Frigidaire Wine Cooler Reviews – Suiting Wine Cooling Needs

When your wine collection starts growing, thoughts of getting a wine cooler will begin. Many names will come up in your cooler research but there’s a brand you should pay attention to. Frigidaire is a name we all know for refrigerators but they’re also in the wine cooler game. To aid in your research, here are some Frigidaire wine cooler reviews for you!

Wine Preservation Hacks

Wine is a complex thing. With just one sip, different delicious aromas and flavors assault your senses for a wonderful experience. It’s made passionately, aged lovingly, and drank carefully in order to bring out the full wine effect.

Everyone knows that making it is no easy task, but they don’t realize that storing it in your home will need equal care and attention. The wine journey isn’t over until it’s in your glass. Until then, every bottle requires delicate handling and proper storage, especially if it’s being stored for a while before you consume it. You’ll need to keep it away from things that can make a huge impact on the wine’s quality and flavors.

There are three big things that your wine should never be exposed to; heat, UV light, and vibrations. These three things are present around the house, meaning wine storage at home isn’t as simple as most people think.

Often, wine bottles are placed on racks on top of kitchen counters or on the fridge. In truth, placing them anywhere near there can compromise the wine.

Kitchens produce lots of heat while cooking and it has lots of foot traffic. Many layouts also feature big windows for natural lighting. These windows brighten up a room but could actually dampen and ruin a wine’s flavor. Storing it inside or on top of your kitchen fridge could also be harmful due to the vibrations and the heat it produces. Additionally, if you have a corked wine sitting in a fridge with strong food aromas, those scents could mix with the wine’s composition.

How do these situations harm wine? It’s simple.

Heat can ruin wine by cooking it in the bottle. When that happens, flavors become stale and fruitless and it won’t taste the way the winery intended. Kitchens are prone to temperature fluctuations and exposing the wine to this can age and harm it.

Exposing your wine to ultraviolet light is another way to ruin it. Doing this will quicken the aging process within the wine and affect it. In a sun-exposed room, the wine will be susceptible to this kind of damage, especially wine kept in clear bottles.

Maybe one of the most surprising things that can damage wine is vibration. It’s so simple but since wine is meant to age and sit undisturbed in storage, any vibrations could disrupt the sediment and mess with its flavors.

To avoid exposing your wine to these factors, a wine cooler would be a great way to store your wine.

Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Wine coolers have many different facets and factors to consider, all of which may be confusing to anyone who’s new to it. To help you out, here are some questions you can ask yourself before choosing your wine cooler!

Should you get a Wine Cooler with a Compressor or a Thermoelectric Cooling System?

Compressors are powerful and are the standard technology behind cooling machines. Unfortunately, these consume a lot of energy and can be noisy too. At the very least, these operate with a low hum. In some cases of wear and tear, the cooler might even make more noticeable clanking noises. However, technology has come far and has developed ways to help compressor coolers run silently.

On the other hand, thermoelectric coolers are a kind of cooling technology designed to be energy-efficient and quiet, even when placed in the quietest of rooms. Sadly, it’s difficult for thermoelectric coolers to go down to low temperatures, especially in warm climates and in rooms with intense heat.

What Wine Cooler Capacity Should You Get?

Capacity depends on two things: the number of your current collection and how you expand it. It won’t do to have a wine cooler that you can’t grow with. Even if you don’t plan on adding more to your collection, you might still need to make room for holiday wine gifts and impulse wine buys.

Getting a bigger capacity than what you currently need is added security since that’s usually measured by how many standard 750 ml wine bottles can fit. Nowadays, many of the best wines come in all shapes and sizes, most of which are usually wider than standard. Loading these into your cooler could decrease its capacity.

It’s recommended that you get a wine cooler that’s at least 20% bigger than your current collection. It’s important for it to not be too big as well, since it would be a waste to have a powerful cooler that’s barely filled. Remember as well that 20% is a good starting ratio but it truly depends on you and your spending habits. At the very least, get one that’s big enough to store your holiday party wine!

Do you want a Single or a Dual-Zone Cooler?

A cooling zone is basically an area in a cooler that’s set at a specific temperature. Dual or multi-zones allow you to store your wine at the specific, most optimal storing or serving temperatures in just one cooler. Usually, people will choose between single and dual-zones but some extra-large capacity coolers also come in multi-zones, with three or four zones in it.

Lastly, do you want it to be Built-in to your Cabinetry or do you want it to Stand Alone?

Wine coolers can be installed as either a built-in or as a freestanding unit. The trick to this is in the cooler ventilation placement. If the vent is in front, then it’s most likely a built-in. If otherwise, it’s safer to use as a freestanding unit. Wine coolers, like all technology, need room to breathe. If a back or side-ventilated cooler is confined by shelving, it could overheat the appliance, void warranty, or even endanger your life as a safety hazard.

All About Frigidaire

Frigidaire is an American-made company that specializes in all kinds of cooling and they were the ones to create the refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioner. They started more than a hundred years ago but aren’t stopping any time soon.

They’re known as one of the most reliable home appliance brands in the country, based on the number of service calls with any product issues received. They produce all kinds of cooling appliances and have also poured their energy and expertise into creating wine coolers.

Frigidaire has designed four compressor-powered wine coolers that preserve and chill wine beautifully. These coolers have a temperature range of 41ºF – 64ºF and are all priced below $900. Each cooler has its own set of strengths and weaknesses but all are sure to be of great use to many people.

However, these four aren’t the only wine coolers out there. To help give more options, we’re sharing four alternatives for each Frigidaire wine cooler.

Here Are Some Of The Best Frigidaire Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Frigidaire FGWC5233TS Wine Cooler

 Frigidaire FGWC5233TS Wine CoolerKalamera K4-66DZB Wine Refrigerator
PROS- Quiet compressor cooling system
- Convertible shelf
- Interior LED lighting
- Tinted glass door for UV protection
- Can be built-in or freestanding
- Quiet and efficient compressor cooling
- Dual-zone cooler
- Built-in alarm system
- Integrated door locks
- Can be built-in or freestanding
- More precise wine care and protection
CONS- Shelving doesn’t have full extension
- Temperature difference of around 5º
- No integrated door lock
- Tight shelving

This Frigidaire wine cooler is a single-zone cooler that can house up to 52 standard 750 ml bottles of wine. It can be installed as a built-in or as a freestanding unit in your home.

This cooler runs with a powerful yet silent compressor cooling system. It can bring temperatures down to as low as 41ºF and as high as 64ºF. To set the temperature, simply use the digital LED control panel.

However, do know that this has a temperature variance of up to 5ºF. This means that your cooler might run five degrees warmer or colder than what you set. This happens because the compressor motor turns on and off so as not to overchill the cooler. If it gets too warm, the motor will start running again.

This cooler is equipped with wire racks with classic wood trims for a functional and stylish look. It also comes with a convertible shelf which you can use for wine or for some of your cans here. These are smooth pull out racks that are also removable. Sadly, these racks can’t pull out fully when it’s not being removed, which could make it hard to reach the back row.

Additionally, these were made for the standard wine bottle with a 2.75” circumference. If you plan to store wine bottles thicker than that size, it’ll most likely decrease the cooler’s capacity and you might even need to completely pull out a rack.

This is lit up by an LED interior light and comes in a stainless steel door and a tinted glass window. This protects your wine from UV light and gives your cooler a very chic feel. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have an integrated door lock.

This might be amazing for you if you have an average-sized collection and aren’t too picky with temperature settings. It’s a medium-capacity cooler with a lot of features to simplify wine cooling, and it could display your collection beautifully whilst protecting it.

An Alternative for you!

The Kalamera K4-66DZB might be what you’re looking for if you want a larger capacity cooler with better wine protection.

This is a side by side dual-zone cooler with French doors. It runs on a silent compressor, has UV protection, and comes with integrated door locks too. To take it a step further, this also has an alarm system that tells you when you’ve accidentally left a door open. Unfortunately, its shelving is also tight.

2. Frigidaire FFWC3822QS Wine Cooler

 Frigidaire FFWC3822QS Wine CoolerLanbo LW3370B Wine and Beverage Cooler
PROS- Powerful compressor cooling system
- Two cooling zones
- Interior LED lighting
- Integrated door lock
- Reversible door
- Tinted glass door for UV protection
- Stylish freestanding design
- Quiet compressor cooling system
- Two cooling zones
- Multi-functional use
- Integrated door lock
- Interior lighting
- UV protection
- Can be built-in or freestanding
CONS- Makes a noticeable noise
- Tight shelving
- Less capacity for wine
- Tight shelving

This next one is a dual-zone freestanding cooler that can hold up to 38 bottles of the standard 750 ml wine.

It uses a powerful compressor cooling system that’s able to manage the two zones effectively and efficiently. The upper zone, meant for white and sparkling wine, has a temperature range of 41ºF – 54ºF. The lower zone, designed for reds, is warmer with a temperature range of 55ºF – 64ºF.

Unfortunately, this cooler doesn’t run as silently as the previous model. This isn’t equipped with silencing technology and, because of that, this means that it’ll run with a little noise or low humming sound. This should easily fade into the background but, if you’re sensitive to sounds, this might not be the best for you.

Each zone has a built-in bright light for added visibility. This isn’t automatic and is turned on and off at will using the control panel. This panel also manages the cooler’s temperatures and is found on the partition dividing each zone.

This model’s shelving is made of removable natural wood racks. Each shelf has slats that allow it to hold many wine bottle sizes whilst helping air circulation within the cooler. Unfortunately, it could be a little tight for wider bottles which might limit the variety of wine you can store if you don’t want to compromise the capacity.

This also has a reversible stainless steel door with a tinted glass window and an integrated door lock. This door design protects your wine from UV light and from anyone who might try to drink your wine without your permission.

Overall, this is a sleek and modern design that can fit nicely into many homes. It’s a freestanding unit with back ventilation, meaning you won’t be able to build it in with your cabinetry but it’ll still be able to enhance any room you place it in.

This might be the appliance your home is missing if you have a humble collection of both reds and whites and want to protect this collection on all fronts. This is lockable and has designs in place that’ll keep it far away from any wine preservation enemy. It’s also a very stylish feature that’s easy to install in any room.

An Alternative for you!

Take a look at the Lanbo LW3370B Wine and Beverage Cooler. This is a 33 bottle and 70 can dual-zone cooler, with lockable French doors.

It runs on a silent compressor system and can be installed as a built-in. This kind of cooler offers multi-functional use and allows you to get full use of it without having to continuously drink or buy wine. Unfortunately, it has a tighter and more limited wine capacity than the Frigidaire cooler.

3. Frigidaire FRWW3433AV Wine Cooler

 Frigidaire FRWW3433AV Wine CoolerNewAir AWR-290DB Wine Refrigerator
PROS- Quiet compressor cooling system
- Contoured shelving
- Child lock temperature control panel
- Bottom rack for thicker bottles
- Interior LED lighting
- Tinted glass door for UV protection
- Stylish freestanding design
- Compact cooler
- Quiet compressor cooling
- Dual-zone
- Integrated door lock
- Humidity and wine preservation controls
- Fits easily in trash compartments
- Can be built-in or freestanding.
CONS- No integrated door lock
- Tight shelving
- Single door
- Tight shelving

The next Frigidaire cooler on this list is the 34 bottle capacity single-zone freestanding wine cooler, designed for easy and hassle-free use.

This is powered by a silent compressor cooling system that allows it to reach a temperature range of 41ºF – 64ºF. To set this temperature, simply adjust it with the exterior touchscreen control panel. After you’ve set it, you can lock in this temperature to prevent any guests or little ones from playing with it and messing with the temps.

This control panel also has an on/off button for the interior light. This is a bright white LED light that allows for maximum visibility with minimal UV rays.

Your collection will be set on black contoured wire shelving that’s designed for simple storage. The 34-bottle capacity is based on the standard 750 ml wine bottle and, since these are contoured wire shelving, larger bottles might be a tight squeeze in it. Though the bottom row allows for thicker bottles to be stacked, it might not be enough if you have a very diverse collection of larger bottles.

This cooler also has a see-through door with stainless steel trim. This is basically a dark tinted glass door and it’s designed to protect your wine against harmful UV light. This design also elevates the look of the cooler on all sides. Since it’s a freestanding unit, it’s important for it to look clean and presentable while still running very smoothly and silently. Doing this will make it easy to place in common areas around your home.

This might be a great idea for you if you have a collection with less variety. This can comfortably hold and display your similar wines in it, and the single-zone helps this. It might be a clever idea if you have a large collection and are looking to buy a reserve cooler instead of a larger wine cooler. This can hold your whites, your reds, or your ready-to-drink wines efficiently and without much fuss, and is a cheaper alternative to buying a much larger cooler for your big collection.

An Alternative for you!

The NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Refrigerator is a dual-zone wine cooler with a 29 bottle capacity that can be used as a built-in or freestanding unit.

This durable compact cooler is backed by a quiet compressor and is made with many wine preservation features. Notably, this even has humidity controls! This size also makes it easy to install in your old trash compartment. However, it has a smaller capacity and the shelving would make even the 29 bottles somewhat of a tight fit.

4. Frigidaire FRWW2432AV Wine Cooler

 Frigidaire FRWW2432AV Wine CoolerAKDY 20 Bottle Wine Refrigerator
PROS- Quiet compressor cooling system
- Compact cooler
- Contoured shelving
- Child lock temperature control panel
- Bottom rack for thicker bottles
- Interior LED lighting
- Tinted glass door for UV protection
- Stylish freestanding design
- Quiet compressor cooling system
- Compact cooler
- Contoured wire shelving
- Interior cool blue LED lighting
- Shelving for standing bottles
- Double pane glass window
- Chic freestanding design
- Integrated door lock
CONS- No integrated door lock
- Tight shelving
- Less capacity than Frigidaire
- Tight shelving

The final Frigidaire wine cooler can store up to 24 bottles of the standard 750 ml wine bottle and is a compact single-zone unit. This is basically a compact version of the previous wine cooler.

Like the three other coolers, this uses a compressor system to cool down. This compressor runs silently and can get to temperatures ranging 41ºF – 64ºF. These temperatures can be set using the digital control panel on the door exterior and can be locked in with the simple temperature child lock mechanism on it.

Similar to the third cooler on the list, this one has a bright LED interior light for added visibility, contoured black wire shelving fit to the standard 750 ml bottle, and a tinted glass door for bonus UV protection. Since it runs very silently, it also produces minimal vibrations. Regrettably, this model is also lacking in an integrated door lock. Amazingly, even though this model is extremely similar to the 34 bottle cooler, the biggest edge this model has is in its compact size.

It has a space-saving design and is only 25” tall and 17” deep. Being compact like this allows for very easy placement around the house. The whisper-quiet cooling system helps it along even more since the lack of noise means it can be conveniently placed on a table in your office or in your bedroom. It’s a bit tight for a wide wine variety but the shelves are easily removable to help you fit many of the wider bottles. But, as you know, doing this will make a big impact on its capacity.

This cooler might be the one for you if you have a small wine collection without much variety in bottle sizes. Even though this is Frigidaire’s smallest capacity cooler, this could be a great size even for people with only around 10 bottles. It’s a great starter cooler to dip your toes into to try it out, and placing a mini collection in this would allow you much room to grow. If for some reason, you decide that wine collecting isn’t for you after all, this could then be easily converted into a beverage center for your sodas and water bottles.

An Alternative for you!

If the Frigidaire wasn’t what you were looking for, maybe the AKDY 20 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is a better bet.

This quiet compressor cooler is a single-zone unit that’s super compact and space-saving. It has a door lock and anti-vibration capabilities and has room to store standing bottles too, handy for any unfinished bottles. However, it has less bottle capacity.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the complete review, two things are clear.

Even though Frigidaire only has four wine coolers available, they’ve designed four coolers that offer lots of use. Their coolers are durable, efficient, and are versatile in use too.

It’s clear that out of all four wine coolers, the Frigidaire 38 bottle wine cooler offers the most use and protection of your wine. The shelving and dual-zone design make it a very satisfying and useful appliance for all kinds of wine enthusiasts, and the capacity is neither too big nor too small for the average collector.

However, the other models would also be great for some people. The Frigidaire 52 bottle cooler might be the one for larger collections, while the Frigidaire 24 bottle cooler could be suitable for small collections. The Frigidaire 34 bottle wine cooler could be used as a private reserve for large collections.

Frigidaire wine coolers are serious contenders in the industry, but they might not be the best choice for you. In this review, we included alternative wine coolers you might also consider. We hope we’ve given you enough help to make the best decision for your wine needs!

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