Kahlúa Price, Sizes & Buying Guide


Coffee and alcohol have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. It is therefore unsurprising that coffee liqueurs took off in widespread popularity across the world since their inception. Kahlúa is a popular choice. A coffee liqueur is a beverage made by infusing distilled spirits with roasted coffee as a flavoring. The flavoring …

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Curacao Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

curacao prices

Looking for an updated Curacao price guide? Curacao is a liqueur developed from the dried peel of the Lahara, a citrus fruit grown on the former Dutch island of Curacao in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela. This liqueur is colorless but is often artificially colored. The most …

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Drambuie Price, Sizes & Buying Guide


Looking for an updated Drambuie price guide? Drambuie is a sweet, gold-colored liqueur with a Scottish whisky base, accented with the flavors of Scottish heather, honey, herbs, and spices. Scottish whiskeys are blended to produce Drambuie. The exact recipe is still carefully kept secret and only 3 people have access …

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Hpnotiq Liqueur Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

hpnotiq liqueur price

Established in only 2001, Hpnotiq Liqueur is a fairly new product to the market, compared to many alcoholic beverages. With its unique name, which is pronounced as ‘hypnotic’, there are high hopes for this drink. The beverage grabs attention thanks to its eye-catching sky blue color. Created with a mix …

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Grand Marnier Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

grand marnier prices

Looking for an updated Grand Marnier price guide? We’ve got you covered. Grand Marnier can be a mystery. If you haven’t had it, you might not know much about it. If you have had it, you remember the luxurious flavor it adds to any cocktail. It’s simultaneously a cognac and …

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Bacardi Prices, Sizes & Buying Guide

bacardi prices

With its largest rum distillery set up in Puerto Rico, Bacardi is the world’s largest privately-owned liquor company. They initially started producing rum but have since evolved into producing more products, such as gin, scotch, vodka, and other spirits, rocketing ahead of over 200 brands in the worldwide market. About …

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Jagermeister Price, Size & Buying Guide


Jagermeister is a name that can’t help but elicit a response. It is, after all, a German word meaning master hunter. Everyone who has tasted the bitter, sweet, herbal, and black licorice-flavored Jagermeister has a feeling about it. Jagermeister is not a mild beverage. Jagermeister is not a quiet beverage. …

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Cointreau Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

cointreau price

Here’s an updated Cointreau price guide to help you out. Cointreau has been a premium orange liqueur since its creation in 1849, and it’s still one of the best around today. Cointreau was the first liqueur to be made using the triple-distillation method, resulting in a stronger and fuller taste …

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Disaronno Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

disaronno liqueur

Need an updated Disaronno price guide? We’ve got you covered. If you are looking for reduced alcohol content in a drink, Disaronno is one of the best options for you. With an ABV of 28%, which is nearly half less than an average liqueur, this drink has a distinctly sweet …

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Goldschlager Liqueur Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

goldschlager liqueur price

Goldschlager liqueur, you either love it or hate it. Honestly, you have to like the cinnamon flavor if you’re into cinnamon schnapps. What usually draws people’s interest is the 24-karat gold flakes. The gold flakes seem to be initially what causes people to show an interest in Goldschlager; the cinnamon …

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