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How Much Absinthe To Get Drunk?

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 5th, 2023

Absinthe is unlike any drink you have ever tasted. It has a stark green color earning it the title, green fairy. However, it may also be colorless.

It is a spirit flavored by anise and contains other ingredients, including the flowers and leaves of Artemisia absinthium, with medicinal herbs like green anise and sweet fennel

Throughout history, people have described it as a potent alcoholic drink containing 45–74% ABV or 90–148 proof US. Hence, how much Absinthe to get drunk is a vital question to consider, especially if you like the taste of black licorice.

History and Myth

absinthe bottle

Absinthe has faced a lot of conspiracy surrounding its effects in the past. Hence the US government banned this drink in 1912 when some people claimed that it caused hallucinations.

The rumors around this drink became so outlandish that Absinthe became increasingly famous. People started believing that Absinthe had the power to drive drinkers insane and compel them to commit murder. 

However, this was a common misconception. Absinthe never had any hallucinogenic effects. What a few people experienced was because of a chemical present in wormwood, the primary ingredient in absinthe, named thujone. In extremely high doses, thujone acts as a toxic convulsant.

But to reach the fatal point, you would have to guzzle down a large volume of alcohol. Hence you would probably be dead because of excess alcohol without first experiencing the hallucinogenic property of thujone. 

Is Absinthe Strong?

Absinthe has a high percentage of alcohol. Hence, it is unpleasant to have it neat. Experts recommend pouring it over a sugar cube to dilute it before drinking.

Can You Take Absinthe Shots?

Since Absinthe is very potent, it is better not to take it as a shot. Because of its large alcohol percentage, people mix a shot of Absinthe with sugar and ice cold water before downing it.

Can One Shot Of Absinthe Make You Drunk?

Absinthe contains about 45 to 74 percent alcohol by volume. Sometimes it may also have up to 89 percent, so a single serving of Absinthe can make you feel tipsy and dazed if not drunk completely.

Thus to avoid getting drunk easily, people advise adding four to five ounces of water to one ounce of Absinthe before drinking it.

Does Absinthe go bad?

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Are you wondering about the shelf life of an open Absinthe bottle? You don’t need to worry! Absinthe is rich in alcohol and created via a sophisticated production method.

It will last for years if you store it properly, even after opening it. It will develop a deeper, more pleasing flavor with age. An open bottle of Absinthe remains drinkable for a long time, but it can undergo oxidation making its aroma fade away.

How Long Does It Take For Absinthe To Produce An Effect?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism considers that alcohol can enter systemic circulation soon after consumption. However, the effects of alcohol appear 10 minutes after ingesting the drink.

How to Store Absinthe Properly?

The appropriate way to store Absinthe is to ensure the top side of the bottle should face the light. It is also preferable to use a cork stopper to prevent the evaporation of alcohol because any other material will not ensure a proper seal.

Does Absinthe Cause A Hangover?

Image: Nigel Hoult

Whether it gives you a hangover or not depends on how much Absinthe it takes for you to get drunk. Different people have varying levels of alcohol tolerance.

Some can guzzle down a large volume of alcohol and still not feel as intoxicated as those drinking a comparatively smaller volume.

However, in most cases, Absinthe can make you feel drunk, resulting in a hangover the following day because it is stronger than most other beverages.

Is Absinthe Legal Again?

On 17th July 2007, after years of research, experts debunk the myths around Absinthe. Then at an event called the Tales of the Cocktail, the annual giant bartender geek fest in New Orleans, drinking Absinthe became legal again in America for the first time after the government banned it during Prohibition.

People reported that Absinthe was not a hazardous spirit causing hallucinations and mania. Instead, it was an exquisite drink with an uncanny taste that you could feature along with other classic anise drinks in bars across America. 

How Much Absinthe To Get Drunk – Conclusion

Now that you know the legends around Absinthe are false, you can easily enjoy a serving of this unusual beverage. How much Absinthe it takes to get drunk will differ between people, but it is best to practice moderation when indulging in alcohol.

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