

Knob Creek Bourbon is another spirit to use in this warming drink. The bourbon’s rich flavor pairs well with the sweetness of the honey, and the addition of lemon helps to balance out the drink.

The Best Rye Whiskey For a Hot Toddy

rye whiskey for a hot toddy

There are many great rye whiskeys on the market, but for a hot toddy, you want one that has a bold flavor. This will help to cut through the sweetness of the honey and the tartness of the lemon.

Look for a rye whiskey with spicy notes of cloves and cinnamon, as these flavors will complement the other ingredients in the drink and help to create a well-rounded flavor profile.

For a hot toddy that packs a flavourful punch, Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye Whiskey is a great choice. It features rye’s signature spice, though it leans more into the holiday spice category than black pepper.

Whether you’re new to rye whiskeys or a seasoned rye drinker looking to branch out, this is the bottle to consider. The whiskey also has a smooth finish, making it easy to drink even when heated.

Another factor to consider is the proof of the whiskey. A higher-proof Rye will have a more pronounced flavor, while lower-proof rye will be more subdued. With these factors in mind, one Rye that stands out as being ideal for a hot toddy is High West Double Rye Whiskey.

This whiskey is made from a blend of two-year-old and older ryes, resulting in a well-balanced spirit with just the right amount of spice and sweetness. It also has a high proof of 92, making it perfect for cutting through the sweetness of honey and lemon.

Best Scotch Whisky For A Hot Toddy

scotch whisky for a hot toddy

When it comes to a hot toddy, most people think of bourbon or rye whiskey. And for good reason – both styles of whiskey mix well with the sweet and spicy flavors typically found in a hot toddy.

However, if you’re looking to add something a little different to your drink, scotch whisky is a great option. The smoky flavor of scotch can really add an extra layer of depth to the drink, and it’s surprisingly easy to find a scotch that pairs well with the other ingredients in a hot toddy.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years is a classic Scotch whisky with a rich, complex flavor, bottled at 40% ABV. The single malt and grain whiskies that make up the blend are aged for at least 12 years, resulting in a complex, balanced spirit.

This whisky has an unmistakably smooth character with aromas of rich and tropical dark fruits and sweet vanilla melting into creamy toffee notes, resulting in a smooth warming smoke finish, a characteristic of all Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Glenfiddich 12 Years is another excellent choice for a hot toddy. This single malt Scotch whisky is aged for 12 years in bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a rich, mellow flavor with hints of sweet fruit and spice.

This 12-Year-Old single malt Scotch whisky is smooth and well-rounded, with a distinctively fresh and fruity flavor. It is made using only the finest quality ingredients and is left to mature for 12 years in oak casks.

This long aging process gives the whisky its unique flavor profile, which includes notes of pear, butterscotch, cream, and malt, as well as subtle oak flavors that pair perfectly with the flavor in the hot toddy.

Finally, Highland Park 12 Years is an outstanding single malt Scotch whisky with a deep, complex flavor profile. The whisky is aged for 12 years in American oak barrels and Spanish sherry casks, resulting in a beautiful balance of sweet and smokey flavors.

The 12-Year-Old is the flagship whisky from the well-known Highland Park distillery. It is bottled at 43% ABV and has a light golden color.

The nose is very fragrant with aromas of creme brulee, fresh tangerine, charred peach, and smoked kindling. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with flavors of heather honey, dried fruit, spice, and salty sea smoke.

All the flavors marry well into the finish, which is long and pleasantly warm. This is a great whisky to enjoy in a hot toddy.

Final Thoughts

The Hot Toddy is an easy cocktail to make, with a short ingredient list that most people already have in their pantry.

Whether you’re looking for something to warm you up on a cold winter night or need a drink to help soothe a sore throat, we suggest you give it a go this winter.

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