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How Many Milliliters Are In A Fifth?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

How many milliliters are in a fifth? A fifth of whiskey is equal to 750ml of the beverage. This is because bottles used to be measured in gallons, so 750ml was 1/5th of a gallon. These days, we do not tend to use gallons as a measurement, so we now refer to a 750ml bottle of whiskey as a fifth.

To be precise, a fifth of whiskey is equivalent to 757 milliliters, so it has been rounded down to 750ml. Given that countries worldwide use different measurements for fluids depending on where you are, there can be some confusion about the answer to this question.

In this article, we will look at a bit more information about this fact and other interesting facts surrounding it.

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How Many Millilitres are in a Fifth?

What is a 375 ml bottle called?


US Fluid Ounces

Metric Units


12.34 US Fl oz.

365 ml


12.7 US Fl oz.

375 ml

Half liter

16.9 US Fl oz.

500 ml

European spirit bottle

23.7 US Fl oz

500 ml

A 375ml bottle is called a pint and is a common measurement used when ordering a beer.

Is 200ml a fifth?

Whiskey Bottle Sizes

Bottle size, metric


Gallon, quart, or pint equivalent


25.4 oz

4/5, a ‘fifth’ or 1.5 pints


12.7 oz

4/5 pint


6.8 oz

2/5 pint


3.4 oz

1/5 pint

Looking at the table above, it is clear to see that a fifth of a pint is 100ml and 200 milliliters is 2/5 of a pint. So 200ml is not a fifth.

How many shots are in a 375ml bottle of alcohol?

There are approximately 8.5 shots in a 375-milliliter bottle of alcohol. As 375ml is half the amount of liquor in a 750ml bottle, it contains half the number of shots contained in a fifth of a bottle of alcohol (17 shots).

How many drinks are there in a fifth?

A 750ml bottle of liquor contains enough alcohol for 17 standard drinks. This is under the assumption that a standard drink would contain 44 milliliters of alcohol.

Are 2 pints equivalent to a fifth?

A fifth is a fifth of a gallon of liquor, and there are 4 Qtrs. in a gallon. A qt is equivalent to 2 pints, so there are 8 pints in a gallon of liquor.

So, a fifth of 8 (8/5) is equivalent to 1.6 pints. So, there are not 2 pints in a fifth, rather there are 1.6 pints in a fifth.

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What are gift-size bottles of alcohol called?

The miniature bottles of alcohol you see in liquor stores are primarily used as gifts, samples, or for the brand’s promotional purposes.

In the North-eastern United States as well as in Scotland, these bottles are called shooters and nips. Elsewhere worldwide, they are known as airplane bottles, mini-bar bottles, or travel-sized bottles.

This is because on airplanes when serving liquor to passengers, they will serve the amount in little bottles rather than from a large bottle.

How many drinks are there in a liter of whiskey?

Bottle Milliliters Shots per bottle
Standard-sized bottle / a Fifth 750ml 16
Litre 1 liter 22
Magnum 1.5 liters 33 shots

The largest bottle of alcohol known as a Magnum contains 33 shots of liquid with 1.5 liters of fluid in the bottle which is equivalent to 50.8 US fluid ounces.


How much is a fifth of alcohol in liters?

Given that a fifth of alcohol is 750ml, there are 0.75 liters of alcohol in a fifth.

How many milliliters are in a handle?

A handle of alcohol is a large bottle of alcohol that contains exactly 1750 milliliters of alcohol. This is more than double the size of a standard bottle of alcohol (750ml) and about half a gallon.

How many ounces in a fifth?

A fifth of alcohol is traditionally 25.6 fluid ounces or a fifth of a gallon. Now that liquor measurements have changed to metric, a fifth is now 25.4 fluid ounces.

How many shots in a fifth?

A standard bottle of alcohol (750ml) will give you approximately 16 shots. The one-shot is roughly an ounce and a half.

How Many Milliliters Are In A Fifth – Conclusion

So, the question of ‘how many milliliters are in a fifth’ has a simple but interesting answer. Given that most countries have moved over to the metric system (using milliliters and liters to measure liquid amounts), many drink sizes have had to change and be re-imagined with the new measurements.

The math is not entirely exact, with a fifth of a gallon not being exactly 750 milliliters but close to 750 milliliters, so there is some confusion around this question. But to sum it all up, the answer is a fifth contains 750 milliliters.

Interested in learning more about measurements? Check out our articles on how many shots are there in a 750 ml bottle and how many ounces are in a 1/6 keg.

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