VOSS Water Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Looking for an updated VOSS water price guide? VOSS water is a symbol of wellness and opulence. It earned its stripes as a reputable water brand through its consistently pure taste and its ability to adapt to demands whilst staying true to its proclivity for refinement.

A Brief History of VOSS Water

In 1998, two Norwegians, Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem founded VOSS with the vision that it would be a revolutionary brand that would stand out in the global bottled water market.

That vision became manifest in its iconic glass bottle and the water itself, which became a benchmark for water purity. VOSS water is sourced from the densest area in the southernmost part of Norway.

The village of Vatnestrøm is characterized by its close-knit community, small farms, and enchanting scenery. What’s more, is that it is partially home to Setesdal, which is a valley that stretches through five municipalities.

Of these municipalities is Iceland, where VOSS water is collected from an underground aquifer. Aquifers are bodies of permeable rock that are found underground.

The water collected from beneath the layers of sand and gravel has been naturally filtered and is free from air contact and any pollutants. This gives VOSS its clean and refreshing taste.

Adjacent to the VOSS source is the bottling plant, where state-of-the-art machinery is used to fill and cap each bottle. This is under strict supervision to ensure the water stays pure through the process.

All About the Bottle

about the bottle

In its earlier days, VOSS was looking for a way to break into the market in a way that would set a presence for its quality product. The task of appeal was left in Niel Kraft’s hands.

Kraft is a Design School graduate and was appointed Senior Vice President of Calvin Klein before opening his own firm, KraftWork, in 2000, which would be the powerhouse behind VOSS’s powerful branding.

KraftWorks saw that VOSS was in need of a water bottle more than an advertising campaign and with Kraft’s background in cosmetic and fragrance design, the distinguished glass cylinder that is VOSS’s water bottle was born.

Ever since its inception, the cylindrical design has upstaged other brands in the already saturated premium bottled water market and earned VOSS the moniker “the Rolls Royce of bottled water” because of its unrelenting sophistication.

The glass bottle also helps to retain water quality as it is less porous than plastic and is non-toxic. VOSS water is naturally filtered and is free of impurities from the air and having that purity enclosed in the glass bottle leaves you to taste the purest water possible.

VOSS Sparkling Flavoured Water

In 2016 VOSS announced its sparkling flavored water which has zero calories, artificial sweeteners, and additives. They are known to make great mixers for cocktails and mocktails.

They come in the following flavors:

  • Raspberry Rose
  • Lime Mint
  • Lemon Cucumber


VOSS+ is a line of premium water that was released in May of 2021. It is formulated to optimize the hydration experience, health, and wellness.  The VOSS+ range features:

  • + Aquamin: enhanced with Aquamin, a unique multi-mineral consisting of 74 minerals and electrolytes sourced from coastal waters of Iceland.
  • + Vitamin D: tinged with a citrusy flavor, it is a delicious way to get 50% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin D
  • + Collagen: coupled with a berry flavor get 10g of collagen to look your best while staying hydrated

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Regarding motions towards sustainability, VOSS has reduced water usage by 15% at its plant since 2018. VOSS also recognizes the need for clean, pure water as a vital part of healthy living.

That is why in the past year, the bottled water brand donated and delivered over 1 million bottles of water in major cities in the U.S.

Celebrity endorsements and Sponsorships

One of the most notable endorsers of VOSS Water is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the acclaimed actor is said to own part of the brand. In 2019, he signed an ambassador contract citing that he had been hydrating with VOSS Water for years on his film sets and home gym.

In 2020, he hosted a ‘Drops of Kindness’ challenge on social media in partnership with VOSS, where participants would stand a chance to win prizes. He also donated 5000 bottles of VOSS Water to The Salvation Army of Georgia in June 2020.

For their 2020 season, Tie Break Tens announced VOSS Water as their Official Bottled Water Sponsor. Tie Break Tens is a fast-paced tennis format where only tie-break matches are played.

Notable players in the Tie Break Tens series include Venus Williams and Goran Ivanišević.

voss water bottle

VOSS Water Prices, Variations & Sizes

VOSS being dubbed the Rolls Royce of water is not only a testament to its quality but to its significant price tag.

This is due to the production costs of making glass bottles, which are much higher than plastic ones as well as the natural filtration that produces the artesian water and increases its value.

Type TDS pH Size Average Bottle Price Average Case Price (12-Pack)
VOSS Still 44 5.5-7 330ml $1 $22.78
500ml $2 $34.74
850ml $3 $34.74
375ml $2.40 $28.57
VOSS Sparkling 290 4.7-5.5 375ml $2.10 $27.37
800ml $3.10 $36.00
VOSS Lemon Cucumber 300 4.7-5.5 375ml $2.20 $26.19
VOSS Lime Mint 300 4.7-5.5 375ml $2.30 $26.95
VOSS Tangerine Lemongrass 300 4.7-5.5 375ml $2.30 $27.95
VOSS+ Aquamin 850ml $1.81 $51.95
VOSS+ Collagen 850ml $5.58 $67.00
VOSS+ Vitamin D 850ml $4.08 $49.00

VOSS Water Alternatives/Comparisons

VOSS imparts its love for life, health, and wellness in its branding; its competitors present their own unique flair on these aspects in their branding.

VOSS vs Bisleri

Bisleri hails from Mumbai, India, and presents itself as a symbol of goodness, trust, and purity. First arriving on the scene in 1965 as a soda brand, it was established in 1984 as a bottled water and soda brand.

Bisleri has an extensive catalog, which is probably why it is considered a household name. Its promise of goodness, trust, and purity is backed by its rigorous 10 step quality process and 114 tests, which ensure quality with every sip.

Notable Bisleri products include;

  • Its mineral water; sizes range from 20L (water dispenser size) to 300ml
  • Vedica Himalayan Spring Water: sweet-tasting water sourced from the foothill springs in the Himalayas, ensuring the perfect balance of minerals and electrolytes, including calcium, sodium, and bicarbonates.
  • Bisleri Soda: the professed “Club Soda” features three flavors
  • Spyci: a soda infused with a bold mix of Indian spices
  • Limonata: one to shock the system, a mix of lemon, lime, and a hint of mint
  • Fonzo: A mellow mango flavor

Regarding price, VOSS Water costs $20 more than Bisleri and has fewer size options for bottles.

VOSS vs San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino is an Italian natural mineral water brand that prides itself on being committed to tasteful living. Its story begins in the Italian Alps, in San Pellegrino Terme, a commune and now a production site for the company.

The waters of S. Pellegrino originate from a layer of rock 400 meters below the surface, where it is permeated with minerals from contact with volcanic rocks and limestone.

At the foot of a dolomite mountain, the springs are replenished and then flow underground to depths of over 700m to an aquifer.

This journey takes 30 years before the water is sourced at San Pellegrino Terme and the final taste is water naturally enriched with minerals with a slightly bitter note and acidity from carbon dioxide, which is added in processing.

Regarding products, San Pellegrino produces sparkling natural Mineral Water, Italian Sparkling drinks, and Indulgent coffee flavors.

The Sparkling natural mineral water is packaged in a premium green glass bottle and boasts an elegant mold known as the “Vichy” silhouette. S. Pellegrino’s sparkling natural mineral water also comes in PET bottles and cans for enjoyment on the go.

Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Mineral Water is a sleek 330ml can that consists of the signature sparkling base infused with Mediterranean fruit. Flavors include:

  • Essenza Lemon & Lemon Zest
  • Essenza Blood Orange & Black Raspberry
  • Essenza Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate
  • Essenza Pink Grapefruit & Citrus Blend

The Indulgent Coffee flavors offer a new and sophisticated way to experience San Pellegrino. The three flavors are:

  • Essenza Delicious Cocoa & Coffee Flavours
  • Essenza Exotic Vanilla & Coffee Flavours
  • Essenza Smooth Caramel & Coffee Flavours

San Pellegrino and VOSS certainly see eye to eye when it comes to sophistication, when it comes to price VOSS Water costs $10 more on average for a 12 pack.

How To Drink VOSS Water

how to drink voss water

Have it chilled

Savor the clean and fresh taste of VOSS water by having it mildly chilled; it’s the perfect refresher to have throughout the day or after a thorough workout.

Make fruit infusions

Fruit infusions involve stacking thinly sliced fruit in a bottle of VOSS water and refrigerating it for a maximum of 12 hours for a refreshment steeped with fruity notes.

VOSS regularly posts their own infusion creations on social media, great fruits to infuse with are citrus fruits and berries.

How to Store VOSS Water

If unopened, you can store VOSS water in a cool, dry, and clean place like a cabinet or pantry with other food items. It’s not recommended to store it near cleaning items or chemicals.

If opened, keep it refrigerated away from items with strong odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is VOSS’s PET bottle BPA-free?

Yes, it is. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, which is an organic compound that is often part of the manufacture of plastics and resin. It can leach from plastic bottles into beverages and, when consumed, can disrupt normal hormone functions.

VOSS proudly manufactures Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, which are BPA-free and is one of the most recycled types of plastic worldwide.

2. Does VOSS have any allergens or nutritional disclaimers?

VOSS does not have any allergens, it is gluten-free and is Kosher.

The VOSS+ Line ( VOSS+ Aquamin, VOSS+ Vitamin D, and VOSS+ Collagen ) are all Kosher and gluten-free, however, VOSS+ Collagen is not vegan due to it containing collagen.

3. What is the shelf life of VOSS+ products?

VOSS+ products have a shelf life of 12 months.

4. Can you put VOSS glass bottles in the dishwasher?

Yes, VOSS glass bottles are dishwasher safe.

Interesting Facts & Myths

  • Despite VOSS debuting with its iconic glass bottle, it began producing plastic bottles in 2018 to allow for its water to be enjoyed in more places and occasions because glass is often prohibited in areas like swimming pools and outdoor bars.
  • In many stores, VOSS is not stocked with other water products, but rather with high-priced alcohol.
  • As part of its move towards carbon neutrality, VOSS has dedicated a train to make daily trips from the harbor in Kristiansand to its production factory in Vatnestrom which replaces 30 truck movements daily and delivers at least a 170-ton reduction in Co2 emissions per year.
  • In 2007, Women’s Health magazine rated VOSS no.1 among several acclaimed bottled waters such as Fiji, Dasani, and Evian.