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A Guide to Wine Tasting In Delaware

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

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Wine enthusiasts will enjoy traveling through Delaware. This small state has beautiful country roads lined with luscious grapes.

The locals take great pride in growing their grapes and harvesting them at peak season in order to produce some of the most delectable wines.

A bottle of Delaware wine is tantalizing to your senses, leaving you wanting more. Because the locals value quality above all else, you can taste the richness of fruits in every bottle of wine available in Delaware.

So, the next time you go wine tasting in Delaware, make sure to stop by one of these vineyards to appreciate premium quality while admiring the scenic vineyards.

Why Should You Go Wine Tasting In Delaware?

It is true that until a few years back, Delaware had only one winery, no distilleries, and a few small-scale craft breweries.

However, because the quality of liquor coming out of Delaware was so rich and unique, times changed as more people began to invest in this small state.

Now Delaware houses more than 20 fully functional breweries, a few wineries, and two distilleries creating a variety of beverages using fresh local fruits.

Delaware has also incorporated making mead and ciders into its local industry. This expansion in wine production has developed a trend for wine tasting in Delaware, attracting people from all over the country.

There have been two notable results of this economic hustle and bustle. Firstly, a plethora of job opportunities is now present for the locals. They can make a substantial living creating or serving drinks at the famous spots for wine tasting in Delaware.

Secondly, there has been a transformation in the social setup in Delaware; gathering with friends and family at pubs and wineries for wine tasting in Delaware is now a common social practice.


What Are The Best Spots For Wine Tasting in Delaware?

Outside the quiet villages in Delaware, there are numerous opportunities for engaging in outdoor adventures while enjoying the local delicacies.

Kent County, one of the small towns here, should be at the top of your list for wine tasting in Delaware. Since it has a favorable climate featuring low humidity and a warm growing season, the grapes growing in Kent County are some of the most flavorful on the East Coast.

Below is a compilation of the most famous wineries and pubs that beginners and seasoned wine drinkers alike should visit to thoroughly enjoy the process of wine tasting in Delaware the next time they pass through this small state.

Salted Vines Vineyard

salted vines vineyard

Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery is located in Frankford, and the owners are Jessica and Adrian Mobilia. They began creating wine around seven years back as Fenwick Wine Cellars.

Because of their consistent quality and taste, they quickly rose to fame and needed land to expand their business. Thus they purchased a 26-acre farm, constructed a winery, and relaunched their business in November 2016.

Since then, their tasting room has been at the forefront of wine tasting in Delaware.

Moving into Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery is a pleasant surprise. The area has a coastal feel, and on either side of the winery are attractive rows of vines.

Walking into the winery, the unmistakable sound of Wine slushies spinning will greet you. Next, you will find a diverse selection of wines, from dry to sweet, to satisfy everyone’s palate.

You can also enjoy your beverage with live music in the background or participate in one of their many events.

Pizzadili Vineyard & Winery

wineyard & winery

This well-known spot is present in Felton. Pizzadili Winery is a reminder of how experts can incorporate other fruits to make exceptional wines because they craft wines from different fruits bought from local cultivators.

The joint owners of The Pizzadili Vineyard are two brothers; Tony and Pete. They started producing wines at home with their father ages ago and cultivated their initial vines on their farm in 1993.

Now Pizzadili Winery is also a restaurant providing delectable food. It uses 12 varieties of locally grown grapes to create a diverse selection of wine.

Therefore, there is a flavor suitable to everyone’s taste so you can sit and enjoy a decent meal with your choice of wine. Pizzadili also caters to corporate events, weddings, and other family events at its picturesque site.

Harvest Ridge Winery

harvest ridge winery

The owners of  Harvest Ridge Winery, Chuck and Chris Nunan, first set up their business in Marydel on the border of Maryland five years back.

Since then, they have expanded rapidly to become one of the most favorable spots for wine tasting in Delaware.

Harvest Ridge Winery delivers an impressive selection of alcoholic beverages like Chardonnay, Viognier, Malbec, and Merlot.

They are willing to accommodate wine tasters regularly, and a sample of eight wines costs only $7. You also get to keep the glass as a token.

Moreover, Harvest Ridge also provides an assortment of crackers, meats, and cheeses to snack on while you sample the wines.

At 3 p.m. every day, the hospitable owners, Chuck and Chris Nunan, also provide a tour of the vineyard, so you get to witness the labor behind wine production.

They provide almost 5,000 cases of premium quality liquor a year while running their thriving cidery (see Weaving a Cidery Web).

They are planning on increasing production even more by 2020. Recently they also acquired the status of the first Delaware winery to traverse the border into Pennsylvania when they launched a tasting room in Toughkenamon.

Harvest Ridge has 20 acres of vines and a rugged charm that promises relaxation and great quality liquor with a rural vibe.

Nassau Valley Vineyards

nassau valley vineyards

For wine tasting in Delaware, Nassau Valley vineyards are a must. The owner of this project is Peggy Raley, who has been a frontier person in winemaking and has inspired many people worldwide.

She and her father first cultivated vines for Nassau Valley Vineyards in 1987 in Lewes. Since then, she has toiled wholeheartedly to carry her father’s legacy forward and maintain the quality of her products.

She has several grape varieties on her vineyard, but the 8 acres of homegrown vinifera or European type produce the most flavorful wine.

She also purchases grapes from neighboring states to deliver variation in taste. Thus, Nassau Valley offers a wide range of selections. Some wines, such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay, come from juicy grapes.

However, there are also blended wines which are combinations of different fruits. On average, Nassau valley produces 3,000 to 5,000 cases of wine. Every Sunday afternoon, the winery also hosts a farmers’ market as an additional attraction.

The Brimming Horn Meadery

the brimming horn meadery

If you wish to experience unique architecture while wine tasting in Delaware, you should visit The Brimming Horn Meadery. The meadery has a breathtaking design offering a Scandinavian vibe, which you usually don’t encounter.

There are large chandeliers embellished with antlers giving you the impression of joining a Viking stronghold.

In addition to the unique decor, The Brimming Horn Meadery also has exceptional liquor crafted from honey.

Your first sip is bound to blow you away because mead is a creative beverage with complexities suitable for every beer or wine connoisseur.

Be sure to sample the Royal Metheglin, a prized drink at The Brimming Horn Meadery, which has won several accolades because of its pleasing and unique taste.

Experts at the Meadery carefully create it using yeast, water, and honey. They also add oranges and a secret mix of herbs and spices to develop its flavor even more. According to the founder of the Meadery, Jon Talkington, it was “once drunk by the kings and queens of old.”

People advise frequenting the meadery from Thursday to Sunday when a popular food truck, Hammer and Horns, is catering to the visitors.

This way, you can pair the prize-winning mead with a Facemelter, a mouthwatering delicacy combining melted raclette cheese on a baguette with cornichon, prosciutto, Dijon Mustard, and green onion.

You can also opt for a fried turkey leg, gyro, or a falafel appetizer, all of which pair beautifully with a serving of mead.

Wine Tasting In Delaware – Conclusion

Wine tasting in Delaware is an exhilarating experience. The Wineries in Delaware are an ideal source of respite and entertainment all year round.

Thus a glass of premium wine in one of these famous Vineyards is something to savor. A tour of the Delaware Vineyards should be added to your bucket list!

Most importantly, you choose how many stops you want and where. You also get to travel in a limo! According to an analysis, 45 minutes for every stop for a wine tasting in Delaware is sufficient to let you visit at least a few.

At each Vineyard, you may choose to buy a bottle of wine or opt for a glass instead. So, plan a tour of Delaware right away to experience intense scenic beauty while sampling premium quality wine.

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