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The 5 Best Wine Festivals in West Virginia (2024 Guide)

Charl Joost
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

West Virginia is a state in the eastern region of the United States. Located in the region of the Appalachian Mountains, this state is known for its rolling mountains, valleys, and hills. These features have all contributed to the state being known as the Mountain State.

Wine Festivals are a fun way to involve the whole family. There is usually food to enjoy, wines from various vineyards that pair well with the food, and entertainment to create a fun and festive ambiance to the event.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the top wine festivals in West Virginia. Hopefully, this will help you plan your next outing with your family.

Summary of the Top 5 Wine Festivals in West Virginia

  1. 23rd Annual West Virginia Wine Festival
  2. West Virginia Wine and Jazz Festival
  3. Martinsburg Wine Festival
  4. The Mountain Heritage and Wine Festival
  5. Virginia Chocolate Wine & Shine Festival

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Deeper Look at the Top 5 Wine Festivals in West Virginia

1. 23rd Annual West Virginia Wine Festival

west virginia wine festival

  • Venue: Daniel Vineyards, 200 Twin Oaks G, Crab Orchard, West Virginia, 25827
  • Event Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Ticket: $15 gate fee (only cash)

The 23rd Annual West Virginia Wine Festival was held in June 2022 at the Daniel Vineyards. As an annual event, there are sure to be more events in 2023 as the vineyard held another event in August of 2022.

Six different vineyards had wine available for guests to enjoy with free wine tastings available and a commemorative wine glass included in the ticket fee. Local craft vendors had an array of items available for guests to purchase from.

Food from various local vendors was available for purchase with a wide array of food types and flavors available. Live music kept the festive mood of the festival alive, creating a fun and interactive day for everyone who attended the event.

2. West Virginia Wine and Jazz Festival

wine and jazz festival

  • Venue: 1477 4H Camp Road, Morgantown, West Virginia, 26508
  • Event Date: Saturday, October 1, to Sunday, October 2
  • Time: 11:00 to 18:00 (Saturday). 12:00 to 18:00 (Sunday)
  • Ticket: $25 per person/per day

West Virginia Wine and Jazz Fest, Inc are a non-profit that aims to invest the proceeds from the festival back into the community. These methods include sponsoring educational endeavors, free concerts for local middle schools and high schools, and endowed scholarships to the WVU School of Music.

The ticket price of $25 includes a wine glass and wine tasting for those guests over the age of 21. There will be wine available to taste from 6 wineries and vineyards including the Baton Hollow Winey and Daniels Vineyards. Food will be available from 9 sources including cupcakes and pretzels.

Music for the weekend includes 9 different performances. Saturday’s performances will be done by WVU Jazz Ensemble (11:00), Dave Braham Trio (12:30), WVU Faculty Jazz (14:00), The Bleil Brothers (15:30), and Reggie Watkins Group (17:00).

On Sunday, Marshall U Jazz Ensemble will begin the day (12:30), then Adam Loudin Group at 14:00 followed by the Morgantown Jazz IX at 15:30. Finally, the last performance will take place at 17:00 by Jim Miltenberger Jazz Ensemble.

Artisans will have various items available for sale including Acquired Taste which sells wood-burned art in the form of hand coasters and magnets, and Heidi Shinkovich which will sell jewelry and wall art. Ten other artisans will be available to purchase from.

3. Martinsburg Wine Festival

martinsburg wine festival

  • Venue: Boydville, The Inn at Martinsburg, 601 South Queen Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia
  • Event Date: May 28th, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket: $20 per person

Organized by Main Street Martinsburg, the Martinsburg Wine Festival is an event intended to enjoy regional wine and beer from across West Virginia, as well as musical entertainment and local food.

Wineries from across West Virginia sponsored the event, with their wines available for visitors to taste. All visitors who take part in the wine tasting had a chance to take home a free wine glass and had access to West Virginian wines and regional samples.

Entertainment was provided by three cover bands from across West Virginia. These bands included Raised on Analogue, Junk Food, and Cazhmiere. Food was available for visitors to enjoy while exploring the festival.

4. The Mountain Heritage and Wine Festival

the mountain heritage and wine festival

  • Venue: Stonewall Resort, 940 Resort Drive, Roanoke, West Virginia, 26447
  • Event Date: Saturday, June 2, 2022
  • Time: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Ticket: Free entry

The annual Mountain Heritage and Wine Festival is a celebration of local wares, food, and wine from West Virginia. June’s event was held at the Stonewall Resort and was hosted by the resort and Lambert’s Winery in collaboration.

The wine tasting was held with wines from 7 wineries from across West Virginia, giving visitors the option to try new wines. There was an option to take home new wines that visitors may not have had before. Onsite parking cost $5 per vehicle giving visitors the chance to park close to the festival.

40 artisans from across West Virginia had wares available for purchase. Entry to the artisan market was free while entry to the Wine Garden was $20 per person. The wine garden gave visitors access to wine tastings from 6 vineyards and a souvenir wine glass for all visitors.

5. Virginia Chocolate Wine & Shine Festival

virginia chocolate wine & shine festival
Image: chocolatewineshine
  • February 11th, 2023
  • Hazel & J.W. Ruby Community Center at Mylan Park
  • Morgantown WV 26501
  • Tickets: General Admission $40, VIP $75

The decadent-sounding Chocolate Wine & Shine Festival is a modern celebration of old traditions. If you ever wanted to try old-fashioned Virginia moonshine, you picked the right place!

This event brings together artisans, brewers, and chocolatiers for your nibbling and sipping pleasure. The event organizers pride themselves on hosting the most skilled brewers in the state, though you’ll also get to check out newcomers, too. Keep in mind that this event focuses on sampling new things and not getting drunk. Volunteer designated drivers are encouraged for the festival and can apply on the website.

People of all different tastes will have something to enjoy here. When you’re feeling like bringing home a few treasures, check out their regional arts and crafts vendors or their photo booths. If you prefer to lounge and relax, you’ll have plenty of live music and giveaways to enjoy. There’s even a massage chair to relax the day away.

If you’d rather get active, they host several games such as the Wine Ring Toss, Oversized Connect, and or Spin To Win. Don’t forget the chocolate fountains!

The General Admission Tickets are well-rounded with tasting events, games, and access to vendors. The VIP Tickets take things a step further with private tastings, a concierge service to carry your purchases, and a $5 voucher. Only cash is accepted at this event and no rowdiness or intoxicated behavior is allowed.

If you want to enjoy the event to its fullest, consider getting nearby lodging at one of their partner hotels. You’ll not only get to experience the entire event, you’ll get a discount rate. All in all, this wine event is one to remember.

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