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The 5 Best Haitian Coffee Brands (Plus Buying Tips!)

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 14th, 2023

From the slopes of Haleakala to the streets of Kingston, coffee is a drink people worldwide enjoy.

But, there’s something special about Haitian coffee. The unique soil and climate make for a delicious cup with a rich flavor and unique mellowness. You can’t find it anywhere else.

If you’re looking for an exceptional cup of joe, check out one of these five best Haitian coffee brands.

How to Choose the Best Haitian Coffee Brands

So, you’re a coffee lover who loves exploring new coffee and you’re ready to dive into the world of Haitian coffee. But, with various options available, how do you choose the best one?

Well, especially with Haitian coffee, there are various options offering rich and unique flavours. With this, you might find it challenging to determine which you should be trying out.

Fret not, because we’ll help you. Yes, it can be quite challenging, but here are some tips you can check out to make it a little bit easier for you.

Roast Freshness

Being an agricultural product, it’s always best when coffee is fresh. If you’re not familiar with what fresh beans should look like, it’s easy. Look for options with printed roast date labels on the packaging.

The coffee beans you get should have clear labels of their processing dates on the packaging.

Buy your coffee beans as fresh as possible. Make sure that you’ve used it all up at most three weeks after the roast date. Or at least, that’s the rule to follow if you want highly flavourful coffee!

While three weeks is the maximum, to enjoy the rich Haitian coffee flavor, the best time to enjoy your cup is between one and two weeks after the roast date.

Roast Profile

coffee roasting

Now for the roast profile. When it comes to choosing a roast profile, it’s more about what your brewing method preferences are. You need to think about which type of coffee you enjoy drinking more.

With Haitian coffee brands, it’s a battle between a filter roast or an espresso roast.

Filter roasted coffee beans are less developed than espresso roast. This allows some of its sparkling acidity to stay. In contrast, Haitian farmers often roast espresso roast beans further to enhance the flavor profile.

The Caffeine Content

Coffee lovers should definitely think about the caffeine content of their brew.

Generally, coffee is bitter because of its caffeine content. The exact level of bitterness varies from one coffee brand to another.

The interesting this is that the darker coffee beans are, the less caffeine they contain. This is because the caffeine content decreases during coffee roasting.

Think about how much caffeine you’re going for. If you want a brew that’s packed with energy, you might want to opt for a lighter roast. For Haitian coffee, that would mean going for a filter roast.

Single vs Blended Origin

The origin of the beans is another factor that speaks of your coffee preference. Blended origin is better if you prefer your coffee with milk. On the other hand, single-origin is ideal when you love plain black coffee.

Blended origin usually combines certain single-origin beans to create a unique blend. The selected single-origin beans help increase the body. They also enrich the coffee flavor profile with added floral complexity.

If your coffee is of a single origin, however, that means that all the beans come from one geographic location. These brews tend to have much stronger flavor notes to them.

Coffee Processing

coffee processing

It’s easy to identify the processing method of coffee because you will usually see it on the packaging. And, you’ll often the two words describing the two ways of the coffee’s processing method. It’s either “natural” or “washed”.

The washed method involves removing the cherry’s outer pulp. Then, it’s placed inside fermentation tanks. Finally, beans dry up by leaving them outside.

So, what do you get with this processing method? A coffee with a clear, rich flavor combined with complex acidity.

When coffee undergoes a natural process, the entire cherry dries up as a whole. This allows the fruit’s sugars and flesh to contribute to your coffee’s aroma. As a result, you get a much sweeter and more aromatic brew.

Organic vs Inorganic

Of course, organic coffee is healthier than its non-organic counterpart. This non-organic coffee contains various chemicals that may not be good for your body.

Moreover, you might find that organic coffee contains different antioxidants. These can affect your body in a healthy and positive way.

Organic coffee also may have all the right ingredients your body needs to get through the day. These beans may contain the right amount of caffeine to give you the energy boost you need.

Haitian Coffee’s Flavour Profile and Taste

haitian coffee’s flavour taste

There’s a reason why locals and coffee lovers worldwide love making Haitian coffee. Thanks to its mellowness and richness, Haitian coffee is smooth to drink.

It also has a natural sweetness and contains hints of unique chocolate flavors.

You can expect these beans to also be low in acidity, which adds to a more flavourful experience. Today, the demand for Haitian coffee remains popular, especially in high-end coffee markets.

Haitian Coffee Processing Method

Haitian coffee is only produced in mountainous regions at high elevations. These areas are generally where coffee plants can thrive under specific climate conditions.

Haitian locals also process their coffee depending on the region’s origin. They use either a wet or dry method.

Haitian coffee processed through the wet method produce beans with bluish hues. Because of this, they’re often given the name Blue Mountain Coffee.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Haitian Coffee Brands

dstblcr-table__imageHaitian Coffee
  • 100% Arabica, Washed Haitian Coffee
  • Naturally Organic
  • Rich, Velvety Expertly Blended Beans
dstblcr-table__imageCafe Kreyol Organic Haitian Hound
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Smooth Low Acid
  • Deep Rich Cocoa, Bold Taste
dstblcr-table__imageCafe Lux Gourmet Coffee
  • Certified Organic
  • Better Quality and Excellent Taste
  • Whole Bean
dstblcr-table__imageCafe Kreyol Organic Zombie Desert
  • Super Nutty and Consistent Taste
  • Smooth Finished
  • Eco-Friendly
dstblcr-table__imageCaribbrew -Single Origin Haitian Coffee
  • Less Acidic and Less Bitter
  • Chemical Free
  • 100% Handpicked Arabica Beans

The Top 5 Haitian Coffee Brands

If you’re curious and want to try out Haitian coffee, check out these top five brands. Each brand is famous for its unique flavor profiles and rich coffee aromas.

1. Cuckoo-Roo Haitian Coffee


  • It has a velvety chocolatey hint, giving it a unique rich flavor profile
  • There are unique and sweet aftertastes, so you get a nice fruity surprise with every sip from your cup
  • It’s certified organic, so it’s healthy


  • These are premium beans, so they tend to come at a high price

Cuckoo-Roo Haitian Coffee consists of washed pure Arabica coffee beans. These beans are grown and handpicked on small-scale farms. And then, a fluid air roaster roasts these beans in small batches.

Cuckoo-Roo Haitian Coffee consists of medium-dark roasted beans only processed from Mountain Blue.

2. Cafe Kreyol Organic Haitian Hound

Note the benefits of Cafe Kreyol

  • They’re carefully tested, so you know you’re getting the highest quality beans
  • The roasting process leads to sugar caramelization, so they have a natural sweetness
  • The brand is sustainable, so they’re great for eco-friendliness


  • These beans are medium-bodied, so they don’t work well for espresso

Cafe Kreyol Organic Haitian Hound Blue Dark Roasted Coffee involves a slow-roasting process. This ensures complete sugar caramelization occurs in the bean.

Its bold flavor profile features low acidity with hints of deep chocolate taste. This dark-roasted coffee is also smooth to drink with subtle hints of sweetness. They are also grown at high altitudes and harvested above sea level, at 1200m.

These coffee beans are best for French Press, drip method, and pour-over.

3. Cafe Lux Gourmet Coffee


  • It’s organic, so it’s suitable for health and diet-conscious individuals
  • It has a richer and smoother flavor than espresso, so you’ll get a super flavourful cup of coffee
  • It can go with sugar or cream, or you can drink it in plain black, so there are tons of ways to enjoy it


  • They’re not a very common brew outside Haiti, so they can be hard to find

Cafe Lux Gourmet Coffee is only roasted in Jacmel, Haiti. You can source these beans from Thiotte. Moreover, this brand’s coffee beans are medium-roasted. The beans help enhance the coffee’s rich and bold body.

4. Cafe Kreyol Organic Zombie Desert


  • They’re grown at 1200 meters above sea level, so they have a premium flavor
  • Grown in premium Haitian island soil, so they’re beans with low acidity
  • They have nutmeg and walnut flavor profiles, so they have a unique flavor
  • Organic and healthy, so they’re ideal for all types of coffee lovers


  • They’re a premium bean, so prices tend to be a bit high

Another coffee option from Cafe Kreyol is the Organic Zombie Desert. This brand contains nutmeg and walnut elements to enhance the coffee’s body. The nutty elements also make this coffee creamier and more buttery.

This medium-roasted coffee option is one of Cafe Kreyol’s best sellers. Its right roast level helps produce a consistent taste.

These coffee beans are exclusively grown in the tall mountains in Dondon, Haiti. Local Haitian farmers manage and process these beans.

5. Single Origin Haitian Coffee


  • It’s made of premium Arabica beans, so it has a bold and rich flavor
  • It’s organic, so it might be the coffee of choice for health-conscious individuals
  • It’s full-bodied with a high caffeine content, so it can help keep you alert


  • It doesn’t mix too well with cream and sugar, so it’s not great for those who don’t like black coffee

Single Origin Haitian Coffee consists of premium Arabica beans. These beans are dark roasted to produce a rich coffee flavor with natural sweetness.

This coffee brand is pretty straightforward. It’s single-origin and an ideal brand when you’re looking for a serious cup of plain black coffee.

Choose the Perfect Haitian Coffee

If you’re exploring different coffee beans, consider trying out Haitian coffee brands. The coffee has a distinct bold flavor profile with extra hints of sweetness that helps mellow down the taste.

And if you don’t know which options to try, check out the top five famous brands listed above!

Whichever brand you try, you might actually fall in love with Haitian coffee. Get ready to make it your go-to brew in the morning. Happy drinking!

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