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The 5 Best Finnish Coffee Brands (Plus Buying Tips!)

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 13th, 2023

If you have traveled to Finland, you know that they have a unique and wonderful coffee culture that carries over into the best Finnish coffee brands.

The majority of the coffee is meant for home consumption, which means you can enjoy some of the best Finnish coffee brands regardless of where you live! Let’s take a look at some. 

All About Finnish Coffee

What type of coffee do people in Finland prefer?

Most people in Finland prefer coffee made in a drip coffee maker as opposed to more modern methods.

According to the Barista Institute, 80% of the coffee consumed in Finland is a light roast. However, darker roasts and expresso are starting to gain popularity.

finnish coffee

What does Finnish Coffee taste like?

Since Finnish coffee is a light roast, it takes on those classic characteristics. According to The Java Presse, light roast coffee has a mellow body and bright flavors. It has crisp acidity.  

Prior to World War II, a darker roast was enjoyed, but with rations and cultural changes, a shift was made to a light roast. This is again changing as younger generations are bringing in espresso and other bolder coffees onto the scene.

In general though, unless you are specifically drinking espresso, Finnish coffee will be much lighter and smoother tasting. 

What to look for when choosing Finnish Coffee?

According to FinnPartnership, consumers should look for Arabica coffee blends from a single origin where possible. Finland denotes three categories of quality; low-end, mid, and upper-end.

The origin of the bean, bean size, botanicals, and roasting process are among the things used to determine designation. 

All Finnish coffee labels must comply with EU regulations, which means the label will tell you the variety, weight, and details of the producers. 

Low-end coffee will cost between €6 and €12 per kg while upper-end coffee can cost up to €67 per kg. 

Where do the beans in Finnish Coffee come from?

The Center of Promotion and Imports (CBI) in Europe states that Finland imports almost all of its coffee beans and the majority are imported from Brazil. The beans are then roasted and prepared in Finland.

There is a recent increase in small batch beans and more specialty coffees, so this system may be changing. 

How is Finnish Coffee prepared?

finnish coffee beens

Most people in Finland prefer to drink coffee at home and do not utilize some of the more elaborate coffee makers. Therefore,  Finnish coffee is perfect to brew in a standard drip coffee maker.

Pour-over coffee has started to become popular in major cities like Helsinki and espresso drinks have also increased in popularity.

Finnish coffee is served throughout the day, with the first cup typically being consumed at home, followed by additional cups at work. Brewing an after work pot is not unheard of either. 

What is Khavi and where is it served?

Kahvi means, “coffee” in Finnish, and refers to the light roasted filtered coffee that is served in most homes. If you see “Kahvi” on the label, that will be a light roast coffee. 

Finnish coffee is typically served in smaller cups with a very small splash of milk or cream. If you are visiting someone’s home it is considered rude to not accept an offer of coffee (which they will almost surely give you), and if you are in a coffee shop you can expect to be given refills as needed. 

What do people eat with their coffee?

The art of slowing down and drinking coffee with friends is just as important to people in Finland as the actual beverage itself.

Oftentimes people will serve a traditional bread, called Pulla alongside their coffee. Pulla is a sweet bread, similar to a hot cross or sticky bun. It contains cardamom, raisins, and sliced almonds. 

Why does Finland drink the most coffee?

As you learn more about Finnish Coffee and how important it is, you may be wondering why Finland drinks so much coffee in the first place.

On the YouTube channel, Very Finnish Problems, they interview people around the country to try to determine the how and why of Finnish coffee traditions. Why Finland’s the country that drinks the most coffee

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Finnish Coffee Brands

dstblcr-table__imagePaulig Presidentti Coffee Kahvi
  • Ground Coffee
  • Traditional Light Roast
  • Imported From Finland
dstblcr-table__imagePaulig Juhla Mokka Coffee
  • Filter Ground Coffee
  • Fine and Full-Bodied Arabica Coffee
  • Fresh and Nuanced
dstblcr-table__imagePaulig Juhla Mokka Coffee - Dark Roast
  • Full-Bodied and Nutty Coffee
  • Rich Flavor and Balanced Acidity
  • Mokka Dark Roas
dstblcr-table__imagePaulig Presidentti Fine Grind
  • Always Fresh
  • Fine Grind
  • Ground Coffee
dstblcr-table__imagePaulig Presidentti Gold Label
  • Premium Coffee
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Fresh and Fruity

The Top Finnish Coffee Brands Compared

1. Paulig Presidentti Coffee Kahvi

This coffee is imported from one of the leading coffee distributors in Finland. It is a light roast style and is made from Arabica coffee beans sourced in Kenya, and mocha from Ethiopia. While most Finnish coffee is meant for a drip coffee maker, this product is made with the French Press or Pour Over Method in mind. 


  • Unique smooth and rich flavor 
  • Can be used in Espresso machines
  • Imported directly from Finland and tastes authentic


  • Goes stale quickly (keep in an airtight container)
  • May have a bitter aftertaste

2. Juhla Mokka Coffee

This coffee is a full-bodied arabica blend. It is made from coffee sourced in Central, South America, and Africa. The coffee comes ground in a medium coarseness, though the company does offer whole beans as well. The flavors are bright and the aroma has hints of fruit and chocolate. 


  • Works well in a Chemex coffee maker in addition to a drip maker
  • No bitter aftertaste 
  • Vacuumed sealed for extra freshness 


  • Light roast may not be a strong enough flavor for some
  • Shipping times may vary due to supply

While the majority of Finnish people drink light roast, there has been a move towards bolder more expressive coffees in the last half-decade. This dark roast is full-bodied and comes in a vacuum-sealed bag for freshness. The coffee comes already ground, in a medium coarseness, making it suitable for refillable K-cups and coffee machines. 

The flavor profile has chocolate notes with some nuttiness and while bold and strong, is not bitter. Many find the flavor bright and there is some acidity. 

Most people recommend preparing this particular coffee in the pour-over method as it will complement the darker roast, and will bring out the aromas of fruit and chocolate. 

While it can be prepared to your liking, many people in Finland find just a splash of cream is the best way to enjoy it. 


  • Packaging ensures that the coffee is fresh upon arrival
  • Can be used in several types of coffee makers
  • High-quality coffee beans and roasting methods


  • It may not be as strong as other dark roasts
  • Medium grind may not be preferable for all coffee preparation methods 

4. Paulig Presidentti: Vaalea Paahto

This coffee is a finer grind than other Finnish coffees and works really well in a coffee maker that uses a filtration system. Valea Paahto translates to “light roast”, and this coffee is a perfect example of a traditional Finnish roast. 

Like other coffees from this producer, it is extremely smooth and well-balanced. The aroma is strong but pleasant both before brewing and during brewing. 

There is a strong mocha flavor that comes through, which most people find to be pleasant and pairs well with a splash of milk.

If you have found yourself adding mocha syrup to coffee in the past, this will give you the same chocolate notes without the extra sugar from syrup. There is also a rich nutty flavor that creates a really luxurious drinking experience. 

There is little to no aftertaste, it manages to capture a bold flavor without the bitterness. 


  • It has a low acidity making it a gentle option for those with a sensitive stomach. 
  • If unopened, it stays fresh for up to a year
  • Extremely silky mouthfeel


  • The grind may be too fine for some machines
  • This is a light roast coffee, which some drinkers may not enjoy 

5. Paulig Presidentti Gold Label

The Paulig label is known around the world for its authentic high-quality Finnish coffee. The coffee itself is made of a blend of Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea and roasted in Finland. 

This is a milder blend with fresh fruit undertones. It has a medium body and is smooth and rich. It is a great choice for drip pot coffee makers but also works well in a French Press.

If you enjoy a lighter roast, this is a 2 on a scale of 5, and prefer to make your coffee in small personal amounts, this is a great choice.

Some drinkers have said that they smell a hint of gold in the aroma, while the name doesn’t come from this, it certainly contributes to the rich and luxurious feel that this coffee has. 


  • Arrives fresh and maintains flavor 
  • The light roast does not diminish the flavor intensity
  • May be used in a variety of coffee makers 


  • Not consistently available 
  • Not suitable for espresso or latte drinks

The Best Finnish Coffee – Final Thoughts

Being able to get Finnish coffee to brew in your own home means that people around the globe can now enjoy the same coffee that the world’s biggest coffee drinkers do. However, it may be hard to decide on just one.

While all of the coffee described here is great, Presidentti, Vaalea Paahto is the clear winner of the group. It is a traditional Finnish light roast and has all the hallmarks of great Finnish coffee; it is extremely smooth and silky, has undertones of chocolate and nuts, and is best brewed in a filtered coffee system.

Many Finnish transplants around the globe have expressed how authentic this coffee is, and how much it reminds them of their homeland.

Whether you’re having a coffee break or Kahvi, people in Finland know their coffee, and thankfully that coffee is now accessible all over the world.

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