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What Is the Biggest Bottle of Tequila?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 22nd, 2023

Tequila has long been known as a good friend at parties, but that isn’t the only reason it’s on everyone’s wish list, alongside other premium spirits like whisky and champagne. It’s no secret that tequila has a variety of flavors, colors, and recipes, but what is the biggest bottle of tequila one can buy?

Patron’s Silver is available in a big tequila bottle. Their 1.75L tequila is a refined premium liquor. This refreshingly light tequila is a firm favorite among many tequila sophisticates from all over the world. Many individuals would choose this premium tequila’s seamless, gentle, and soft taste.

Used by bars and restaurants worldwide to whip up some of the tastiest cocktails, tequila is one of the most popular liquors today. A large bottle of tequila is the ultimate party starter, from long nights with friends to intimate moments with loved ones.

This article will look closely at Patron’s premium 1.75L Silver tequila.

Patron Tequila Is the Real Deal

patron tequila is the real deal
Image: T-Bone Sandwich

Patrón revolutionized the stigma associated with tequila as a bad-tasting lower-shelf party beverage and, almost single-handedly, elevated it to the high ranks of premium whiskey and cognac.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Patron’s distinct and unique beehive-shaped bottle with its round cork became iconic in bars, clubs, and liquor stores. Today, the company is still a symbol of excellence and lavishness.

Casa 7 Leguas, one of Mexico’s oldest tequila distilleries, developed the first Patron Tequila. In 1989, St. Maarten Spirits acquired the brand rights, and the manufacturing of this premium tequila was relocated to a different distillery in 2002.

Today, the whole tequila-making process happens at Hacienda Patron, where only top-quality tequila is produced.

Patron presents its tequila as premium. This label highlights its delicious taste and sophistication through independently numbered bottles, similar to Grey Goose.

The main demographic mainly consists of vodka consumers who enjoy their nightlife in clubs and upmarket and trendy bars. Patron has become a staple liquor within modern popular culture thanks to numerous references by folk music and hip-hop artists.

Even though Patron has become one of the world’s most well-known and revered luxury spirits manufacturers, it is still produced exclusively in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The production process is also done in identical small batches and with equal dedication to quality and craftsmanship that has been utilized for years.

Patron finds joy in everything they do, from their ecologically responsible reverse osmosis irrigation system to recycling agave byproducts after the distillation process. Most notably, at least sixty individuals are involved in producing their tequila from start to finish.

patron tequila

How Patron Makes Their Tequila

how patron makes their tequila

According to Patron, the most delicate tequila flavors emerge gradually and effortlessly. They’ve always created their tequila the old-fashioned way, never cutting corners and employing only high-quality raw ingredients to develop deep, complex flavors.

Agave matures steadily, every eight years at most. As a result, Their knowledgeable farmers take excellent care to identify and remove only Weber BlueAgave with the most significant amount of sugar. They start by removing the leaves with a sharp instrument termed a COA. This reveals the plant’s core, the pina.

The pinas are then chopped by hand and baked in small brick burners to guarantee even cooking. They are then crushed by a Tahona volcanic rock wheel and a roller mill. In fact, Patrón employs the most Tahonas than virtually any other tequila manufacturer on the planet.

The mixture is fermented for three days, distilled, and, In some instances, improved with age in handcrafted barrels.

Although tequila is the most visible component of their artisan story, every trademark bottle of Patron is tested and shaped to perfection in Mexico.

Patron’s small-batch tequila is then bottled, but their attention to detail is second to none. They then sustainably produce excellent Portuguese cork and utilize the masters of French crystal, Lalique, to design a magnificent crystal stopper, ensuring your tequila experience is flawless.

Patron Silver Tequila

patron silver tequila
Image: Paul S.

Firstly, cask-aging can obscure a tequila’s natural character, and an unaged Blanco tequila must hold its own without covering up from an aging process. Patron’s Silver Tequila is no exception.

Patron silver is a brilliant tequila that is both complex in its makeup and simple in taste. It makes a fantastic cocktail such as a Margarita or Paloma, and it’s also decent neat, on the rocks, or if you want a sipper (recommended with a tiny squeeze of lime).

However, the only disadvantage is that Patron Silver is significantly more expensive than most other Blancos. This might cause a buyer to reconsider blending up a regular round of during-the-week cocktails.

Considering it’s available in a big tequila bottle too, its price makes some sense. Nonetheless, this is a premium bottle of tequila that’s regarded as the second best in the world. Therefore, this big bottle of tequila may be relegated to a one-time pour for those special occasions.

If you’re looking for this big smooth bottle of tequila, you’ll be able to purchase it online for just over $110 and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Ultimately, Patron Silver is in an expensive category. Still, it’s also a great tequila that works well as a mixer in many tequila cocktails and is incredibly interesting to drink. It can be pricey for the regular everyday tequila drinker, but it’s great for keeping on hand for special events and occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Tequila

If you want to explore the Tequila world or just want to add tequila into your diet as an occasional beverage, you will undoubtedly have some questions. Below you’ll find some FAQs associated with tequila.

1. What Is Premium Tequila?

what is premium tequila
Image: Paul S.

Patron Silver tequila, for example, is made from 100% agave. This refers to the lack of extra flavors and preservatives used in the production process. 100% implies that tequila is composed exclusively of the blue agave plant after it has undergone fermentation and distillation.

The absence of additional additives allows the spirit to preserve its sophisticated, gentle, and precise flavor profile that consumers love. Premium tequila is made from 100% agave – this feature distinguishes premium and ultra-premium tequilas from their competitors that lack this title.

There are a few different variables you might find when you’re shopping for the highest-quality brands. One is the type of agave used to make it; some producers grow their own agaves and harvest them by hand, which allows for more control over the quality of the plant and its products.

However, it’s also possible to buy high-quality tequilas from agaves that have been purchased elsewhere – it is subject to how much care went into choosing where and how these plants were grown.

To determine whether your tequila is wholeheartedly produced from the agave plant, search for the 100% agave classification on the bottle. Every eligible tequila bottle must possess the designation “100% Agave” or another label with a similar message, as Mexican law requires.

If the bottle is not categorized by this label, the drink is most likely not made from 100% agave. Each tequila bottle must contain at least 51% agave by law to maintain quality assurance.

However, tequila producers can add up to 49% additional flavorings and preservatives, such as potatoes or sugars – these tequilas are not considered premium.

2. Why Is Tequila So Expensive?

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you know that the country’s signature spirit is anything but a luxury. Let us examine what makes this liquor so expensive.

Tequila has one primary ingredient: the agave plant. Agave is extremely expensive, so 80% of the cost of tequila goes into it. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be imported since there are farms inside Mexico where it grows naturally.

Additionally, agave plants take about eight years to grow till they are ready to produce tequila, so at any given time, their lack of abundance limits the production of tequila. The shortage of agave plants will cause the prices of tequila to skyrocket.

On the other hand, agave Is grown in dry regions and climates with insignificant yields and is frequently harvested by hand. Getting the agave’s pina (its heart) to the distillery is also an expensive undertaking.

The rising usage of tequila, combined with many years of poor soil conditions, has resulted in an increase in the cost of raw agave and, ultimately, a reduction in supply.

3. Is Tequila Stronger Than Vodka?

Tequila and vodka are both spirits that can be served neat, over ice, or in cocktails. Both have a neutral flavor and are transparent when used in drinks. The main difference is that tequila is made from the blue agave plant, whereas vodka is made from grains like rye, wheat, or corn.

Due to their different ingredients and dissipation processes, tequila has a higher alcohol content than vodka by volume. Some types of tequila can have an alcohol content up to 55%, while vodka is typically 40% ABV or lower.

However, when comparing tequila’s strength to vodka, there will be some instances whereby vodka will be more potent too. This is mainly dependent on the brand you’re looking it in particular.

Some vodkas are known to have an ABV of over 60%,

What Is the Biggest Bottle of Tequila – In Summary

Expensive tequila is not for everyone, especially those who do not appreciate its subtle flavors and tones. However, if you like a smooth and refined tequila with just the right amount of bite, I recommend trying Patron’s Silver 1.75L tequila.

Today, this big bottle of tequila is regarded as the biggest yet one of the most premium bottles you can get on the market.

That said, expensive tequila is best saved for a special occasion. The bottle’s price tag should reflect what you’re getting out of it.

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