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Martell Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

Martell is a popular brand of cognac. It was founded back in 1715 and has been going strong ever since.

Over the years, Martell has continued to formulate and perfect a number of drinks. Their flagship drink, however, is Cordon Bleu which was only introduced in 1912.

This brand is a cognac house but is often confused with simple brandy. Most people assume that it is just brandy, but that is not true. While cognac is essentially a brandy, not all brandy is cognac.

To be classified as cognac, the brandy needs to be made with a very strict process. If the process is not fulfilled or up to standard, the brandy can not be labeled as a cognac.

With such precision needed to create this hearty drink, it is only right that it has a price tag to match. Martell has an enjoyable menu of drinks, each with a relevant price.

A Brief History of Martell

In 1715, Jean Martell founded the Martell distillery. Martell is a French distillery that specializes in cognac.

This brand is one of the oldest distilleries in France and is one of the ‘big four’ cognac houses. Together, the ‘big four’ cognac houses produce a large majority of the world’s cognac.

Martell became the second-largest cognac producer in the world by 2015. Coming in behind Hennessy, Martell was producing about fourteen million bottles of cognac per year.

The company’s flagship drink, a premium cognac called Corden Bleu, was the world’s highest-selling drink for a number of years.

With over three hundred years of passionate cognac creation, Martell has developed several cognacs. Each cognac is unique with its own color, aroma, and taste.

But one key feature still remains the same. The process of creating the finest cognac has been kept through the years as Jean himself vowed “I want only the best, without artifice.”

To create their cognac, Martell uses only the best Ugni Blanc grapes from several vineyard areas in Charente, France. These grapes are what give the cognac its smooth and elegant taste with notes of soft spices, flowers, and candied fruits.

The white wine is distilled in copper stills to ensure the flavor remains authentic. The distillation process is controlled to perfection in order for the cognac to be of the highest quality.

In the Martell cellars, the ‘eaux-de-vie’ is left to rest and age in oak barrels for several years. This stage of creation is where the drink develops its aromatic personality.

Once aged to perfection, which takes a minimum of two years and is decided by the Martell Cellar Master, the ‘eaux-de-vie’ is removed from its oak barrel and stored in glass demijohns.

The last step in the process of creating a truly unique drink is the blending of selected ‘eaux-de-vies’.

Martell Price, Variations & Sizes

Over the years of its existence, Martell has had time to create several perfectly blended cognacs.

Each drink has been uniquely named and bottled for shipment and sale. But what does a bottle of Martell cost? Below the available variations have been listed with their quantities as well as their price.

martell prices




VS Cognac

750 ml


VS Cognac

1 L


VS Single Distillery

750 ml


VSOP Cognac

750 ml


VSOP Medaillon Cognac

750 ml


VSOP Medaillon Cognac

375 ml


Blue Swift

750 ml


Blue Swift

375 ml


Cordon Bleu

750 ml


Cordon Bleu

1 L


XO Cognac

750 ml


XO Supreme Cognac

750 ml


Cordon Bleu Extra

1 L


Chanteloup XXO

750 ml


L’Or de Jean Martell

750 ml


VSOP Aged in Red Barrels

750 ml


Caractere Cognac

750 ml


Martell also ran a special, limited-edition cognac which is no longer available. This cognac was called Blue Swift Limited Edition and it came in a 750ml bottle.

Martell Alternatives/Comparisons

martell alternatives

If Martell cognac is not quite to your liking, or the price is just out of your reach, have no fear! There are some fine alternatives to Martell which we have listed below for your convenience.

  • Hennessy Black – This brand was established in 2009
  • Hine Antique XO Premier Cru Cognac – This brand was established in 1920
  • Ferrand 10 Générations Grande Champagne Cognac – This brand was established in 1630
  • Courvoisier XO Cognac– This brand was established in 1984
  • Bisquit&Dubouché Cognac VSOP – This brand was established in 1819
  • Louis XIII Cognac – This brand was established in 1874
  • Camus Elegance VS Cognac – This brand was established in 1863
  • De Luze VS Cognac – This brand was established in the 1640s
  • Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 3 – This brand was established in 1765
  • H by Hine – This brand was established in 1817

With this selection, if Martell is just not the brand for you, there is bound to be something that will suit your preferences.

How To Drink Martell

how to drink martell

There are a variety of ways to drink Martell cognac. The most obvious way to drink cognac is neat. It may also be drunk on ice, or even diluted slightly with some water.

Alternatively, Martell cognacs can be used and mixed into a wide variety of cocktails and even long drinks.

The Martell company recommends against warming their cognac. Warming this drink is said to bring out the alcohol too strongly, it also releases the aromas of the drink too quickly.

For the best drinking experience, Martell cognac should be enjoyed in a tulip glass rather than a balloon glass. This is recommended as ensures a better appreciation of the whole aromatic range of Martell’s cognacs.


1. Which is the best Martell Cognac?

Martell’s Cordon Bleu cognac is their flagship drink. This brand is the Martell House’s most emblematic cognac. It is the ideal drink for a variety of special occasions. But it can also be enjoyed on a relaxed afternoon at home.

Martell Cordon Bleu is the company’s best-selling bottle.

2. Is Martell cognac expensive?

While there are a few Martell specialty drinks that can cost a pretty penny, the most basic of the company’s brands are fairly affordable.

3. How do you define cognac?

The exact definition of cognac is “a brandy from the departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime distilled from white wine”. In simpler terms, cognac is a specialty brandy that is made following a number of precise processors.

Whilst all cognacs are brandy, not all brandy is cognac. The difference essentially lies in how the drink is made.

4. Can you drink cognac with champagne?

Despite what some people may think, Martell cognac goes exceptionally well with champagne. This is especially true when they are mixed together in a cocktail.

Although the two drinks appear very different, they have a lot in common with each other. The most obvious likeness that is often overlooked is the fact that both drinks are made from grapes.

5. What does VSOP Mean?

The letters VSOP on the bottle stand for “Very Superior Old Pale”. It indicates that cognac has had at least four years of aging.

6. Is Martell good cognac?

Martell is an impressive cognac that is likely to be enjoyed by any cognac lover. It is one of the oldest cognac houses in the world and is also one of the best cognac brands available.

7. How many calories does Martell Cognac have?

According to the company’s website “A serve of cognac contains 56.8 calories”. This is about three calories less than Scotch whiskey and only just more than one calorie more than vodka.

As for carbs, there are just 0.2 carbs in a 25 ml serving of cognac.

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