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The 10 Best Wine Festivals in Florida

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Enjoy the finest wine, food, and live music when attending one of the many wine festivals in Florida.

It’s the art of pairing food and wine while listening to top musical talents in genres like folk, reggae, R&B, jazz, and Caribbean. You might even discover new styles of music and never before heard musicians. While the music plays, seize the moment to try new wines and chat with the wine experts.

Sip the wines, and notice their subtle differences between sweet and semi-sweet to dry and semi-dry, fulfilling a curiosity about the wine production in different regions.  That way, you not only gain more knowledge about winemaking in the Sunshine State, but you also have a fantastic time.

Lets take a look at the best Wine Festivals in Florida you don’t want to miss:

Top Wine Festivals In Florida

  1. Visit Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival
  2. Naples Winter Wine Festival
  3. Key West Food & Wine Festival
  4. Uncorked: Key Largo & Islamorada Food & Wine Festival
  5. South Beach Wine & Food Festival
  6. Solar Rum, Food & Wine Festival
  7. Boca Bacchanal
  8. Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival
  9. Boca Chamber’s Wine & All That Jazz
  10. Seed Food & Wine Festival

1. Visit Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival

visit lauderdale food and wine festivalImage: VL Food Wine

Formerly Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival, Visit Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival is the top culinary event in Broward County, featuring various activities throughout the year.

The festival culminates with a week-long celebration, spotlighting Fort Lauderdale’s entertainment and hospitality industry.

The week-long festival dedicates one day to The Grand Tasting at Las Olas Oceanside Park, from 12 PM to 4 PM. Here, you celebrate unlimited beverage tasting, food, cooking demonstrations, and live music.

The Grand Tasting solidifies that it’s all about food and wine tasting.

2. Naples Winter Wine Festival

naples winter wine festival
Image: Naples Wine Festival
  • Naples, Florida
  • Tickets:
    • Packages: $15,000 to $35,000

Welcome to the most beautiful beaches in the world while drinking fabulous wine. The Naples Winter Wine Festival is a fun and exciting educational experience as you learn about wine bouquets, finishes, and nuances from Master Sommeliers, a rare opportunity since there are about 200 worldwide.

The three-day event presents an auction, luncheon, and dinner prepared by some world-renowned chefs and ends with an outstanding brunch. In between, over 20 prominent wineries from around the world offer their generosity in sharing Old World and New World wines.

3. Key West Food & Wine Festival

key west food and wine festival
Image: Key West Food and Wine Festival
  • Location: Key West, Florida
  • Tickets: TBA

Appreciate the atmosphere of the Key West Food & Wine Festival as a week-long event. Discover the finer culinary details in life with plenty of activities around town, such as wine tasting while gazing at the sunset.

Also, you can trolley tour Key West’s most influential kitchens, a shrimp boil, a whiskey primer, a poolside happy hour and appetizers, honey and salt tasting, and many more parties.

USA Today named the event the Best Wine Festival of 2022 based on 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards. If attending wine festivals is your game, engage in this annual wine festival and enjoy the opportunities to sip some of the best wines with a Master Sommelier.

Don’t forget to attend local cuisine demonstrations with a complimentary glass of wine.

4. Uncorked: Key Largo & Islamorada Food & Wine Festival

uncorked florida keys wine and food festival
Image: Florida Keys Uncorked
  • Location: Key Largo and Islamorada, FL
  • Tickets: TBA

The gathering has a long name, and rightly so, with fantastic events spreading over eleven days. You’ll experience wine tastings, dinners, demonstrations, food and wine pairing, live music, progressive wine dinners, and art and wine shows.

The Grand Tasting is the focus of the last day. Attendees call it a multi-sensory experience that you must show up to and not miss. Here, wine experts and local restaurants come together, presenting their world-class wines and tastiest cuisine samples.

Enjoy the live music and cooking demos with celebrity chefs. It’s a recipe for a magnificent afternoon of sipping and tasting.

5. South Beach Wine & Food Festival

south beach wine and food festival
Image: Corporate Sobewff
  • Location: Miami Beach
  • Tickets: TBA

With the Cooking Channel and The Food Network teaming up with Food & Wine Magazine, you’re in for a star-studded fest sure to please the palate.

Sip and taste with sophisticated and amateur foodies, including chef demos, intimate dinners, walk-around tastings, and late-night events.

Broward County events join this festival as part of the CRAVE Greater Fort Lauderdale series. An estimated 60,000 people will attend this spectacular event, including over 90 activities.

Each event follows the “Help EAT. DRINK. EDUCATE” theme, featuring onsite auctions to benefit Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

6. Sola Rum, Food & Wine Festival

sola rum food and wine festival
Image: Sola Rum Food Winefest
  • Location: Lauderhill, FL
  • Tickets: TBA

Experience the soul of the Floribbean lifestyle that makes South Florida the ideal place for the Sola Rum, Food & Wine Festival.

You and your friends will enjoy live entertainment, chef demonstrations, Floribbean food, cultural experiences, delectable wines, and rum samples.

Immerse yourself in sip, taste, and stroll under the stars. Don’t forget to attend the VIP dinner and wine pairing, which includes a 3-course dinner pairing and wine education.

With a ticket upgrade, get a taste of some of the finest wines and premium-aged rums at Sola Tasting Room. Select from six scheduled sessions.

7. Boca Bacchanal

boca bacchanal
Image: Boca Bacchanal
  • Location: Boca Raton, FL
  • Tickets: TBA

Spend time with award-winning vintners and chefs, savoring their wine selections and signature cuisine at this open-air Boca Bacchanal festival.

The event features hundreds of wines and by-the-bite delights prepared by talented chefs from South Florida eateries and restaurants.

If you’re into beer, stop by the bear garden, serving craft lagers, ales, and beer. Other activities involve Bubbles & Burgers, Bacchus Beckons, Vintner Dinners, and the Grand Tasting.

Baco Raton’s premier wine and food event is the Grand Tasting, with specialty vintners that share tasting selections of prized wines and champagnes. Tasty bits from local restaurants that offer signature dishes.

8. Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival

coconut grove food and wine festival
Image: Coconut Grove Food and Wine
  • Location: Coconut Grove, FL
  • Tickets:
    • General Admission: $10.00
      VIP: $75.00,
      Children under ten free

The Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival is an annual event known for its wackiness and crazy events, like the Waiters Race.

Local top servers race through a challenging obstacle course to get to the finish line without spilling a drop. Enjoy food samplings for local restaurants, bakeries, and caterers.

Here celebrate Bahamian heritage and roots and experience the Goombay Party. Also, visit the automotive showcase, kids zone, chef demonstration, and dance to the live music—fest on delicious food from the islands and local restaurants.

Don’t forget to savor the Coconut Grove Burger, Beer and BBQ bash.

9. Boca Chamber’s Wine & All That Jazz

boca chamber’s wine and all that jazz
Image: Wine and Jazz
  • Location: Boca Raton, FL
  • Tickets: TBA

Some consider the Boca Chamber’s Wine & All That Jazz the most extensive wine festival in the region, including up to 18 of the area’s best brewers and restaurants.

And over 100 fine wines are available for tasting, and throughout the evening, you listen to live music, performing postmodern jazz, an ideal setting for a dance party.

Purchase VIP tickets so you can enter the VIP room with high-end wine, beer, spirits, and food. Start the season with a bang as a wine connoisseur or want to enjoy a fabulous party in South Florida.

10. Seed Food & Wine Festival

seed food and wine event
Image: Seed Food and Wine
  • Location: Miami and Miami Beach
  • Tickets: Based on which Event You Attend: TBA

The annual SEED Food and Wine Festival will share premier plant-based food, wine, and wellness since 2014. Enjoy the week-long adventure of activities, sipping, savoring, and experiencing the most conscious, sustainable living and wellness experience.

The sponsors and talent craft the activities so you undergo a one-of-a-kind journey from wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, workouts, celebrity chef dinners, panels, and workshops. Also, join yoga classes and urban gardening.

Everything served throughout the festival is 100 percent vegan, plant-based, and, whenever possible organic and non-GMO-certified.

Don’t forget to make great connections and bring your experiences home!

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