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Best Wine Aerator – 5 Wine Aerators Reviewed For You!

Lakeisha Ethans
Last Updated: April 21st, 2023

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Who doesn’t want to drink a beautiful glass of wine on the regular? Unfortunately, this usually means shelling out more for each bottle you buy which isn’t really good for your bank account. If you can’t afford a splurge on a bottle of wine for a party, a night out with your friends, or for simply unwinding after a long week, don’t worry. You won’t need an expensive bottle as long as you have the best wine aerator!

Enhancing Your Wine

One truth that all wine lovers will learn during their wine journey is that every bottle of wine needs a little help, through storage or through wine prep. If not, sometimes a $30 bottle won’t taste its best. To prevent this, here are some tips and tricks that can help.

One easy method is through proper chilling and storage. Keep your wine safe from outside factors that can harm the different reactions still going on within the bottle. Exposure to heat, UV rays, and vibrations could truly damage the wine.

But what if you just bought it and are ready to pop it open, with no need for storage. Here are some things that could help. You can do these on its own or together, it’s up to you.

It’s no secret that wine pairing is a big deal. Good wine pairings bring out the best in each other. Whites will go well with light food, such as salad, fish, and white meat, while reds go best with the heavier flavors of red meat and hearty dishes. If you don’t want food, pairing it with a strong cheese helps mask any unpleasantness.

Another technique is to add some fruit to it for a sangria. It’s a fun way to sweeten your wine, and using frozen fruit might help it wine chill too! If your wine isn’t anywhere near enjoyable, making a wine cocktail is better than throwing it out.

However, the biggest kicker is that your wine might not need any pairings or add-ons at all, just some time to breathe! Some wines are slow starters and still need to develop after popping it open. This is called wine aeration.

Letting Your Wine Breathe

Aerating your wine or allowing it to breathe simply means exposing it to air. Doing this allows two processes to happen— oxidation and evaporation. Both of these play a key role in bringing out the flavors of wine.

The oxidation process helps “wake up” your wine. Doing this would help bring out more of its fruity and nutty flavors. Evaporation eliminates the bad odors in a new bottle. Aerating the wine will quicken these processes and allows you to experience the wine as it was actually meant to be.

All that said, exposing your wine to too much oxygen will flatten the taste and bring out more acidic flavors. It’s also important to note that not all wine needs aeration.

Young reds will benefit the most from aeration since it’ll break down the tannins to smoothen the wine texture. Older reds that taste tight or closed off would benefit from aeration too, to help it open up. Heavier and deeper whites could also benefit from this, to soften it up.

However, light reds and whites might not need aeration. This is because there are no flavors that need to be opened or tannins that need to be smoothed out. In fact, oxidizing lighter wines might harm it instead since it could flatten it too quickly.

Wine Aerating Tools

There are a bunch of ways to aerate wine but here are a few of the most popular ways to do so.

  • The most common way people (knowingly or unknowingly) aerate their wine is by swirling it around in the glass. It’s simple and looks fancy too! However, not enough oxygen is introduced here and you’ll need to let your glass sit for some more time, up to an hour, to properly open up.
  • Another way that’s both aesthetically pleasing and great for your wine is by using a decanter and letting it sit there for a few hours. It looks great but it takes a long time and requires some forethought. It also can be quite expensive and hard to store, which might be a drawback if you live in tight spaces.
  • The last most common way to aerate your wine is by using a wine aerator. A wine aerator is a little contraption that your wine will pass through before landing in the glass. This will quickly introduce your wine to air and eliminates the long time needed for it to breathe. This is the fastest way to aerate your wine, and it also won’t cost too much.

All You Need to Know About Wine Aerators

Wine aerators come in two forms— handheld or as a bottle stoppers. These are usually no larger than the size of a hand and can be electric or manual.

Handheld Aerators

Handheld aerators are separate wine tools that you can hold above or set on top of a wine glass, which is where the wine will be poured into. It usually requires two hands to operate and needs careful pouring. Since this kind of aerator dispenses the wine more gradually into the glass, take care not to overfill it. Once someone gets the hang of it, every drink of wine will be so much better!

Bottle Stopper Aerators

Bottle stopper aerators, also known as wine pourer aerators, are attached to the mouth of an opened wine bottle. This usually requires one hand to operate, since you’ll simply have to pour normally. It’s similar in shape to speed pourers but is actually slower in pouring, as the wine has to go through an air chamber first for aeration.

Electric Aerators

There are also electric aerators, which are bottle stoppers that will dispense aerated wine at the push of the button. This has the added benefit of not interrupting any wine sediment in the bottle.

The wine aerator works by naturally and efficiently incorporating air into the wine as it’s poured, right before it lands in a wine glass. Common aerator designs feature an air chamber with tiny holes that will introduce air pressure and help evaporate unnecessary wine compounds. It’s a simple, hassle-free design that steps up your entire wine game.

The Biggest Benefit Of Using A Wine Aerator Is Its Aerating Speed

Rather than letting it sit for an hour or two to breathe, this eliminates the need for forethought or for any wait. You’ll be able to enjoy wine any time you want. It gets rid of all kinds of fuss and preparation, just pop open a bottle and pour the wine through an aerator of choice.

Aerating Wine Also Enhances The Wine’s Bouquet Or Aroma

When you open a wine bottle, it doesn’t smell pleasant. This is due to the excess of ethanol, which has a medicinal scent, and sulfates, which resemble the scent of old eggs. Introducing air to it quickly unleashes the wine’s true scent.

By Enhancing The Bouquet, It Also Enhances The Wine’s Flavor

Wine tasting is largely based on smell, meaning that a wine with a bad odor would greatly affect its taste. Getting rid of the bad smell helps you focus on the true qualities of the wine. Fewer distractions for the nose means a better experience for your taste buds.

Last But Certainly Not Least, Aerating Your Wine Will Help Save Money

No longer will you feel pressured to splurge on a bottle of wine for your dinner parties, simply use this and the wine will taste much more high quality. If you’re looking for top-tier wine but aren’t so willing to spend a bit more, an aerator would be a great help.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Wine Aerators

dstblcr-table__imageVinturi Red Wine Aerator
  • Premium Design
  • Easy-Grip Body
  • Perfect for Quickly Aerating
dstblcr-table__imageHaley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Aerator
  • Food-Safe Plastic
  • Liquid-Tight Seal
  • Fits Easily to Any Standard Size Bottle
dstblcr-table__imageAervana Original
  • Attaches Easily to Any Wine Bottle
  • Convenient and Spill Proof
  • Instant Decanting
dstblcr-table__imageVintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Easy to Use
dstblcr-table__imageTRIbella Classic
  • Trouble-Free
  • Drip-Free Streams
  • Three Stainless Steel Exit Pipes

Some Wine Aerators To Choose From

1. Vinturi Red Wine Aerator


  • Comes with a no-drip stand and wine filter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store
  • Easy-grip silicone band
  • Auditory clues if proper aeration is happening


  • Not fit for whites
  • Will need add-ons if you don’t have a steady grip

The Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is an award-winning wine accessory that reliably develops wine in the time it’ll take you to pour your wine out of the bottle and into your wine glass.

This is a handheld aerator specially designed to open up your reds. It uses velocity and pressure to properly incorporate air with your wine. It’s roughly the length of a hand, and it has an internal chamber where all the aeration magic will happen. It’s made with high-quality clear acrylic and has a black silicon band around the body, to help with grip. It also comes with a removable filter that goes on top of the aeration chamber and will help catch any sediment or cork.

To use, simply hold the aerator above your glass and pour your wine into the Vinturi. It needs a constant flow to fill up past the holes in the chamber, to help with the pressure as the wine pours out. When done properly, you’ll hear a sound that’s unique only to Vinturi aerators as the wine pours out into the glass.

After using it, just set it in the no-drip aerator stand for less mess. You can also clean it by simply running water through it and setting it in the dishwasher. Taking care of it properly will help expand its lifespan, and will maintain its chic design that can impress any dinner guests you’ll have over.

This might be amazing for you if you love reds and are looking for a simple wine tool to elevate your experience. It’s very easy to use and presents many benefits for any wine drinker. It could also look fabulous on most counters or wine bars, and is easy to tuck away if that’s what you prefer.

However, one thing to consider is that it requires a steady two-hand operation.  If either arm is not so steady, or you have a bad grip, this might be something you should pass on.

Luckily, if your heart is set on this and you don’t mind spending more, Vinturi has a Deluxe Aerator Tower available. This is a tall arm that holds the aerator at a height, which transforms it into a one-hand operated tool. While it looks sleek, it does take up considerable space.

2. Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Aerator


  • Multi-functional wine tool (aerator, stopper, pourer, filter, re-corker)
  • Compact design
  • Easy to store and attach
  • Fits most bottles, not only for wine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable


  • Some leakage
  • Unable to filter out smaller sediment
  • Not very appealing design

Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Aerator is a multi-functional tool that covers many aspects of the wine experience.

Imagine a Swiss Army Knife but make it wine-friendly. That’s basically what this is. It’s a wine aerator, a stopper, a pourer, a filter, and a re-corker— all in one tiny plastic tube! You might be asking yourself why anything needs to be all of that at once but the logic behind it is quite simple.

With an open wine bottle, the immediate concern is aerating it and allowing it to breathe for a glorious glass of wine. However, long exposure to oxygen could flatten the wine. This is why they’ve created something that aerates the wine in your glass while preserving what’s left in the bottle.

To use this, pop it into any freshly opened bottle of wine. It’s made of a BPA-free and food-safe plastic that easily fits into most wine bottle neck openings. Pour out aerated wine and, when you’re done filling the glasses, simply snap on the attached cap to prevent too much oxygen (or bugs!) from entering.

This also filters out larger sediments and cork bits. Unfortunately, the filter is not so fine that it’ll catch the finer wine sediments.

If you can’t finish a bottle, no problem! This allows you to seal the bottle for storage. However, it’s best to tuck it away standing as it might have some leakage.

If you’re new to the wine world and are looking for an inexpensive way to step up your wine game, this might be your next buy! It’s a multifunctional wine tool that’s easy to use and store. It’ll help give you some peace of mind as well on how to properly care for opened wine bottles, and can be used on similar bottle opening too.

It might also be great for on-the-go wine aficionados. Since it’s so small, it’ll be easy to bring around on travels or road trips, and can help make any bottle you find on the road much better.

However, since it’s so small, this might not be great if you’re prone to misplacing small bits like this. There’s no stand or container as well, which means you’ll need to put some thought into keeping track of it when it’s not in use.

3. Aervana Original


  • One-push operation
  • At full power, it can aerate more than 250 bottles of wine
  • Efficient and consistent aeration
  • No-mess usage
  • Fits most wine bottle openings with an airtight seal
  • Wine Sediment stays at the bottom


  • Comes at a premium price
  • The adjustable straw can be faulty

Have wine on tap with the Aervana Original! This aerator is powered by electricity and allows your wine to breathe with just the push of a button. It’s like a wine tap for your own bottle and uses air pressure for efficient aeration.

This is shaped like a bulb with a long stainless steel spout and a detachable PET plastic tube at the base. Simply slip it into an uncorked bottle and it attaches to the opening with a vacuum seal. This keeps the wine fresh and less exposed to outside substances, basically extending its lifespan.

When you’re ready to fill a glass, simply press the button on top, and it’ll aerate wine as it’s being dispensed into your glass. No need to lift any heavy and slippery bottles, just one push and you’re good!

One other unique benefit to this aerator is that all the wine sediment can stay at the bottom of the bottle. This eliminates the need for filters while keeping it fresh for another day. It’s also less messy!

It has a distinct, classy design too. It’s made of polished stainless steel with a black band around it. When not in use, it safely sits in its stand. It needs six AAA batteries to operate, which lets it reliably aerate and dispense more than 250 bottles of wine.

This might be amazing if you’re a wine lover with a weak grip. Since there’s no need to lift the bottle at all, wine aeration is easy and effortless. It might also be great if your preferred wine comes with sediment since this doesn’t disrupt it. This is a fun take on modernizing aerating methods and would be a great conversation starter when guests are over as well.

Although a notable drawback to this is its price, near $100 per unit. If this is a dealbreaker, other aerators might be better. But if you’re okay with this price, rest assured that this could be a great investment with the potential to serve you well.

4. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer


  • Multifunctional as a wine aerator and pourer
  • Elegant and functional design
  • Mess-free wine pouring
  • Effortless usage
  • Fits most wine bottles
  • Great customer service
  • Great for gifting


  • Will leak if disassembled roughly
  • Will need to tip over the bottle for full aeration

This  Vintorio Wine Aerator doubles as a pourer! This elegant tool aerates wine as it’s poured, eliminating the possibility of any mess with handheld aerators. It may look like a simple spout but it’s brilliantly designed to enhance wine flavors too!

It’s a classy add-on to any wine bottle and helps elevate most wines since its design fits almost every wine bottle out there.

This aerator has two main parts, a black air tube, and an acrylic pourer, both of which work together to open up the bouquet of the wine. The air tube is a long piece that’s inserted into the bottle. Here, the flow is regulated and the air is introduced to the wine through three obscure air holes. This also seals up the bottle for pouring, allowing no wine to leak out of the opening.

The wine then flows out of the acrylic swan neck tip, which is set at a steep angle for a controlled flow. This neck also helps aerate the wine and minimizes splashing.

Because of this design, aerating your wine is simple— just attach it to an open bottle and pour! Cleaning it is also easy since you’ll just need to run water through it for a rinse. For a deep clean, carefully disassemble it before rinsing.

Reassembling this is tricky and needs to be done gently. If not, you risk wine spillage for your next use or could even permanently damage it. Make sure that when you connect each part, the three holes are opposite where the acrylic tip dips down. Or else the wine would spill out in this part and create a mess. That said, a little care is a small price to pay for a better wine experience.

This might be for you if you’re looking for a classy wine aerator pourer. It makes any wine bottle look expensive, and helps the wine taste better too! It’s super easy to use and clean, and it prevents messes too. Gone are the days of spilling wine on your clothes, since it regulates the flow of your pour too.

However, if you don’t have much time to carefully clean this, other options might be better. Another thing is that this tool doesn’t seal the wine, it only seals the opening to prevent leakages. Keeping it attached to your bottle won’t prolong its lifespan and, if that’s what you need, this Vintorio might not be for you.

5. TRIbella Classic


  • Simple and effortless design
  • Critically-acclaimed device
  • The handmade device comes with a bespoke case
  • Restaurant-grade aerator
  • Elevates the wine experience for your tastebuds and your eyes
  • Lightweight


  • Sediment can clog up the tubes
  • Replacement parts are not available

The TRIbella Classic aerator is a simple design that’s unique amongst other aerators on the market. Rather than using fancy chambers and air pockets, it instead uses a multi-stream method to aerate wine.

There are three tubes in this device for the wine to pour out of and this aeration process incorporates air in the most natural and efficient way. It’s a simple solution but produces magical results, both for the taste as well as for the beauty of the experience. To use this, simply attach it to the bottle opening and pour!

When designing this, TRIbella was equally focused on beauty as it was on functionality. Beauty is an important factor in the wine world, and the romance of the entire experience is part of the package. This is why using this aerator often ends up as a hypnotizing experience for most users.

Using this will simply beautify your whole experience, from the moment the wine is poured up to the moment your glass is emptied. The wine process itself is already beautiful, with the delicate techniques of harvesting, creation, aging, and drinking— this simply helps the process come full circle.

When you’re done, simply rinse it with water and store it in its aerator case, to protect your aerator. It’s lightweight and compact, meaning it’s easy to carry around and whip out at a friend’s house or during your travels.

This might be great if you’re a romantic at heart. The aesthetically pleasing design can enhance any drink of wine, and it’s simple design effectively aerates it during the pour. It’s a completely natural, no-fuss method that could bring your wine amazing results.

It might also be great if the showmanship of the experience is important to you, whether for personal pleasure or for more professional needs. Many wine experts and professionals have raved about this product for their restaurants, and they praise it for its visual and flavor appeal.

However, if your preferred wine has lots of sediment in it, the sediment might clog up the TRIbella’s tubes. If the tubes clog up or if it’s damaged from rough treatment, there are no replacement parts available. It’s also somewhat pricier than a lot of other aerators on this list, due to its unique and special design.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve been introduced to five of the best aerators on the market, which one is the best of the best?

After careful consideration, the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has come out on top. This aerator was the most user-friendly, comes at a good price, and, most importantly, does an amazing job at aerating wine. It’s very simple to use and clean and doesn’t require a two-hand operation to use for your wine.

At a close second is the Aervana Original, which aerates wine marvelously with little effort on our part. In fact, if not for the high price point, it would be the best of this line-up thanks to its overall benefits. This might still be a great buy if you’re willing to splurge on this fun wine gadget.

The Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is also a strong contender, and would still be best if you’re someone with a trustworthy grip and can pour consistently into the handheld aerator. If you’re someone looking for a multi-tool, then the Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Aerator would give you the most bang for your buck. Lastly, if you particularly adore the romance and showmanship in wine, then the TRIbella Classic Multi-stream Wine Aerator might be your best bet.

These wine aerators are truly the best of the best, and it was hard to pick a winner in this lineup! When choosing an aerator for you, consider all aspects of the wine experience, and carefully take in the pros and cons of each item.

Honestly, we don’t envy the wine lover who needs to pick one out of these five choices, but all the same, we wish you luck in your wine journey!

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