Does Wine Freeze? The Question We Get Asked All The Time!

does wine freeze

Picture this: a long week has ended and all you’re thinking about is finally tasting that bottle of wine you hid somewhere. You get home and pop it in the freezer for a quick chill. Along the way, you get sidetracked by one thing or another and a few hours …

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How Much Wine Does It Take To Get Drunk? (and when to stop!)

How Much Wine Does It Take To Get Drunk?

Wine goes down so well, sometimes you don’t even realize when you’ve had too much! It can be intoxicating, in both good and bad ways, but it’s hard to resist nowadays. Now, the next time you drink wine, ask yourself how much wine will it take to get drunk? Your …

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The 5 Best Wine Coolers on The Market in 2022


As with every wine lover, your horde builds up slowly. It starts out with one bottle set aside for a weekend, and then a bottle or two saved from a birthday gift. One day, it’ll suddenly creep up on you— you have a collection! Realizing this, the easy solution is …

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