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Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 Review – How Does it Stack Up in 2024

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

The Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 is one of the top-selling and most popular “super automatic” espresso machines on the market today and with good reason. It is an extremely versatile machine that takes the work out of constructing high-quality espresso-based beverages each morning for owners.

It is also a very reliable machine that is simple to maintain and keep clean. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the popular espresso machine with our own Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 review, and highlight what makes it one of the best models in Delonghi’s lineup of high-end espresso machines.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a New Espresso Machine

consider before buying a new espresso machine

When it comes to different styles of espresso machines, super-automatic variations can be some of the most complicated to break down and compare to one another. We have chosen five of the most important factors to keep in mind when espresso machine shopping to help simplify the process.

Ease of Use

One of the most underrated and often overlooked aspects of any high-end espresso machine is how much effort it takes to use each morning. Operating a complicated machine that involves many manual steps can feel like a chore for many people, especially early in the morning before their first cup of espresso!

Super-automatic espresso machines represent the top end of the lineup for all manufacturers of home espresso machines, and they are capable of taking a good portion of the work out of specialty espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Durability and Maintenance

One of the most important factors when purchasing any new kitchen or home appliance is the durability of the machine itself. Espresso machines get used at least once per day in many households, so it is important to choose a model that is capable of handling thousands of brew cycles.

While some people get caught up on the features and capabilities of their new espresso machines, it is also important to choose a model that is simple to clean. Regular cleaning and simple maintenance can help keep machines running properly for many years to come.

Quality of Espresso

Another great thing about high-end super-automatic espresso machines is the fact that most of them produce high-quality espresso that many people consider on par with the drinks served at high-end cafes and coffee shops.

These machines feature integrated burr grinders that work to automatically grind espresso beans fresh each morning. Nearly every espresso enthusiast agrees that fresh ground espresso is one of the best ways to achieve the best-tasting beverage possible.

Beverage Versatility

Another important factor that needs to be considered when choosing between different coffee machines is the list of drinks that it is capable of making. Some machines can make a handful of different beverages, while others feature deep beverage lists equal to the menus of some cafes.

Choosing an automatic espresso machine with a deep list of different drinks to choose from is a great way to try many different espresso drink combinations from the comfort of your own home.

The best options on the market feature integrated milk frothers that are more efficient than steamers to automatically build complicated drinks.

Cost and Value

High-end super-automatic espresso machines generally fall into the higher end of the pricing spectrum for most manufacturers, as they pack a significant amount of features and technology into fairly compact packages and feature high-quality hardware and materials.

While many of these machines can be relatively costly compared to more traditional and simple espresso machines, it is important to weigh the quality of the machine and included features versus its overall price to determine if one machine presents a better value than another.

Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 Review

Presenting the Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300

The Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 is a high-end super-automatic espresso machine that is capable of making a full cafe menu worth of different espresso-based drinks. While it does not automatically build frothed milk and espresso-based drinks like more expensive versions of the Magnifica, it showcases similar hardware and espresso quality of machines more than double its price.

Some of the top features of this high-end machine include an integrated espresso bean hopper that is built into the lid of the machine and a high-end milk frother that heats up very quickly. This machine is both easy to use and simple to clean, making it one of the best options on the market for many espresso enthusiasts.

One of the most convenient aspects of the Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 is the fact that it is able to function with both whole-bean espresso and pre-ground beans. This allows for maximum versatility, and everyone in your household can use the espresso beans of their preference.


  • A very simple machine to operate, clean, and maintain
  • One of the most durable machines on the market made with high-quality hardware
  • Makes high-quality espresso drinks that are as good as local cafes


  • Not a fully automated machine, as the milk frother is a manual style
  • Some people enjoy more drink varieties than this machine provides
  • A fairly large and heavy machine that takes up significant counter space

Alternatives to the Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300

alternatives of delonghi magnifica esam 3300

1. Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express is one of the top-selling automatic espresso machines in the entire world. It has an integrated bean grinder that is prominently displayed on the top left side of the machine, which is connected to a high-quality adjustable burr grinder.

The Barista Express is similar to the Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 in terms of both price and function, and choosing between the two models comes down to visual preference.

The Magnifica features a “boxier” and sleeker design, while the Barista Express is more traditionally shaped.

2. Philips 1200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The Philips 1200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is a high-quality machine that packs a significant amount of high-quality features into a sleek, rectangular frame. It is capable of making all the same drinks as the Magnifica Esam 3300, as well as the Barista Express at a significantly lower price point.

Many espresso enthusiasts consider the Philips 1200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine to be one of the best values of any automatic home espresso machine, as it costs hundreds of dollars less than similar models.

It makes high-quality espresso from whole beans and features a high-quality milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes.

3. Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine is a high-end automatic espresso machine that is very popular in larger households due to its versatility.

It is able to make traditional-style drip coffee in addition to high-quality espresso drinks to make sure everyone in your household can have their favorite caffeinated beverage each morning.

Gaggia put a good amount of effort into the design and look of this machine, and it shows in the finished products. This is one of the most visually appealing automatic espresso machines on the market and is sure to add a touch of class to any kitchen.

Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 Review – Conclusion

The Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3300 is a fantastic automatic espresso machine that makes it simple to enjoy fresh ground espresso each morning. It is equipped with high-quality hardware, and it is built to last many years.

Click here to take a look at this extremely popular espresso machine, and see for yourself if it is a good fit for your home! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have ever used the Magnifica Esam 3300, and let other espresso lovers know your thoughts and notes!

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