The 5 Best Whiskey Advent Calendars

whiskey advent calendar

Using a whiskey-themed Advent calendar can make for a great way to keep track of the days during the holiday season while sipping on new and interesting varieties of whiskey. There are many different options on the market today for these specialty calendars, and choosing the best whiskey Advent calendar …

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A Guide to National Whiskey Day

national whiskey day

American Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits in the country, and the legacy of Bourbon Whiskey runs deep throughout the American south. National Whiskey Day celebrates one of the United State’s favourite liquors with its own dedicated day. There are many different ways to celebrate this National holiday, …

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Heaven’s Door Whiskey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Heaven’s Door Whiskey price

American whiskeys are also known as bourbon which is a close relative of Scotch whisky (note the lack of an “e” in the European spelling of whisky). It is distilled within the USA using a minimum of 51% corn, malted barley, rye, and wheat as mandated by the US Government. …

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Sweetens Cove Bourbon Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

sweetens cove bourbon

Sweetens Cove Bourbon is inspired by the treasured and breathtaking Sweetens Cove Golf Club, five friends created a signature Bourbon to compliment the serene environment. The friends bought and invested in Sweetens Cove in 2019 and combined their collective love for sports, whiskey, and community. Bourbon is an American Whiskey …

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Longbranch Whiskey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

longbranch whiskey

Longbranch Whiskey is a relatively new release having only reached the market in April of 2018. While not much is known about this product, we have compiled all the relative information for you to peruse. Take a look below to find out more about Longbranch Whiskey and its ties to …

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BLACKENED Whiskey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

blackened whiskey

BLACKENED Whiskey is a re-mastered American whiskey that signifies a groundbreaking artistic partnership between Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rock band Metallica and Hall of Fame Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. The whiskey is pounded by low hertz vibrations using Metallica’s specialized sonic-enhancement system, which causes it to penetrate and …

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How Many Bottles In A Barrel Of Whiskey?

how many bottles in a barrel of whiskey

The question of how many bottles in a barrel of whiskey has an interesting discussion around it. A typical barrel of bourbon in the US is 53 US gallons in size. This size whiskey barrel is the standard size worldwide. A barrel of whiskey containing 53 gallons is equivalent to …

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How Much Fireball To Get Drunk?

how much fireball to get drunk

Although there are times when nothing is more desirable than drowning all your sorrows in a comforting bottle of alcohol, on most social occasions, it is best to drink liquor without getting drunk. Hence, it is vital to know how much Fireball to get drunk because people often consider it …

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How Much Crown Royal To Get Drunk?

how much crown royal to get drunk

Whiskey is undoubtedly one of the most confusing categories of alcohol you can experience because it consists of further varieties. Scotch, Bourbon, and Irish whiskey are all subclasses of whiskey that vary in flavor and alcohol concentration. Hence, the effects of drinking these beverages are also different from person to …

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Hennessy vs Jack Daniel’s

hennessy vs jack daniels

At face value, it wouldn’t seem like Hennessy and Jack Daniel’s have much in common. Hennessy is an expensive and luxurious sounding French liquor. Jack Daniel’s is a rough and tumble-sounding Whiskey from remote Tennessee in the United States. However, looks can be deceiving. While these spirits have their fair …

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