Frigidaire Wine Cooler Reviews – Suiting Wine Cooling Needs


When your wine collection starts growing, thoughts of getting a wine cooler will begin. Many names will come up in your cooler research but there’s a brand you should pay attention to. Frigidaire is a name we all know for refrigerators but they’re also in the wine cooler game. To …

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The 15 Best Rose Wine Brands On The Market Right Now Under $35

It’s rare I see wine brands with more than one or two rose to their name. Also known as blush wine, rose is a delicious, cute, and often isolated wine type. Where red varietals are the face of wine and white varietals the backbone, rose is frequently treated as a …

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The 12 Best White Wine Brands On The Market Right Now


Choosing the best white wine brands can take a little doing, however. Not only are there a plethora of varieties, but there are also so many wineries you’d go dizzy trying to count them. Where red wine is the face, white wine is the backbone. White is delicate to red’s …

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Best Gifts For Wine Lovers – Something To Enjoy With Their Tipple!


Wine is a lifestyle. This love doesn’t stop at the bottle but extends to everything from glasses to t-shirts. Showing someone you appreciate them means speaking on a personal level: leave the one-size-fits-all approach at the door! Do you go for wine pattern socks? How about a more practical set …

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The 12 Best Red Wine Brands That Are Affordable

A food pairing classic. An artistic icon. Red wine is the face of wine. There are so many things to love. It comes in several varieties, from the smooth-and-soft merlot to the fruity pinot noir. It can be used to supplement a medley of recipes, and is delightful at room …

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Wine Terms – The Only Lexicon You Will Ever Need

A Glossary of Wine Terms

With so many wine terms being used, you can be forgiven for being a tad confused in the presence of a true wine fanatic. The rich history of the wine industry means that terminology is spread across many eras, regions, and cultures. To impress at the next wine outing and …

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Wine Bottle Sizes

wine bottle sizes

Many common wine bottle sizes are named for Biblical kings and other historical figures. The quantity liter (litron) was introduced in France in 1795. One liter is slightly more than one U.S. liquid quart. The following are standard and non-standard bottle sizes. Wine Bottle Sizes While most people are familiar …

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10 Sexy and Sultry Valentine Wines To Really Heat Up The Evening

valentine wines

Valentine’s Day is a chance to enjoy a romantic glass of wine with the one you love. Rosé is a popular choice with its warming color and sweet taste that summarizes the love shared on Valentine’s Day,  a nice Pinot Blanc can complement a fancy seafood dinner or you can …

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