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Wild Turkey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

If you’re looking for an updated Wild turkey price guide, we’ve got you covered. Throughout the many years of bourbon’s history, Wild Turkey has become the first choice of many whiskey bourbon connoisseurs and everyday consumers.

The Wild Turkey distillery has a long and storied history; it’s also home to the oldest, and longest-tenured master distiller, Jimmy Russell, aka “Buddha of Bourbon”. Jimmy’s son Eddie followed in his footsteps and is now a Master Distiller himself.

A Brief History of Wild Turkey Bourbon


The birth of the Wild Turkey brand took place between 1855 to 1940. I know that’s a long time, but great things take time! Austin Nichols, back in 1855, was a wholesale grocer, selling wine and spirits. It’s his business that goes on to later own Wild Turkey.

However, the recipe that started it all came to America from Ireland with the Ripy family in the 1830s. Twenty years later and five years before Nichols stakes claim, the Old Moore Distillery was built on what came to be called Wild Turkey Hill.

In 1855, Austin Nichols was a part of forming Fitts, Martin, and Clough. Long story short, the Wild Turkey timeline is lengthy and full of changes.

One thing that remains after all these years is, Wild Turkey bourbon is on almost every whiskey and bourbon drinker’s top 10 list. All bourbon started with a traditional classic, and over time they developed specialty brands and limited editions, Wild Turkey included.

How It’s Made

Wild Turkey hasn’t officially revealed their mash bills, but they do share a bit of insight about the basics.

  • Water from the Kentucky River is essential.
  • Yeast ~ You can’t make bourbon without the yeast.
  • 4 Alligator Char, American Oak Barrels.
  • Non-GMO Grains.
  • Time ~ Wild Turkey is never poured off until it’s aged for at least 5 years. They prefer six to eight years of aging, but five will do.

You won’t find any percentages or ratios here. Instead, you can learn where they source their grains. Their non-GMO corn is mostly sourced in Kentucky. The malted barley comes from the Dakotas, and the rye is sourced from Germany.

The only two products that don’t get chill-filtered are the Russel’s Reserve Single Barrels and Master’s Keep Lines. The color of bourbon tells a lot about its age. Wild Turkey has a deep auburn color; this is because of the time they spend aging and the barrels having the deepest char.

Bourbon is meant to be breathed in. Deep vanilla notes pair nicely with oak, traces of citrus, and top it off with toffee. Once Wild Turkey bourbon hits the palette, you get hit with a rich vanilla, then caramel, and then there are the notes of toffee and smoke!

If you’re looking for a long, rich, and full-bodied finish, try some Wild Turkey.


Wild Turkey Price Guide – Wild Turkey’s Core LineUp

Every big brand has a basic core lineup of products. These are the most affordable, some might say simpler or original versions of Wild Turkey bourbon. Let’s call them traditional classics.

Name Brief ABV Average Price
Wild Turkey 101 The Flagship brand of Wild Turkey. 50.5% $15-$25
Wild Turkey Bourbon (81 proof) If the 101 has too much of a kick, this one’s for you. 40.5% $15-$30
Wild Turkey Rye & Rye 101 This rye bourbon is another 81 proof with the Rye 101 being a higher proof. 50.5% Rye: $25-40
Rye 101: $25-$40
Wild Turkey Rare Breed & Rare Breed Rye Top shelf quality bourbon. 56.1% $40-$90
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit A single barrel with a 101 proof. 50.5% $50-$80
Wild Turkey American Honey A honey liquor made with Wild Turkey bourbon. It’s technically the grandbaby of the original Wild Turkey. 35.5% $15-$25
Wild Turkey American Honey Sting Take the original American Honey and spice it up with some chili pepper. 35.5% $20-$30
Wild Turkey Longbranch A collaboration with Matthew McConaughey, Wild Turkey’s creative director. This bourbon uses mesquite oak. 43% $45-$60
Russell’s Reserve Rye 6 Years The distillers use the same mash as the Wild Turkey Rye recipe, only this one is aged for at least 6 years. 45% $42-$70

Wild Turkey Limited Additions & Old Releases

Name Brief
Wild Turkey Forgiven It’s been said that the first batch of Forgiven was an accidental mix of bourbon and rye. However, the second batch was made on purpose.
Wild Turkey 80 The 80 is the previous version. Unfortunately, it was eliminated to make way for the more favorable and new 81.
Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Created for the celebration of Jimmy’s 60th anniversary with Wild Turkey.
Wild Turkey Tribute 15 Years There were two versions of the Tribute versions released; one for the Japanese markets, and the other in the US. It was the same whiskey bourbon in different containers.
Wild Turkey Liqueur An original creation that was a part of jump-starting the “whiskey liqueur” category.
Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil An iconic and highly sought-after release, the Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil is a 12-year-old bottle of pure bourbon magic.
Master’s Keep An age-old recipe, so to speak. It’s created from stocks that have peaked over their 17-year journey mark. I suppose you could say it’s an elder.
Master’s Keep Decades A blend of precious bourbons is between 10 to 20 years of age. These bottles aren’t cheap, costing an average of $150 a bottle.
Master’s Keep Cornerstone Rye The oldest Wild Turkey Rye ever released. The prices for this bourbon can run over $500!
Master’s Keep Revival An excellent recreation of the old Oloroso Finished Wild Turkey. It’s aged inside of 20-year-old Sherry casks. Price: $150 to over $500.

Alternatives & Comparisons

bourbon brands - wild turkey price

Name Brief Average Price
Evan Williams According to many avid bourbon drinkers, Evan Williams and Wild Turkey bourbon are relatively close in rankings. The price, flavors, and aroma are very similar. $15-$25
Maker’s Mark Maker’s Mark has a bit of a sweeter flavor and aroma, with hints of vanilla and toffee. Wild Turkey has some of the sweetness, but there are hints of tobacco, leather, cinnamon, and other baking spices. Around $30
Jim Beam Jim Beam and Wild Turkey are both popular in the US. While some prefer the Beam, many connoisseurs feel as though Wild Turkey is more versatile. You can sip, shoot, and mix Wild Turkey easily. Jim Beam, on the other hand, isn’t as versatile for many palates. $16-$50
Four Roses Small Batch Four Roses is another popular bourbon. It delivers sweet and spicy flavors with hints of mint and dried fruit. Wild Turkey boasts the same flavors minus the fruit. Many bourbon drinkers who taste Four Roses say that hands down, Four Roses takes the lead. $30-$35
Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Blanton’s is some top-shelf bourbon. Many compare it to Wild Turkey but Blanton’s is more expensive and exquisite. Wild Turkey is good but not as profound as this competitor. $65 and above

How To Drink Wild Turkey Bourbon

Bourbon is a sipping whiskey. It is somewhat versatile and other bourbons might be easier to sip on than Turkey. You can drink this bourbon on the rocks, in a shot, or mix it with your favorite cocktails.

If you’re doing shots of Wild Turkey, I suggest you allow it to chill slightly for the full effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Wild Turkey gluten-free?

Yes. Once the grains go through the distillation process, all the gluten is stripped away, leaving gluten-free alcohol.

2. Is Wild Turkey vegan?

There are no meat products or byproducts in Wild Turkey.

3. How do you drink Wild Turkey?

It’s best on the rocks or in a cocktail. The whiskey sour is one of the more popular cocktails, but you can keep it simple and mix Wild Turkey and Cola.

4. Is Wild Turkey Whiskey or Bourbon?

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Whiskey must be aged in charred oak barrels for at least two years to meet the requirement for the title of Bourbon!

5. Why is it called “Wild Turkey”?

According to the lore behind the story, Wild Turkey got its name after a hunting expedition. A master distiller and some friends went out to hunt wild turkeys. While out on their trip, he shared some of his bourbons and that’s how the story goes.

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