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Effen Vodka Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Developed in the Netherlands in 1888, Effen Vodka has become premium vodka, thanks to its exceptional taste and quality. The name Effen was chosen specifically as a reference to the Dutch word effen (even) or fijn (fine).

Effen is a word that denotes smoothness and is also near to being neutral, which is exactly what Effen Vodka should taste like.

To make it happen, the makers of Effen have worked with a great variety of ingredients and a thorough distillation process. The result? A creamy, silky-smooth beverage that has set itself apart from the pack with its perfect balance of sweet tones and clean finish.

This exceptional style blends smoothly with various drinks without changing their original character. Effen Vodka was first introduced to consumers in 2003, and ever since, it has risen in popularity all over America.

The History of Effen Vodka

effen vodka

Effen vodka is a brand of premium vodka made entirely in Holland. The name, pronounced “eh-fun,” means “smooth,” and the vodka is known for its smooth taste.

In 1888, a dutch baker named Hero Jan Hooghoudt discovered how to make alcohol from grain. He set up the Hooghoudt distillery in his hometown Groningen and died ten years later. The traditional vodka recipe was then passed on to a group of bartenders who were made responsible for refining the vodka.

The product was redefined and given a new life, and it soon became popular among the local bartenders and clubs. In 2003, Effen vodka was imported to the U.S. and was acquired by Beam Suntory Inc.

An advertising campaign was launched that appealed to young drinkers who wanted a high-quality drink that tasted good in cocktails.

The super-premium vodka soon took over the club scene and became one of the most popular spirits in the country.


Effen vodka is still made in the Hooghoudt distillery in Holland. The production process involves a 125-year-old dutch recipe, which calls for continuous distillation.

In continuous distillation, the liquid is repeatedly circulated and distilled multiple times. This helps in eliminating caramelization and creating a smooth and rich taste.

Effen vodka is produced with high quality naturally sourced ingredients like pure water and premium wheat grain. Water is an essential ingredient, which is sourced from local reserves in Holland.

Once the vodka has been produced in the distillery, it’s time to infuse some flavor into it. There are several different flavors of Effen Vodka, including Black Cherry, Dutch Raspberry, Yuzu Citrus, and Cucumber.

Each bottle of Effen is flavored with real fruit juice, not just artificial flavors or extracts.

Each batch of Effen vodka is tested to ensure quality and consistency before it’s bottled and shipped out.


Effen vodka adopted superb marketing strategies to gain more influence across the country. In 2014, Effen vodka partnered up with the popular rapper 50 cent.

50 cent advertised the premium vodka on social media, and the partnership turned out to be a big success.

Effen uses a few key strategies that help it grow its social media and brand presence authentically. This Vodka has become increasingly popular among bartenders due to its exceptional bottle design.

They introduced a new flavor called Pride 365 vodka, which claims Effen as a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Effen Vodka Price, Variations, and Sizes

The cost of a bottle of Effen vodka will depend on where you purchase it. In some states, such as California, a 750ml bottle is sold for $35, while in New York City, that same size bottle can cost up to $59.

The price will also vary depending on what store you purchase it from, as there are lots of authorized retailers who sell their bottles.

If you want to purchase an Effen martini or cocktail at a bar or restaurant, it can cost around $10. Mixed drinks usually cost higher than that, with prices ranging from $12-$20+.

Following is a table that gives you a picture of  Effen Vodka price, sizes, and variations.

Name Size Proof Price
Effen Vodka 750ml 80 $20 – $24
1L 80 $28 – $30
1.75L 80 $30 – $32
Effen Limited Edition 50 Cent Football 750ml 80 $38 – $40
Effen Black Cherry 750ml 75 $20 – $22
Effen Blood Orange 750ml 75 $20 – $22
Effen Cucumber 750ml 75 $20 – $22
Effen Green Apple 750ml 75 $20 – $22
Effen Raspberry 750ml 75 $20 – $22
Effen Salted Caramel 750ml 75 $20 – $22

Prices of Effen Flavored Vodka

The Effen flavored vodka line is priced similarly to the standard vodka line, at approximately $20.00 for a 750 ml bottle.

The pricing is also the same across all brands. Ketel One’s comparable flavored vodkas are priced at approximately $23.00 per bottle, but it is on the same level as the company.

Even though companies such as Ciroc and Grey Goose market their vodkas as “ultra-premium,” their flavored vodkas are never prohibitively expensive.

A bottle of flavored vodka will typically cost between $10.00 and $30.00, with the average price being about $10.00.

Grey Goose products are generally one of the most expensive, with their fruity line reaching a top limit of almost $30.00 each bottle, but many other brands are priced around $20.00.

In this regard, Effen is an excellent bargain if you feel that its flavor is equivalent to that of the premium players since its offers will not set you back much more than $20.00.

Where to Buy Effen Vodka?

The best place to buy Effen vodka is from their official website. Some people choose to buy their vodka at a liquor store, but they are limited to typically smaller quantities and a higher price.

Buying it online guarantees you have a wide variety of sizes, ranging from mini bottles to full cases. They’re cheaper than buying at liquor stores, and you get more for your money by buying in bulk.

Another option is purchasing it from Amazon, which has great prices on single bottles or packs with free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can purchase gift sets here too!

Finally, the last option would be going directly to your local liquor stores like BevMo, where you can often find deals on Effen vodka as well as different flavors such as Cucumber, apple, and many more.

Are there different types of Effen Vodka?

The Effen vodka line is sold in a variety of flavors, including Original, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Cucumber, Raspberry, Rose, Green Apple, and Yuzu Citrus.

These flavors are infused into the vodka through a similar process as that of the Original Effen vodka. Effen vodka flavors are produced naturally and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

All flavors are exceptional; however, Cucumber contains a great bite while Yuzu Citrus is fruity yet clean. It’s a great spirit for those that enjoy rum mixed drinks or drinking it with soda water.

For those who prefer their martinis or whiskey neat, they will find all Effen vodkas are outstanding paired up with your favorite cocktail.

Is Effen Vodka Vegan?

Effen Vodka is filtered with charcoal, which they have confirmed via their site.

Moreover, there are other factors to consider when determining whether or not a spirit is vegan-friendly, like the ingredients used to make the vodka itself.

According to Barnivore, a database of all the vegan-friendly liquors, Effen Vodka is made with premium wheat.

It doesn’t contain gelatin, honey, milk solids, or dairy byproducts of any kind and it’s gluten-free as well.  Effen vodka is distilled with all-natural plant-based products (wheat grain) that give it a rich and smooth taste.

In fact, Effen has introduced a new flavor called Rose, which is solely a vegan product.

3 Best Cocktails with Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka has taken the liquor world by storm, and now it’s time to experiment with other forms of this delicious beverage.

The primary difference between Effen Vodka and other vodkas is the additional infusion of herbs, fruits, and spices that can be added after distillation to provide a unique twist on your favorite cocktail.

Effen Vodka is unique amongst vodkas because it’s made from 100% wheat, most other vodkas are made from either corn or potatoes.

Using wheat makes it smoother than those other vodkas and the distillation process removes impurities that can cause an unpleasant burn or aftertaste.

Additionally, many other flavors of vodka have added sugar to sweeten the mixture, but not Effen! The result is clean flavored vodka that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with your favorite juice or soda.

The smoothness of Effen Vodka also makes it perfect for mixing cocktails as well. If you’re looking to make a new kind of martini, try using Effen Vodka instead of regular vodka for an unbelievably smooth martini!

Here are three new cocktail recipes you can try at home using Effen Vodka as your base.

Berry Mojito

berry mojito

This light and refreshing cocktail is the perfect drink to serve at a brunch with friends and family. The blackberry flavor of Effen vodka is the perfect choice for this delicious cocktail.

To make a berry mojito, add lime juice, mint, and berries in a glass and swirl. Add simple syrup (or maple syrup), Effen blackberry vodka, and ice, and shake well. Serve with a mint on top and enjoy this refreshing, energy-packed drink!

Cucumber Collins

cucumber collins

Cucumber Collins is an invigorating cocktail that becomes the talk of the town on every occasion when served. This cocktail uses Effen cucumber vodka as a base, which brings that fruity punch to your dull drink.

For a Cucumber Collins, you need; 3 tbsp. each of Effen cucumber vodka, soda water, and sour mix. In a Collins glass, add ice and all the remaining ingredients. Mix well and garnish with freshly sliced cucumbers.

Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice

Pumpkin Spice is the elite winter cocktail that is guaranteed to make your night even more special. Prepared in only fifteen minutes, Pumpkin Spice is a wicked blend of spices and original Effen Vodka.

To make this exceptional martini, mix three tbsp. Effen Vodka (unflavored), 2 tbsp. of each pumpkin pie filling, and fresh orange juice. Strain this mixture into an already chilled cocktail glass. Serve with a dash of cinnamon on top.

This cocktail calls for the authentic Effen Vodka because the smooth flavor of the original vodka remains unmatched.

Pumpkin Spice is the ultimate game-changer of cocktails and you cannot make this refined drink without some Effen Vodka!

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