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Longbranch Whiskey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Longbranch Whiskey is a relatively new release having only reached the market in April of 2018. While not much is known about this product, we have compiled all the relative information for you to peruse.

Take a look below to find out more about Longbranch Whiskey and its ties to Matthew McConaughey! 

A Brief History of Longbranch Whiskey

history of longbranch whiskey

There is not much history behind this alcoholic beverage as it is a somewhat recent release. Longbranch Whiskey is produced by Wild Turkey Distillery and only hit the shelves in April 2018. It is classified as a Straight Bourbon and has a Proof of just 86. 

This drink is aged for eight years and is made from 12% Malted Barley, 13% Rye, and 75% Corn. It features a golden color and has a mildly intense nose. You can expect the sweet smell of caramel, toffee, and vanilla, as well as the additional layering of oak and nutmeg. 

On the palate, this bourbon starts with a splash of heat. Following this, you will get mild dryness. The flavors featured include caramel, spice, and an overall smokiness. These flavors are constructed nicely and fit well with this bourbon. 

The idea behind this drink was to bring new light to the Wild Turkey Distillery. The company decided to bring in Matthew McConaughey to face its ad campaign. But that is not all. Wild Turkey also wanted to partner up with the actor and create a new beverage to fill a spot on their list of products. 

The drink was developed by both Matthew McConaughey and Master Distiller Eddie Russell. To honor McConaughey’s and Russel’s roots’, Wild Turkey opted to filter their creation through charcoal made from both American White Oak as well as Texas Mesquite Wood.

This double filtration through the different kinds of charcoal adds to the flavor and smokiness featured in the final product. 

Longbranch Whiskey Prices, Variations & Sizes

longbranch whiskey variations

Longbranch Whiskey is one of Wild Turkey Distillery’s many alcoholic beverages. While there is only one type of Longbranch Whiskey, the company has several other types of bourbons on the market.

Each has a different character, so they are all worth a look into, especially if you are one to enjoy bourbon and whiskey! 

Longbranch Whiskey comes in a 750 ml bottle, and it retails for about $40. It has an ABV of 43%. Other alcoholic beverages produced by Wild Turkey Distillery include: 

Name Quantity Price ABV %
Wild Turkey 101 750ml




50.5% ABV
Wild Turkey American Honey 750ml




35.5% ABV
Wild Turkey Bourbon 750ml




40% ABV
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 375ml




58.4% ABV
Wild Turkey 101 Rye 750ml




50.5% ABV 
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 750ml $60 50.5% ABV
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year 750ml $184 43.4% ABV
Wild Turkey Single Barrel 750ml $70 50.5% ABV

Longbranch Whiskey Alternatives and Comparisons

longbranch whiskey alternatives
Image: Brave Heart

If Longbranch Whiskey just is not to your liking, Wild Turkey Distillery has a number of other bourbon products you could try. Some popular choices include: 

  • Wild Turkey 101
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed

If you are interested in branching out and trying other brands, you could give these alternatives a try: 

How To Drink Longbranch Whiskey

how to drink longbranch whiskey

Unlike some, this bourbon does not do well with water added. It is best to drink Longbranch Whiskey straight or neat. It has the flavors and intensity to be enjoyed as it is, but if you are wanted to try something a little different, you could also add it to your favorite cocktails or mixers. 

The best glass to use when sipping on this drink is a whiskey tumbler glass. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Longbranch Whiskey?

Longbranch Whiskey is produced by Wild Turkey Distillery and is owned by the Campari Group. 

Where is Longbranch Whiskey made?

Longbranch Whiskey is made in the United States, specifically in Kentucky. 

How to Drink Longbranch Whiskey?

The best way to drink Longbranch Whiskey is neat. This alcoholic drink has a range of flavors to be enjoyed. These flavors are not complimented when paired with ice or a splash of water. 

Is Longbranch Whiskey Good?

This whiskey does well in its range in terms of price and quality. It features indulging flavors and a strong smokiness. Many would say it is well worth a try! 

Interesting Facts & Myths

One interesting fact that is not widely shared is the main reason Matthew McConaughey was brought into the brand. Wild Turkey decided to bring on McConaughey to write and feature in their ad campaigns. This was done strategically as the distillery wanted to lure more women to the drink as well as other foreign customers.  

To add to this, Wild Turkey Distillery furthered their alluring plan by pairing up Matthew McConaughey with Eddie Russell, the master distiller, to create a new bourbon drink to add to their range. Thus, Longbranch Whiskey was born. 

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