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Moet Champagne Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

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Looking for an updated Moet champagne price guide? Moet & Chandon, also known as Moet, is a popular French fine winery.

The brand was established more than two hundred and fifty years ago and is now one of the world’s largest producers of champagne.

Their popularity has grown through the years and the company now produces about twenty-eight million bottles of champagne annually!

The glamorous Moet & Chandon is not only a household brand name. It is also mentioned in a number of songs by several different artists.

One of which is the song, Killer Queen, sung by the legend, Freddie Mercury. In his song, Freddie mentions Moet champagne singing “She keeps her Moët et Chandon in her pretty cabinet”.

moet and chandon champagne

Moet has a finely selected and developed range of champagnes. With a prestigious brand such as this, we can expect a price range to match.

A Brief History of Moet & Chandon

the brief history of moet

Back in 1743, Claude Moet established the brand Moet et Cie or “Moet & Co.”. Claude, the first man in Champagne to ‘exclusively produce sparkling wine’, began shipping his product to Paris.

During its early years, Moet was the drink of nobles and aristocrats. Later, in 1833, Moet & Co was renamed Moet &Chandon following the joining of new members to the company.

In 1840, the concept of vintage champagne was introduced. Moet went with the concept and began marketing their first vintage in 1842. A couple of years after this, in the 1860s, Moet introduced their best-selling brand, ‘Brut Imperial’.

Growing in popularity, Moet joined forces and merged with Hennessy Cognac, as well as Louis Vuitton, in 1971 and 1987, respectively. These combined brands quickly became the biggest luxury group in the world.

The beverage itself is made from a divine selection of grapes. There are three types of grapes used, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir.

The variety of grapes is picked from a number of vineyards situated in the five main areas of Champagne. Blending this elegant drink with a selection of the best grapes is the key to its success.

Moet’s Brut Imperial appears with a lemon-yellow color. Hints of gold hues and amber tones add to the overall elegant look of this champagne. This best-seller also brandishes a deep and rather complex aroma.

Moet Champagne Price, Variations & Sizes

moet and chandon price

Moet & Chandon have a number of popular variations of their well-loved champagne. Typically, Moet supplies their champagne in 750ml bottles.

However, there have been occasions where the company releases special variations. One instance is the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut which was exclusively available in a 1.5-liter bottle.

This bottle of champagne is no longer available but varieties that are still currently on the market include:

Name Size Average Price
Moet Imperial 750ml $65
Rosé Imperial 750ml $58
Ice Imperial 750ml $59
Ice Imperial Rosé 750ml $75
Nectar Imperial Rosé 750ml $72
Nectar Imperial 750ml $82
Grand Vintage Rosé 2013 750ml $110
Grand Vintage 2013 750ml $90

Other, harder to find Moet varieties, some of which have been discontinued, including the following:

  • Grand Vintage 2012
  • Grand Vintage Rosé 2012
  • Grand Vintage 2009
  • Grand Vintage Rosé 2009

These Moet varieties are not sold publicly anymore and therefore do not have a standard price as the other varieties do. It is likely that the rarer the Moet bottle, the more money you can expect to pay for it.

This is especially true as the brand is so popular and high-class.

Moet & Chandon Alternatives/Comparisons

If Moet & Chandon is out of your reach, there are a few alternatives you could try.

While there is nothing quite like a nice, chilled glass of Moet, there are a couple of other champagnes that are quite high up on the list of classy drinks. Some common alternatives to Moet include:

  • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label – This brand was established in 1877
  • Nicolas Feuillatte – This brand was established in 1972
  • Taittinger–This brand was established in 1734
  • Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut – This brand was established in 1856
  • Lanson – This brand was established in 1760
  • Canard Duchêne Authentic Brut – This brand was established in 1868
  • GH Mumm Cordon Rouge – This brand was established in 1827

These brands are up on Moet &Chandon’s top competitor’s list. Although they each contain their own enjoyable features, Moet still comes out on top as the world’s best-selling champagne.

How To Drink Moet & Chandon

how to drink moet

Moet champagne is best when served between 46°F and 48°F. This can be achieved by chilling the bottle in a bucket of ice for about fifteen minutes before serving. The company suggests their champagne be served in a ‘tulip glass’.

Interestingly, while most people would frown upon the idea of serving champagne with ice, Moet is different. Moet & Chandon have developed champagne that is specifically meant to be served on ice, or on the rocks if you will.

Remember that ice should only be added to Moet’s ‘Ice’ range, and not any of their other blends. Adding ice to other types of champagne will dilute it and end up ruining the flavor.

Once opened, it is best to seal the bottle again with a decent champagne stopper.

While the stopper will seal in the fizz and the flavor of the champagne for a short while, it will only really keep the drink fresh for about a day. After this, the champagne will begin to lose a lot of its flavor.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Moet & Chandon champagne be exposed to light?

As with most champagnes, Moet champagne should ideally not be exposed to light. Champagne is known to be particularly sensitive to light and it can damage the drink.

Glass bottles that are transparent should be especially well protected from light exposure.

2. Why are Champagne bottles green?

champagne bottle green

The glass bottles that Moet champagne is stored in are green for a reason. The primary reason for keeping champagne in green glass bottles is to prevent it from oxidation.

3. What is the ideal humidity level to store Moet Champagne?

To preserve the quality of the champagne’s cork, the bottle should ideally be kept at humidity levels above 70%. Low humidity levels coupled with high temperatures are likely to dry out the cork.

A dry cork can cause rapid transformation of the drink.

4. What temperature should Moet & Chandon be stored at?

The ideal temperatures to keep champagne at are between 45°F and 65°F. High temperatures are known to speed up the process of aging the drink. This results in the quality of the wine being damaged.

Cold temperatures, on the other hand, slow down champagne’s development and prevents it from taking on more complexity.

Interesting Facts & Myths

One of the most thrown around terms that are often taken with a pinch of salt is that Moet & Chandon is the world’s best champagne. This is in fact true!

Moet & Chandon is currently the best-selling champagne around. It is hard to argue with statistics. Another interesting fact about this high-class drink is the pronunciation of its name.

Moet & Chandon is often pronounced incorrectly, mainly due to its origin. Although this champagne is French, and the French often drops certain consonants in the pronunciation of certain words, Moet should be pronounced with the T.

The correct way to say Moet is ‘mo-wet’. This pronunciation is due to the fact that Claude Moet was Dutch!

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