A Guide to Wine Tasting In North Dakota

When you think of wine tasting, you might think of sunny vineyards in Napa Valley, California, or fields of grapes in France.

But there are some wonderful opportunities for wine tasting in North Dakota that deserve your attention too! With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the best wineries to go wine tasting – that’s why we’ve done the work for you!

Where to Go For Wine Tasting in North Dakota

Maple River Winery – Casselton

maple river winery

Maple River Winery is based in a small boutique winery in Casselton and produces traditional award-winning wines from fresh farm fruits locally in North Dakota.

The winery hosts tours and wine tastings from Monday to Saturday all around the year. At Maple River Winery you will get the chance to taste amazing traditional wines that create the perfect fusion of flavor, uniqueness, and modernity all in one glass!

Here you can explore and experiment with plenty of flavors that include Chokecherry Wine, Dandelion Wine, Honey Apple Wine, and the award-winning Strawberry Rhubarb Wine!

The Winery also features a Pride of Dakota gift shop that includes an array of products you can choose from and take home for your friends and family!

Red Trail Vineyard – Buffalo

red trail vineyard

The state’s largest vineyard, The Red Trail Vineyard is nestled along Buffalo Creek, on the outskirts of Buffalo. The Vineyard follows a rich history and was named after the Old Red Trail, one of the first trails formed to guide travelers through Dakota territory.

The enriched soil when combined with traditional winemaking techniques and locally grown hybrid grapes creates a wine that is smooth, subtle, and perfectly aromatic!

Here you can host any event possible from dinner parties to business meetings and wedding receptions. You can visit the wine tasting on weekends or make a reservation for a Friday night dinner to fully reimburse for the wine-tasting experience!

The Red Trail Vineyard is the perfect spot for North Dakota wine tasting, and it’s not hard to see why!

Pointe of View Winery – Burlington

pointe of view winery

This quaint and serene winery is the perfect spot to unwind in good spirits! The winery is owned by a local family that has been running it for a long time.

Pointe of View Winery is considered to be the first-ever winery in North Dakota and they specialize in native fruit, grape, and honey wines. You can taste wine from an array of flavors that include Rhubarb, Viking Deed, Apple Cider, and Honey Wine with Elderflowers.

The property is a bird lover’s paradise because here you can observe a selection of birds. You can fill your wine glasses with your favorite flavor and head to the outdoor deck overlooking the stunning landscapes of Souris Valley!

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a small get-together with friends, you will find the perfect wine to make those small moments memorable!

4e Winery – Mapleton

4e winery

4e Winery is located on the edge of the prairie, 20 minutes away from Fargo-Moorhead, and is one of the most well-known places for North Dakota wine tasting!

The winery specializes in wine that is prepared from locally sourced and hard-to-find fruits and grapes. This North Dakota boutique winery creates premium-quality White, Red, Rose, and Non-Grape Wine and Beer.

The spacious decks, open countryside, and the rustic West Wing make it the perfect spot for a cozy brunch and a glass of wine with friends!

You can visit the wine tasting room throughout the week and even become a part of the 4e family by joining the Wine Club.

Upcoming events at the 4e Winery include the 4e Food & Wine Experience, Matt Dauner Live, and the Maker’s Market. Make sure that you don’t miss out on these exciting events when you go North Dakota wine tasting!

Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery – Dickinson

fluffy fields vineyard & winery

Fluffy Fields is a family-owned and operated farm winery that is also Dakota’s first year-round full-service winery.

The winery specializes in producing high-quality wine created from grapes and fruits that are locally grown in the property’s vineyards, orchards, and gardens.

Located right below the Radar Base Hill in Dickinson, the winery offers a rustic experience of Dakota’s stunning landscape!

The winery provides something for everyone from wines, beers, and signature drinks to on-site catering and warm, delicious food to complement the delectable wine.

Whether you enjoy dinner with your better half or take a walk around the property with friends, you won’t have a dull moment during your visit!

Dakota Sun Gardens & Winery – Carrington

dakota sun gardens & winery

Fresh country air, beautiful luscious gardens, and rich wine are some of the things that you will experience at the Dakota Sun Gardens Winery.

The winery is ideally located in the center of Carrington, North Dakota, and is close to other major cities. The extensive gardens include stunning water elements that are decorated with unique species of flowers and shrubberies, natural rocks, and metal sculptures.

In addition to these extraordinary gardens, the property also features a selection of plots that house several fruits and grapes that are used in making wine.

The wine decks and tasting rooms overlooking these gardens are cozy and comfortable to make your wine tasting experience as great as possible! The property also serves as an ideal location for a beautiful wedding and will help create unforgettable memories for the couples on their big day!

Wolf Creek Winery – Coleharbor

wolf creek winery

Wolf Creek Winery is located on the majestic bay of Lake Sakakawea in Coleharbor, North Dakota. What started as a dream turned into a hobby and soon evolved into a licensed Winery.

At Wolf Creek, the delicious wine is created from grapes, fruits, and berries that are grown in North Dakotan soil, intended to thrive through the long cold winters in the area. The arrival of spring rejuvenates the extensive plantation and promises a summer filled with fresh wine.

Wolf Creek Winery has been crafting exclusive wine for more than fifteen years and has become the finest in the game. Recently, Wolf Creek Winery also added a World Series wine made with exotic fruits and grapes by vineyards around the world.

This is your chance to taste and experiment with the best wine in North Dakota while taking a stroll around the serene lake with your loved ones!

Prairie Rose Meadery – Fargo

Prairie Rose Meadery is a well-known North Dakota Meadery that specializes in Mead or Honey Wine. They have been making fine wine since 1990 and have won national awards while winning the hearts of the public.

The Meadery has an exclusive list of flavors you can choose from including the Caramel Apple, Orange Spice, Traditional/Chokecherry Mead, and Honey Mojito.

The traditional Mead is made by a combination of North Dakota honey, yeast, and other ingredients that are later fermented to make this unique wine.

The wine tasting rooms are open from Thursday to Sunday and order delicious appetizers to munch on while you enjoy the classic wine.

If you prefer tasting the wine at home then I would recommend you to join the Wine Club because it offers special discounts to its loyal members!

Dakota Vines Vineyard & Winery – Fargo

uruguayan wine glass

Dakota Vines Vineyard and Winery is a rural retreat present 30 miles south of the Fargo-Moorhead area in North Dakota. It is an agritourism business that aims to the production and promotion of superior wine made from locally sourced fruits and grapes.

Visiting the Dakota Vines Vineyard & Winery is an enlightening experience where you get to know about different species of grapes that survive cold climates and taste the product of these exclusive fruits.

The place is a haven for wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about the art of crafting great wine!

Some of the most popular wine flavors available here include Dakota Sangria, Farmland, Roughrider, and Mighty Bison. You can visit during the summer between Thursday and Sunday.

The Winery is also going to hold its third annual Grape Stomp Competition so don’t forget to take part in it while doing North Dakota wine tasting!

Bear Creek Winery – Fargo

Bear Creek Winery provides you with an other-worldly experience of being surrounded by the most beautiful elements of nature and tasting refined award-winning wine of North Dakota.

The winery swears by traditional methods of wine production that use a variety of grapes in its production including the Petite Pearl, Verona, Frontenac, Itasca, and Marquette.

Bear Creek strives at creating and maintaining a standard for the most refined wine and does that by ensuring consistency in its viticulture (grape growing) practices. With so much thought given to the pre-production process, the result is a smooth and delicious wine that beats others in the industry.

With a stunning location, the best wine, and low prices, they’ve got it all!

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