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A Guide to Wine Tasting in Mississippi

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

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Mississippi is a rural state that is full of southern charm and steeped in history. There is also a quickly emerging wine scene, and wine bars across the state are becoming increasingly popular.

Wine tasting in Mississippi is extremely underrated, as the state tends to fly under the radar.

Where to Go for Wine Tasting in Mississippi



Jackson, Mississippi is the largest city in the state of Mississippi with a population of just over 160,000 people.

Jackson is also the state’s capital, which is fitting as it is also viewed as the epicenter of the Mississippi food and wine scene.

Estelle Wine Bar and Bistro markets itself as “Jackson’s Modern Wine Bar & Bistro,” and they definitely hit the mark when it comes to this concept.

Once inside, the environment feels less like Mississippi and more like a Los Angeles or New York wine bar. They serve brunch and dinner and offer a large selection of primarily new-world wines.

Their open kitchen puts the chefs on full display as they prepare food, and reservations are strongly required at this very popular modern restaurant.

The Apothecary is an extremely unique speakeasy style bar that serves wine, beer and spirits. While they specialize in craft cocktails, their wine list is also very impressive, and it is one of the most memorable places to grab a drink in the entire state of Mississippi.

When first walking into The Apothecary, the room is styled after a traditional 1950s-era American diner before giving way to a prohibition-style speakeasy.

The Apothecary was also featured on Southern Living’s prestigious “The South’s Best Bars” list.

The Library Lounge is located in Jackson’s historic Fairview Inn and is located in the original library room of the Fairview Mansion, which was constructed in 1908. The lounge-themed restaurant and bar prominently feature some of Mississippi’s most famous authors.

The wine list at the Library Lounge is one of the best in the state, and they also serve wine flights along with carefully crafted small plates, craft cocktails, and microbrewed beer.

Reservations are strongly recommended, as out-of-state visitors visit specifically to dine here.

BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar features one of the most well-rounded and deep drink menus of any restaurant in the entire country.

In addition to a full beer, wine, and cocktail list, they also feature a full menu of nonalcoholic drinks for those abstaining from alcohol.

Their wine list is 12 pages long and features wines from all over the world. They have a deep selection of wines by the glass, as well as sparkling wines and Roses.

They have been in business since 1994, and have won Wine Spectator awards for over two decades.



Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport is a beach and fishing destination that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

There are plenty of great places to grab a glass of wine after a day at the beach or on the boat, and more options are sporting up every few months.

Sea Grapes Wine Cafe is a Gulfport “Wine Cafe” that specializes in pizza, Italian plates, and wine pairing.

The “Vine Room” is a private workspace dedicated to large groups and special events, and they also host private wine tasting events with a room charge of only $200.

Salute Italian Restaurant is one of the most highly rated restaurants in the entire south, and the interior is beautifully decorated to match the lavis menu.

The space features floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as views of the Gulf of Mexico, making for lovely and scenic wine tasting.

Downtown Bistro is one of the best restaurants in the city of Gulfport, and its wine list is both well-rounded and fairly priced.

They host monthly wine, whiskey, and cigar events, and the menu offers some of the best food on the entire gulf coast.



Southaven, Mississippi is located on the Northern edge of the state and shares a border with the state of Tennessee.

While located in a different state, Southaven is considered to be a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee by many, as it is only about a 10-minute drive from downtown.

Top Shelf Grill markets itself as “Southaven’s finest indoor-outdoor rooftop restaurant,” which is a pretty safe bet considering it is the only concept of its kind.

They serve an outstanding wine list that pairs with their “top shelf” cuisine, all with one of the best rooftop views in the state.

Mesquite Chop House is a quintessential American steakhouse that one would expect in the south. It does not disappoint as it serves up iconic classics like ribeye steak and prime rib.

They offer a solid selection of tannic red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon that pair great with steak.

The Grillehouse of Southaven offers one of the finest upscale dining experiences in the state of Mississippi, and their top-notch steaks and seafood pair perfectly with bold red wines and crisp acidic white wines.

Their servers are very knowledgeable on the wine list and are very helpful.



The city of Tupelo, Mississippi is world famous for being the birthplace of American rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. The area is also home to Tupelo National Battlefield from the civil war.

The city looks to the future while honoring the past, and the wine scene is rapidly expanding.

Nautical Whimsey is an Italian and Cajun fusion-themed restaurant that serves unique dishes as well as Italian wine, beer, and cocktails.

They offer one-of-a-kind takes on classic Italian staple foods, and the menu even lists wine pairing suggestions for each type of food.

DownUnder is a favorite among Tupelo locals and is one of the hottest restaurants in the entire area among the younger crowd.

They serve traditional pub-style food with an international twist, and their wine list is up to par with their more renowned craft cocktails.

Fairpark Grill offers straightforward takes on southern staples as well as other American favorites.

Their wine list offers enough variety to suit all types of different palettes, and their friendly staff does a great job of working with customers to find them the best glass of wine.



Hattiesburg, Mississippi is located right in the middle of Mississippi’s most densely forested area, making it a great place for hunters and outdoorsmen.

This charming southern town seems to move a bit slower than the rest of the country, and the southern hospitality is top-notch.

Patio 44 is an upscale restaurant in Hattiesburg featuring American cuisine and a diverse wine list that features every day “by the glass” selections as well as high-priced “Cult California Cabs”. Their chef specializes in hearty selections, and there is also a private dining room.

Half Shell Oyster House is known all throughout the Hattiesburg area for its fantastic menu of seafood entrees. Their wine list is deep enough to ensure proper pairings for everything from fried oysters to surf and turf.

This is a very popular spot amongst locals, and with good reason!

Mario’s Italian Restaurant & Bar is a classic Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta, calzones, and other Italian staple foods.

They offer a solid selection of Italian red and white wines, and the staff is very helpful when it comes to sampling and deciding on wine selections.

Wine Tasting in Mississippi – Conclusion

Wine tasting in Mississippi can mean anything from a glass of Chianti with pasta at an Italian restaurant to a bottle of rooftop Champagne or crisp Sauvignon Blanc in a hip speakeasy.

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