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Laithwaites Wine Club Review

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Laithwaites Wine Club is one of the leading names in the online-based wine delivery subscription business. Tony Laithwaites is one of the biggest players in the wine trading business and has been working in the industry since the 1960s.

The Laithwaites Wine Club is one of the best options on the market for value-focused wine enthusiasts who are fairly open-minded and flexible when it comes to wine style and grape varietals.

With the notoriety of the service, many are looking for a Laithwaites Wine Club review, which we are more than happy to provide.

Things To Consider When Comparing Wine Clubs

comparing wine clubs

There are many novice wine enthusiasts all over the world who are interested in learning more about the world of wine and expanding their tasting profiles, but they aren’t sure where to start. Value-driven wine clubs like the Laithwaites Wine Club are great for learning about new wines.

There are many different considerations that need to be made when deciding between different wine subscription services, and one of the most important is the styles of wine that are included within each shipment.

Some wine clubs focus on one particular region of the world or style of wine, For example, there are wine clubs that specialize in sending selections of Rosé wines each month, and others that strictly focus on sparking wine selections from around the world.

Experienced wine enthusiasts who have been drinking and collecting wine for many years will prefer services that focus on the more high-end and “serious” selections of wine. Wine clubs that focus on exploration aren’t the best option for people who are set in their ways in terms of wine.

Wine enthusiasts who know that they only enjoy certain styles of wine should focus on wine subscription services that specialize in that type of wine. Many individual winemakers also offer their own wine clubs, which are good options for fans of one particular winery.

Value-based wine clubs are the best option for newer wine enthusiasts who would like to try many different bottles of wine from all over the world without breaking the bank. Trying new wines from all over the world is hands down the best way to develop a better palate for wine.

Presenting the Laithwaites Wine Club

presenting the laithwaites wine club

The Laithwaites Wine Club is a value-driven wine delivery subscription service that aims to deliver new and interesting wines to its members from all over the world. It has the power of the name Tony Laithwaites as a branding tool, who is one of the most influential wine traders on earth.

It is one of the most moderately priced wine club subscriptions on the market, and they are well known for having one of the best introductory offers in the business. Users are able to choose between red and white wine cases or choose to receive a mixture of both wine styles.

There are two different ways to enjoy the wines of the Laithwaites wine club, and users can choose to either receive 12 new selections each quarter or shop “a la carte” from the many different wine case options on their website.

The Laithwaites Wine Club is a great option for those who are not too picky when it comes to wine style and region, as it delivers a variety of new and interesting wines from all over the world for a reasonable price.

Laithwaites Wine Club Pros:

  • Name recognition, partnered with one of the most prominent wine traders in the world
  • New and interesting wines are hand-picked from all over the world
  • Value-driven service that showcases many lesser-known bottles from smaller regions
  • Reliable and dependable company with a good reputation for customer service
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate website and ordering interface
  • Ability to choose between white wine, red wine, or mixed cases

Laithwaites Wine Club Cons:

  • 12 bottle shipments are too large for those who are short on storage space
  • Many people cancel after the initial introductory offer
  • There are other very similar services on the market, including the WSJ Wine Club

Features and Benefits of the Laithwaites Wine Club

features and benefits of the laithwaites wine club

There are many different ways to run a subscription-based wine club, and every company takes a slightly different approach when it comes to business models. We have broken down five of the most important features of the Laithwaites Wine Club to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Wine Selections

While there are many different components that make up any given wine delivery subscription, the most important factor is the actual wines that are contained in each shipment. Each company takes a different approach when it comes to including wines for its customers.

The wines that are included in Laithwaites Wine Club boxes are generally value-driven, and selections rotate from wine regions all over the world. While the wines are affordable and fairly simple, they nearly always provide solid quality especially considering the price point.

The Laithwaites Wine Club offers customers the option to select between a full case of red wines, a full case of white wines, or a mixed case including both wine styles every three months. This comes out to about one bottle per week, as 12 bottles are delivered roughly every 12 weeks.

Customers are also able to shop for individual bottles directly from the Laithwaites Wine Club website, and the shopping section of the website is very easy to navigate. This is a great way to re-order bottles of wine that you particularly enjoyed from any given wine shipment.

The shopping section of the website also includes a selection of custom-curated wine boxes that are separated by theme. These make for great gifts and are a better option for wine enthusiasts who prefer to know which bottles they will receive rather than be surprised each quarter.

Price and Value

The Laithwaites Wine Club places a major emphasis on delivering value to their customers, and each quarterly shipment of wine is moderately priced at only $169.99 per case. It is also one of the only services to offer a flat rate for shipping on all cases for only $19.99 each.

This brings the total cost for each quarterly shipment to a grand total of only $179.98, which is one of the lowest costs for any 12-bottle wine shipment on the market. This brings the average cost of each bottle to just under $15, which is one of the best values around.

The quality of the included bottles of wine is fairly high, especially considering the very low price point. When selecting wines, the Laithwaites Wine Club selects lesser-known producers from wine regions where bottles from more famous producers can cost triple the amount.

Sticking with smaller and more obscure producers allows the Laithwaites Wine Club to build out full cases of wine with selections from all over the world at a moderate cost. While the price of the service itself is fairly low, the value it provides is very high compared to the cost.

Introductory Offer

The Laithwaites Wine Club has one of the best introductory offers on the entire wine business, and it gives new customers the full wine club experience at a significant discount. It includes a six-bottle shipment of wine, along with some added gifts and extras.

The gifts and extras that are included in each introductory offer box rotate occasionally, but currently, the company is including two free bottles of Italian red wine that have received 99-point scores from some of the most famous and influential wine critics on earth.

The introductory offer also included two stemless wine glasses that are of very high quality, and users are able to choose between six bottles of red wine, six bottles of white wine, or a mixture of both types of wine.

At a total price of $49.99 including shipping, the Laithwaites Wine Club’s introductory offer averages out to a single bottle cost of just over six dollars each.

This is especially impressive when considering that two of the bottles are very highly regarded and have received 99 points.

Reliability and Reputation

The Laithwaites Wine Club is one of the most established and trusted names in the wine delivery industry, and they have developed a good reputation for handling any customer service issues or concerns promptly.

They have one of the best money-back guarantees on the market, and many customers have reported that their customer service representatives are helpful in quickly resolving any problems and issuing refunds.

Laithwaites Wine Club has received an A plus rating from the website of the Better Business Bureau, which is one of the most helpful resources for customers to take advantage of when checking on the reputation of any given company.

Sleek Website Interface

One of the most important and often overlooked features of many different wine club subscription services is the way that their websites are designed and laid out. A good wine club is made much less appealing if the website is clunky and difficult to navigate.

One of the best parts of the Laithwaites Wine Club is the fact that their website is sleek, clean, and simple to use. It is very easy for even new customers to navigate the website, and the interface is simple enough to keep many customers coming back.

Another unique feature that sets the website of the Laithwaites Wine Club apart from that of many other similar services on the market is the fact that they offer a full-service online wine shop where customers can browse through single bottles as well as assembled collections.

This online wine shop is a great resource for researching and ordering all types of different wines, and it is so well designed that it makes the websites of some other online retailers seem confusing and outdated by comparison.

Alternatives to the Laithwaites Wine Club

alternatives to the laithwaites wine club

While the Laithwaites Wine Club is a very popular service that is enjoyed by thousands of customers each year, it is far from the only business of its kind on the market today. There are many other well-known and trusted services that deliver new bottles of wine to members regularly.

WSJ Wine Club is the closest comparable service to the Laithwaites Wine Club on the market today, and it takes a very similar approach to the wine delivery business model. Fans of one service are sure to be fans of the other, as wine styles and values are similar for both.

It is another service that offers a fantastic introductory offer giving customers great deals on their first shipment of wine. Each introductory offer features different small gifts and extras, and many customers choose to take advantage of both.

Naked Wines is a unique wine delivery service that features one of the most unique and interesting business models in the world of wine today. Customers are not only able to receive shipments of wine, but there is a crowd-sourcing element that makes them part of the process.

Naked wines partners with small and independent winemakers to provide them with funding at the beginning of each growing season. In exchange, the growers pledge the entirety of that season’s wine for sale to Naked Wines, leading to huge discounts for their customers.

Customers of Naked Wines are able to follow along with winemakers throughout each growing session, and many winemakers provide periodic updates on growing conditions and events. Naked Wines is also able to invest in winemakers that produce the styles of wine their customers enjoy most.

Martha Stewart Wine Club is one of the most popular wine subscription services on the market today, in no small part due to their association with the world-famous food and cooking influencer Martha Stewart. It is another value-driven service that gives great value to customers.

One of the most unique elements of the Martha Stewart Wine Club is the fact that each bottle of wine comes with a different food pairing suggestion. The suggestions provide links to the Martha Stewart website, where top-tier recipes are provided for customers to follow.

Laithwaites Wine Club Review – Conclusion

The Laithwaites Wine Club is one of the most popular options on the wine delivery subscription market today, and they have developed a good reputation for providing quality wines at great value for their customers for many years.

It is a great way to try new wines from all over the world, and learn about all different types of wine.

Click here to take a look at their current introductory offer, and see if it is the right service to meet your needs!

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