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The 8 Best Wine Festivals In Tennessee

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always an excuse to enjoy the positive vibes that come along with wine festivals. Whether you’re searching for something new to do with your significant other or looking for the perfect place to spend your weekend.

In the Capital of Country Music, there is no shortage of great wine festivals in Tennessee that are sure to please.

The fine state of Tennessee is a big fan of wine, so it should come as no surprise that there are several wine festivals throughout the state that take place every year. These events are opportunities to enjoy high-quality wine samples in addition to some great food and entertainment.

They’re perfect for any wine-lover looking to add some variety to their summer schedule. Here are a few of the top Tennessee wine festivals you’ll want to check out!

Wine Festivals in Tennessee

Tennessee has no shortage of vineyards and wineries, but if you want to become a true wine enthusiast, then it’s important to attend wine festivals with some of the best winemakers around. Here are eight can’t-miss wine festivals in Tennessee

  1. SipTN Nashville/Chattanooga Wine Festival
  2. Nine Lakes Wine Festival
  3. Nashville Wine & Food Festival
  4. Wine on the River, Nashville
  5. Red, White & Zoo
  6. Wine Down Main Street
  7. Tennessee Beer, Wine & Shine Festival
  8. Nashville Rosé Festival

nashville-chattanooga wine festival

1. SipTN Nashville/Chattanooga Wine Festival

The Sip TN Wine Festival is a fun festival that takes place in Nashville and Chattanooga. In Chattanooga, the event is held at the First Horizon Pavilion and is the perfect way to celebrate the incredibly talented wine artisans and local wineries.

The festival includes more than 150 exhibitors, including wineries, distilleries, and restaurants that serve delicious food paired with wine.

At SipTN, you will find a variety of wines to choose from and sample, all of them locally produced with the finest fruits in the South. Take a sip of the exceptional wine or cider as you stroll through the numerous arts & crafts shops and vendors showcasing their creativity!

If you really like any of the fantastic wines available at the event, then you can also take one back home and enjoy it with friends and family!

The festival takes place in June in Nashville, from 1 to 6 pm at the Amqui Station, and in March, you can attend it in Chattanooga, from 12 pm to 6 pm.

The SipTN Nashville Wine Festival has something for everyone who loves to sip on some fine wine!

2. Nine Lakes Wine Festival

nine lakes wine festival

Nine Lakes Wine Tasting is a cozy event that takes place at the Lavender Festival in 201 Cafe & Wine Bar, Oak Ridge, and features amazing wine tasting opportunities produced in the Nine Lakes Wine Country! The event takes place on June 18th and runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

The wine festival features award-winning Tennessee Wine, artworks from talented artisans, delicious and freshly prepared food pairing, and electrifying music that keeps the atmosphere alive and fun!

You can take a glass of your favorite wine and head to the nearby Lavender Festival to witness these beautiful flowers in bloom! Don’t forget to do an advanced booking as the place tends to get busy during the festival and it’s a first come first served basis.

Have an amazing lunch with friends at the Herb Lunch and enjoy the high-quality and locally produced wine and cider, making the memories fond and unforgettable!

3. Nashville Wine & Food Festival

nashville wine & food festival

The Nashville Wine & Food Festival is an annual event presented by Corkdorks Wine Spirits Beer that takes place on April 16th in Nashville.

The festival includes live music, food trucks and vendors, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, local retailers, and restaurants all under one roof for one day only! The event offers something for everyone whether you’re a foodie or a wine enthusiast!

One of my favorite parts of this festival is that it allows people to experience true culture and diversity through food and premium Tennessee wine. Signature wine, whiskey, beer, and other spirits are perfectly paired with dishes prepared by the city’s renowned chefs and top-rated restaurants!

In case you get bored of all the food and drink, there’s also a fun photo, GIF, and boomerang booth installed by the Nashville Smile Bar, where you can take as many weird and funny pictures with your friends as you want! Wine and a photo booth. What’s not to like?

The location of the event is at the heart of downtown Nashville, at the Omni Hotel which brings a minimalist and modern touch to the gorgeous city!

It’s also conveniently close to popular city destinations like the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, so don’t forget to give it a visit while you’re attending the festival!

4. Wine on the River, Nashville

wine on the river nashville

This is your chance to travel the entire world without even leaving Nashville! Wine on the River is a well-known wine-tasting event happening on September 10th, at the Riverfront Park in Nashville, Tennessee.

The event features tasty wine, beer, and other spirits from all around the world that is paired with delicious cuisines from that particular region.

This event is the perfect way to explore the various beverages and flavors and expand your palate whilst being surrounded by the stunning views of the Cumberland River! The event occurs from 3 pm to 7 pm. The best pairing that goes remarkably with a good glass of wine is some live music!

The event is a must-attend for wine enthusiasts and is a great opportunity for travelers to mingle with the locals and experience the heartwarming hospitality of the South!

5. Red, White, & Zoo

red white & zoo

This incredible event is exactly what it sounds like an exciting fusion of delicious craft beers and spirits, local cuisine, and exotic animal exhibits that will make your visit memorable!

Red, White & Zoo features a wide selection of various spirit samples and multiple dining options ranging from local food trucks to high-end cafes.

The event takes place on July 29, going live from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. Take your favorite wine sample in hand and stroll through the exciting animal exhibit of wild primates in their habitat. Hold your wine glasses tightly in case you get spooked by roaring tigers!

The festival also features live music from talented local musicians like Brassfield and Walker County. We all know a wine festival would be incomplete without a country music jamboree.

6. Wine Down Main Street

wine down main street

If you’re ready to have the most unforgettable night of your life, then you have to head to the Historic Square in Downtown Franklin and along Main Street and attend the highly popular Wine Down Main Street event!

The event has been running for two decades and has also been voted the best charity fundraising event in Williamson County.

It takes place on November 6th, and features a unique selection of locally crafted wine & spirits, tasty food samples, shops, restaurants, and upbeat live music! The event is sponsored each year by Nashville’s biggest and oldest wine distributor, the Lipman Brothers.

The event runs from 7 pm to 10 pm, and is a great way of trying exceptional spirits and exploring the historic Franklin downtown while you’re there!

If you’re planning on spending a memorable day with your better half, then you can book the VIP tickets and have an exclusive food & wine tasting experience in the Franklin Theater.

Beat the chilly season with good music and even better wine at the Wine Down Main Street festival!

7. Tennessee Beer, Wine & Shine Festival

tennessee beer wine & shine festival

Tennessee Beer, Wine & Shine Festival is an annual event that is a hotspot for a beer, wine, and spirits aficionado, taking place on the historic Two Rivers Mansion estate! The event comes around on October 15th, inviting the locals and tourists to an engaging social retreat.

The festival features a wide collection of wine and beer from 34 various local, regional and national breweries, fantastic live music, and artisan booths where you can collect souvenirs!

The wine experience becomes even more elevated as you stroll through the stunning grounds of the Two Rivers Mansion and explore the rich history tied to the estate.

The festival runs from noon to 5 pm, and if you’re in the mood for having a blast, then you can head to the after-the-festival party at Scoreboard and keep the night alive with music and entertainment!

8. Nashville Rosé Festival

nashville rosé festival

If you’re looking to spend some valuable time with your girl group or planning a much-awaited reunion, then the Nashville Rose Festival is just the right spot for you!

Nashville Rosé Festival is the only Rose-themed festival in Nashville that benefits the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition in financially assisting breast cancer patients.

The event offers more than 70 Rose wines to choose from, each sourced from local breweries and wineries. An array of food trucks and vendors are also available to satisfy your hunger with some delicious food pairings!

The festival takes place on May 14, from 3 pm to 7 pm at the East Park Community Center on Woodland Street.

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