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A Guide To Wine Tasting In Rhode Island

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

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While Rhode Island may be the smallest of all 50 states in the US, it is home to a formidable wine scene.

The state is rooted in early American history, and today Rhode Island is one of the best places to enjoy pristine stretches of picturesque Northeastern coastline full of beautiful views, great weather, and fantastic wine.

The unique mix of history and picturesque views makes wine tasting in Rhode Island a unique experience worth seeking out.

Where to Go For Wine Tasting in Rhode Island



Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and is also the largest city in the state by population. It is also one of the oldest cities in the entire country, as it was founded in 1636.

Today, Providence is home to a lively food and wine scene with plenty of different options.

Providence Wine Bar doesn’t leave much up to the imagination with its name – it is a fantastic wine bar in the city of Providence. This principle of “not reinventing the wheel” applies to the entire concept, as they nail the quintessential wine bar experience.

The selection at Providence Wine Bar is deep and varied, and their selection of unique and hard-to-find bottles has made this a local hot spot. While the wine list is very expansive, the interior seating is not, so it is best to get there a bit early before the dinner rush.

Tavolo Wine Bar and Tuscan Grille is a beautiful restaurant that serves “Authentic and Innovative Italian Cuisine.” Their wine bar, patio, and dining areas are all very aesthetically pleasing, and the wine menu is sure to not disappoint.

They offer a rotating “sleeper pick” every month, which is hand-selected by the house sommelier to deliver exceptional quality and value. They also clearly list their current “Best Value under $50” and “Special Occasion Bottles,” making the menu very easy to navigate and understand.

Fortnight Wine Bar is a workers cooperative, meaning that it is an employee-owned and managed operation. They focus on natural wines and wines made with minimal human intervention, which is a very trendy concept for wine bars as of late.

Younger wine enthusiasts have shown an affinity for these sometimes sparkling, and hard-to-predict natural wines. While the jury is still out among traditionally trained sommeliers regarding natural wines, many wine drinkers wouldn’t think to drink anything but natural wine.

Pane e Vino is considered by many to be the best Italian restaurant in the city of Providence. Their deep wine lists offer bottles of Italian wines from producers that many other Italian restaurants have never even heard of.

The extensive wine list works in perfect combination with their large selection of traditional Italian favorites. The kitchen executes everything from seafood to steaks and pasta dishes with perfection, and this is one of the most highly rated places in the state for a reason.



The city of Cranston is located just south of Providence and is considered to be a suburb of the larger city.

While many associate the city of Cranston with its significantly larger neighboring city, Cranston has a unique food and wine scene that is unique from its neighbor.

Bistro 22 is one of the best restaurants in the state of Rhode Island, and many Providence residents make the trip down to Cranston just to dine here. They use fresh, seasonal ingredients to craft a unique menu full of variety and unique dishes.

The wine menu at Bistro 22 features bottles from all over the world, and a particularly strong collection of California wines from Sonoma and Napa Valley. The staff at this upscale restaurant is extremely knowledgeable, and professional, they are very educated about the wine world.

Tavern in the Square Cranston serves an approachable menu full of recognizable favorites that are elevated with upscale ingredients and flawless execution. Their full bar offers a solid variety of new world wines, and the prices are very reasonable.

While a regional chain restaurant isn’t the first thing visitors may think of when passing through Cranston, this is one of the highest-rated and most visited restaurants in the area. They offer enough different styles of wine to pair with every item on the medium-sized menu.

Chapel Grille is set in a repurposed stone church that was constructed in 1891. They serve upscale Italian and Mediterranean dishes, and their wine list is awarded the “Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator year after year.

They have also been awarded “Statewide Best Wine List” in Rhode Island multiple years, and with good reason. The deep wine list includes allocated and hard-to-find bottles and offers vintages from certain producers that can not be found anywhere else in the state.



Warwick is a city filled with colonial history, and there are reminders of the region’s deep roots nearly everywhere you look. The city is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the Northeast and is a great place to visit for wine tasting.

Cork and Rye Gastropub is conveniently located in the Warwick Mall, making it a great place to stop by and unwind with a glass of wine after braving the crowds while shopping. They serve a wide selection of different wine styles, as well as scotch and whiskey for non-wine drinkers.

The dishes here are beautifully presented, and the seasonal fresh ingredients ensure that the taste is just as satisfying as the presentation. Along with a traditional wine selection, they serve three different flavors of Sangria, which is a very popular option at Cork and Rye.

Tree House Tavern offers one of the most unique wine tasting experiences that can be found anywhere in the country. The concept is housed in a converted farmhouse that was constructed sometime around 1860.

The rustic building is decorated with stunning details like stained glass windows, and they offer a solid selection of wines from all over the world. The food at the Tree House Tavern is very familiar, as they offer traditional American meals with generous portions.



10 Rocks Tapas Bar and Restaurant is one of the most popular and highly recommended places for small plates and wine in the Pawtucket area and with good reason. This is one of the most beautifully decorated restaurants in the area, and the food and wine are both incredible.

They serve high-end bottles of French Champagne like Moet, as well as worldly selections from Argentina, Portugal, Italy, and more. The staff at 10 Rocks Tapas Bar and Restaurant is very helpful when it comes to choosing the right bottle of wine, and this is a great spot for a date.

Galito Restaurant is a Portuguese spot that offers some of the most unique food and wine pairings that you will find anywhere in the state of Rhode Island. They serve a unique selection of Portuguese wines that can not be found anywhere else in the region.

Galito also makes a Sangria mix that is very popular, and they offer some of the best deal specials in the entire Northeast. Monday through Thursday, they offer a two entree deal for $30 that includes a full bottle of wine.

Boulevard Grille and Cigar Lounge is a steakhouse-style concept that includes a fantastic wine list, a large whiskey selection, and a walk-in humidor full of fine cigars. The restaurant is known to hold wine tasting dinners, which are extremely popular and known to sell out.

Their large selection of wines ensures that there is a perfect wine pairing for everything from heavy steaks to lighter pasta dishes, and the service here is top-notch. The friendly waitstaff works with guests to understand their taste preferences and find them the ideal bottle of wine.


The saying “Bigger is Better” certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to wine tasting and the state of Rhode Island.

This small state packs a big punch in terms of wine selection, making wine tasting in Rhode Island a fantastic and one-of-a-kind experience.

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