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The 5 Best Wine Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: March 8th, 2023

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There are many different options on the market today when it comes to wine gift baskets, making it tough for some shoppers to settle on the right one for their needs.

Finding the best wine gift basket can be the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion, and it is important to choose a basket that is full of items chosen with the recipient in mind.

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Choosing the Best Wine Gift Basket

There are a number of different factors that go into choosing a great wine basket, as different companies take vastly different approaches to gift basket creation.

The prices of different wine gift baskets can vary greatly, and each basket has a slightly different theme with different gifts, treats, goodies, and extras included.

Basket Value and Budget

basket value and budget

One of the first things that jump out to many customers when shopping for wine gift baskets is the wide variance between prices. There are many different factors that contribute to the final sales price of a wine basket, and some are of better value than others.

High-end wine baskets usually include recognizable bottles of famous wines, along with name-brand snacks and gifts. It is not uncommon to find high-end crystal stemware along with personally engraved wine bottles in these more expensive wine baskets.

Other companies focus the majority of their budget and resources on sourcing high-quality meats and cheeses or imported chocolates in their baskets rather than splurging on a more expensive bottle of wine from a famous producer.

More budget-focused wine baskets will include a variety of snacks that are from slammer brands, along with a solid bottle of wine that is moderately priced. It is sometimes possible to find a full-sized very impressive wine basket for less than the cost of a high-end bottle of wine.

Style of Wine Included

style of wine included

Certain wine baskets are catered toward certain styles of wine, and each included snack is meant to be paired with that specific bottle. For example, a basket that includes a wide variety of different gourmet dark chocolates will nearly always come with a bold bottle of red wine.

Other baskets are lighter, with salty and crunchy snacks that are meant to be enjoyed at an outdoor picnic or party. These baskets will usually include crisp and acidic white wines, and there is even a pink-themed basket that comes equipped with a bottle of Rosé.

It is important to consider the taste preferences of the wine basket recipient before purchase, as some people are very loyal to their favorite labels of wine. Certain brands like Duckhorn Vineyards have licensed their wines for basket use to a variety of different companies.

For more casual wine enthusiasts who are not picky and are not set on certain taste preferences, it is best practice to choose a wine basket with the widest assortment of snacks and candies rather than getting too hung up on which bottle of wine is featured.

Basket Theme and Included Snacks

basket theme and included snacks

There are a number of different themes that companies tend to stick to when assembling wine baskets, and it is important to choose a basket that is well suited to the tastes and preferences of the person who will be receiving it.

For example, there are certain baskets that assemble charcuterie-based wine baskets that are essentially a “picnic in a box.” These include a wide variety of meats and cheeses to be enjoyed with the bottle of wine, and make great options to be gifted at the beginning of a date.

There are also other baskets that do not include any salty or crunchy snacks, and instead cater to those with a sweet tooth. These baskets usually include high-quality chocolates and truffles and are fantastic options for gifting around the holidays.

There are also certain baskets that are catered for certain events, including graduations, anniversaries, and weddings. These can make for an incredibly personal touch when gift-giving but are not suitable options for all situations.

Options for Basket Customization

options for basket customization

There are certain options for personalization that can make all the difference when sending a thoughtful gift to a loved one. One of the most common services that wine basket companies provide is the ability to include a custom note for the recipient within the basket itself.

Other companies allow for small thoughtful touches, like choosing the color of the decorative bow that is placed on top of the basket. Others take it a step further and offer fully personalized boxes that include custom drink coasters and other small trinkets.

For picky eaters and those who have dietary restrictions, it is best to choose a wine gift basket company that allows for full basket customization. These high-end services allow customers to choose every snack that is included within the basket, at a considerable upcharge.

Another popular way that these wine gift basket companies allow customers to add a personalized touch is by allowing for a choice between different bottles of wine. This is fairly common practice, and many of the gift baskets on the market can have wines “swapped out.”

Reliability and Customer Service

reliability and customer service

When it comes to sending a thoughtful gift to a friend or loved one, one of the most important factors can be the timing of the delivery. A wedding, birthday, or anniversary present will not carry nearly the same weight if it is delivered weeks after it was supposed to.

Certain companies have well-established histories of providing high levels of customer service, and these trusted and established brands should always be used before resorting to a lesser-known option.

The best companies on the market when it comes to assembling high-quality wine gift baskets will use a variety of different shipping companies to offer a wine menu of different delivery times and prices.

Top 5 Wine Gifts Baskets on the Market

1. “Deluxe Charcuterie & Wine Gift Basket” by Hickory Farms

deluxe charcuterie and wine gift basket


  • Extravagant wine basket packed full of many different snacks and goodies
  • A full charcuterie board worth of meats and cheeses that pair great with wine
  • Bold and heavy bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon by Generosity Cellars
  • Included high-quality smoked meats from Hickory Farms
  • High-quality basket that can be repurposed or used to build another wine basket
  • Lots of “bang for your buck” considering the number of quality snacks included
  • Includes a miniature cleaver for cutting the meats and cheeses


  • Not a good option for vegetarians or wine lovers who don’t eat dairy
  • No option to customize the basket or include a note within
  • Some wine enthusiasts prefer old-world wines from France or Italy

2. “Thinking of You! Wine Duo” by Gourmet Gift Baskets


  • One of the only wine gift baskets to include a bottle of Rosé
  • Also comes with a bottle of strawberry margarita to get the party started
  • Beautiful pink-themed gift basket that is nearly all color coordinated
  • Includes a high-quality candle made by Votivo to burn while enjoying the wine
  • Unique snacks are included like pink sugar cookies and gourmet kettle corn
  • Comes in a beautiful wooden crate that is unstained and can be used for other projects


  • Not technically a “gift basket” as it is assembled in a wooden crate
  • Does not include very much food to enjoy while sipping on the drinks
  • Not all wine enthusiasts enjoy bottles of new world Rosé

3. “Trafalgar Square Fruit and Wine Gift Basket” by Twiggs Designs

trafalgar square fruit and wine Gift basket


  • Features a food-friendly bottle of mildly acidic Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
  • Very high-quality packaged goods like cheeses and olives from all over the world
  • One of the only wine gift baskets on the market to include fresh fruit
  • Features at least a dozen different individual pieces of fresh fruit
  • Served on a beautiful oval-shaped basket that can also be used as a tray
  • Personalized ribbon with a choice of color can be added for $9.95


  • One of the most expensive gift baskets on the market at just under $250
  • No option to change the bottle of wine that is included
  • Expedited shipping comes at a considerable cost

4. “Wine and Gourmet Snack Pack” by Maker Wine

wine and gourmet snack pack


  • Includes six cans of wine allowing recipients to try three different wine styles
  • The only wine gift basket to include sparkling wine, red wine, and Rosé
  • Comes in an eco-friendly box that makes shipping a breeze
  • Comes with an array of “locally sourced snack pairings”
  • Six individual cans of wine are great for sharing with friends


  • No reusable wine basket as it comes in a cardboard box
  • The included snacks change all the time making it tough to predict the contents
  • Some wine enthusiasts do not enjoy drinking wine out of a can

5. “Chocolate Treasure Box with Wine” by Harry and David

chocolate treasure box with wine


  • One of the most decadent chocolate themes wine gift baskets on the market
  • Red wine blend is great for serving alongside heavy dark chocolate
  • Includes a variety of different flavored truffle snacks
  • Comes in a high-quality chest that makes for a beautiful showpiece
  • 8 different types of snacks that all include chocolate
  • Express two-day shipping is included as the standard shipping option


  • No salty options like meats or cheeses are included in this sweet-themed box
  • No option to customize the contents of the box or add a note
  • Some wine enthusiasts prefer single varietal bottles of wine and don’t drink blends

Final Thoughts

While each of the wine gift basket options highlighted above are solid options offered by high-quality gift basket companies, the “Deluxe Charcuterie & Wine Gift Basket” by Hickory Farms is the undisputed top wine basket on the market today.

It includes a variety of high-quality meats and cheeses at a very reasonable price and includes a solid bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon as well as a beautiful miniature decorative cleaver for slicing up the charcuterie.

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