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The Best Wine Festivals In Alabama

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: August 8th, 2023

Alabama is a picturesque oasis for anyone looking for a break, with the nearby Appalachian mountains, scenic rivers, and flat coastal plains scattered all around the state. But more than anything, it is the southern hospitality that is incomparable.

From the welcoming people and the spicy mouthwatering food to a unique selection of fine wines and wine festivals in Alabama, this state has it all. The wine industry has also been growing rapidly producing delectable wines, giving you all the more reason to plan your next trip to this all-rounder state.

Alabama has about 14 vineyards, and wineries, growing vintage wines with plantings ranging from Muscadines, Cabernet Sauvignon, to Muscat. Although there are no American Viticultural areas, the foothills of the mountains and coastal areas provide fertile soils perfect for growing different grape varieties and fresh fruits.

The state comes together to celebrate the craftsmanship and quality of these wines with various wine festivals.

This gives you a chance to taste the creations of talented vintners under one roof with fellow wine lovers who are there to support the local vendors, with music and some delicious food.

Mark your calendars as we take you through the best wine festivals in Alabama you need to visit on your next journey to Yellowhammer State.

The Top Wine Festivals in Alabama

These wine festivals in Alabama are held throughout the state and typically feature local wineries. You’ll find an array of options for every palate. For the most part, the festivals are free and open to the public. However, there are some restrictions. You must be of legal drinking age and attend these events if you want to consume alcohol.

  1. Second Annual Alabama Wine Festival
  2. Crush Wine and Food Festival
  3. West Alabama Food and Wine Festival
  4. Magic City Wine Fest

1. Second Annual Alabama Wine Festival

second annual alabama wine festival

The Alabama wine festival has been long awaited since its massive success last time. This two-day event will bring together local vintners from more than 12 wineries all over Alabama, to showcase their delectable wines.

It will be held at the grounds of Wills Creek Vineyards and Winery, giving you access to the beautiful view while you sample rich wines.

Food trucks will be present throughout the event for you to indulge in some delicious spicy food made by talented local vendors.

The best part of this event is that you will be able to directly interact with various winemakers while tasting their wine and learning about their wine journeys. These wines will also be available for purchase so you can keep the party going at your house.

Wine aficionados from all over the country will also be arriving, so great company is guaranteed. Live music will be there to engage you thoroughly, and a sitting area will be arranged for you to relax.

This event will take place in the fall, over two days, on Saturday, October 15th, and Sunday, October 16th, 2022 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

You can purchase a one-day ticket, or a ticket for two days allowing you the full Alabama wine experience. The one-day advance ticket for Saturday and Sunday are priced at $40 and $35, respectively.

The advance purchase of the two-day ticket is $60. A designated driver ticket can also be purchased for only $10 including a food voucher, however wine tastings will not be included giving you a safe and sober driver for your ride back.

A small tip: don’t forget to book your ticket online as they will get more expensive at the gate!

2. Crush Wine and Food Festival

crush wine and food festival
Image: crushwinefestival

Get ready to wine a little, and laugh a lot as the most anticipated event in North Alabama is returning for the eighth time!

The Crush Wine and Food Festival is a week-long affair, inviting wine lovers from throughout the country to indulge in over 150 wine labels.

You will be welcomed with some delicious food that pairs great with wine, prepared by talented local chefs who will set up their stations in food trucks. Some gourmet sandwiches and charcuterie boards will be present for you to munch on while you sip on your wine as well.

Not to forget that chocolatiers will also be available, and if I may say so myself, is there anything better than wine and chocolate? Never! In short, this will leave you singing praises of the south.

Take Flight!

If you need a refreshing break from your hectic life; this year’s theme is ‘Take Flight’, just what you should do! ‘Take flight’ to this destination!

Staying true to the theme, this event will take you all over the world under one roof, where you will get the opportunity to learn more about where different wines are produced while sampling them.

You can also purchase a private wine guru tour ticket, giving you and your friends a chance to reconnect while learning more about wines from the experts.

Bougie Wild honey private tents will be set up to kick back and relax with your loved ones.

Throughout the week, you can participate in different events and chill out. The Whiskey and Wild Game event will be held allowing you to sample and compete with fellow brown liquor lovers. Local artists will also be performing live, so you can bust a move while sipping on your merlot.

More programs like the Bon Voyage Brunch will be held so you can mingle with different people and indulge in the most tempting delicacies.

All in all, this festival has everything you would need to unwind. From a selection of national wines to local food, great music, and lots of surprises awaiting you, this is indeed a treat all in all.

All year, wine enthusiasts look forward to this week-long festival. Mark your calendars as it will be returning with a bang in September 2022 from the 19th to the 25th.

It will be held at Big Spring Park East in Downtown Huntsville with ticket prices starting from $60 to $2500. Events like these help you make memories and friends that last a long time, so go ahead and plan your trip to this incredible event in the state of sweet Alabama.

3. West Alabama Food and Wine Festival

west alabama food and wine festival

One of Alabama’s favorite festivals is set to return on Thursday, 7th of April, 2022, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. This event will be held at Tuscaloosa River Market providing a combination of delicious food with a splash of fantastic blends of wines and spirits.

It has a legacy of eight years providing its attendees with an evening of entertainment and memories to cherish forever.

The West Alabama Food and Wine Festival gathers foodies and wine enthusiasts every year, to fall in love with the amazing dishes, top-notch wines, and warm southern hospitality.

Food vendors from more than 23 different local restaurants will be bringing their delicious flavors for you to indulge in.

Everything from tasty canapés to sweet desserts will be there to sample. Delectable wines and spirits will be available for you to sample and sip as you make your way through the many stalls.

You will also get an amazing opportunity to know all about the wines from experts, as this event will welcome newbies and aficionados, alike. Wines will also be available for purchase, so you can take a piece of sweet Alabama home with you.

The proceeds from this event will be given to the West Alabama Food Bank, to help provide food in West Alabama, so be sure to come and support this wonderful event!

Tickets will be available online, with $50 for General Admission and $75 for VIP tickets. The latter will let you have an experience like no other, with a range of wines available to sample in your own private wine bar, in a beautifully decorated private tent.

This will be perfect for a romantic trip for two, or even a girl’s trip to the southern wine country.

4. Magic City Wine Fest

magic city wine fest
Image: magiccitywinefest

The Magic City Wine Fest returns this summer with its one-of-a-kind charm, which is held at the Birmingham Zoo. This event will be held from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday, May 14th, 2020.

Tickets will be available online for $49 plus tax for General Admission while VIP will be for $79 plus tax in advance. These will increase by 10 dollars plus tax on the day of the event so make sure to book them in advance!

This highly anticipated event will bring together travelers and locals alike, as they indulge in the finest wines and delicious beers and learn more about them from the ones who make them best.

The world tour will be held at the zoo, and wines from around the world will be at your disposal for sampling. Local food vendors will make tempting treats available to purchase, allowing you to have a true taste of the south.

Goodfellas, a talented Birmingham-based jazz duo will also be performing along with Vann Burchfield, who will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Adults with ages 21 or older will only be allowed to enter, so bring on all your friends as we take a trip through the world of wine in the south!

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