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Jack Daniels vs Evan Williams

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Jack Daniels vs Evan Williams review and comparison is one of the most popular topics in the world of liquor, with many people making huge bets on which one they prefer.

Both have earned a huge fan following as they produce high-quality whiskey that is not only delicious but also quite affordable. However, with these names comes a lot of competition and rivalry.

Not only are they both produced by a Native American company, but they also have their own flavor that defines them as a class above the others!

So which whiskey comes at the top in the Jack Daniels vs Evan Williams debate? Let us find out in this article!

Jack Daniel’s History of Origin

jack daniel’s whiskey

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is the best-selling American whiskey brand in the world. It was first introduced to the public in 1866, but it wasn’t until World War II that Jack Daniel’s began to take off as a popular alcoholic beverage.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey was introduced by John Wesley Jack Daniel, who had been running a distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee since 1866. He had tried several different recipes for his whiskey, but none of them were quite right—until he added just one more ingredient to his concoction.

That ingredient was water from Lynchburg’s nearby springs. The result was a new and improved recipe for a whiskey that was smooth and not too strong; it also tasted great on its own, without any mixers added into the mix.

The company’s logo features a portrait of Colonel Jack and the slogan “Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.” The brand also has a line of bottled water called Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Signature Select Water.

In 1870, Jack started selling his product to local merchants and eventually expanded into markets throughout the southeastern United States, where it remained popular for many years until Prohibition.

After Prohibition ended in 1933, the company was reincorporated under new ownership but still retained its original name. This proved unsuccessful and the brand was eventually sold to Brown-Forman Corporation in 1986, which continues operating as an independent subsidiary of this parent company today.

The popularity of Jack Daniel’s bourbon and whiskey quickly grew, making it one of America’s most popular whiskey brands nationwide.

Today, Jack Daniel’s has over 300 products available worldwide from single-serve bottles to cocktails that range from sweet to sour to spicy and everything in between!

Evan Williams History of Origin

evan williams bourbon bottle
Image: Dominic Lockyer

Evan Williams is the oldest bourbon in the United States. It was originally owned by Heaven Hill Distilleries, which was founded in 1870, but in 1934 it became part of the Diageo Company.

The story of Evan Williams begins in 1783 when George Washington had a hankering for a drink. He asked his staff to find him a spirit that would taste good after he’d been out shooting all day. He bought some grain and set up shop on his farm.

Despite only having a few years of experience with making liquor, Washington soon hit upon something everyone would recognize as classic American whiskey: rye made with at least 10% rye grain and 78% corn.

This process resulted in something that tasted smooth and sweet, with just enough bite to balance it out—and that’s what makes Evan Williams Kentucky straight bourbon such an icon today!

Jack Daniels vs Evan Williams – Similarities

whiskey glass with ice cubes

Evan Williams Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s have both been around for more than 100 years, and they are both marketed as having a smooth taste that is quite enjoyable to drink.

These brands were also originally distilled before being purchased by different companies. However, after the acquisition, they were moved to Tennessee where they stayed for many years until they were bought up later by their current owners.

Evan Williams Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s are both well-known for their distinctive taste and smooth finish. The two are also similar in that they are both made from corn, which is the main ingredient in their bourbons.

Both have a high percentage of rye whiskey, which gives them a spicy, savory flavor. They also have a high alcohol content, which makes them great for sipping but not ideal for mixing drinks.

Evan Williams vs Jack Daniels – Differences

Evan Williams Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s are two of the most famous American whiskeys, but they have some major differences. Let’s take a look at what makes these two brands so unique and special!


Evan Williams Bourbon is made with a mash bill of 78% corn, 12% rye, and 10% malted barley. The mash bill is usually the same for all Evan Williams bourbons, but there are some exceptions.

The original Evan Williams was a blend of grain whiskey from Kentucky and Tennessee. It was aged in charred barrels for at least one year before being bottled in Kentucky.

Jack Daniels is made with a mash bill of 80% corn, 12% rye, and 8% malted barley. It’s also aged in charred barrels for at least two years before being bottled.


While both whiskeys have a great taste, they’re both quite different in their flavors and the way they combine with the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Jack Daniel’s is bolder and stronger; it’s got a strong vanilla flavor that makes you feel like you’re drinking something special.

Evan Williams Bourbon, on the other hand, has an earthy sweetness that pairs well with apple and spice and tastes good straight up as well. It’s not as powerful as Jack Daniel’s, but it can still get your attention!


The price of Jack Daniel’s is comparatively higher than the price of Evan Williams Bourbon. The price of the former is $36 per liter whereas the price of the latter is $18 per liter.

Alcohol Content

pouring whiskey on drinking glass

Evan Williams is far less expensive than Jack, as already mentioned. By choosing the Kentucky bourbon over Jack Daniel’s, you’ll most certainly save $5 to $15.

Not to mention that Jack is bottled at 40 percent alcohol by volume (80 proof), whilst Evan Williams is marketed at 43 percent alcohol by volume (86 proof).

Maturation Stage

Evan Williams is identified as a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, in contrast to Jack Daniel’s, which has neither an age statement nor any indication of age on the bottle.

Legally speaking, “Straight Whiskeys” must, at the very least, contain liquor from two-year-old barrels.


Evan Williams, which is known as “bourbon whiskey”, is the most popular whiskey in the United States. It comes from Evanston, Illinois, where it was first introduced. The name of this whiskey is a tribute to its inventor, Evan Williams, who was an Evanston native and a student of distilling at the time.

Jack Daniel’s, on the other hand, is a Tennessee whiskey. It’s named after an early distiller named Jack Daniel who produced his whiskey in a small distillery outside of Nashville, Tennessee, which is also where the whiskey is still made today.

The distillery was founded in 1866 when the Civil War ended and Tennessee was emerging as a new state.

Different Owners

The main brand for the global distiller Brown-Forman is Jack Daniel’s. The most popular American whiskey in the world right now is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The only Scotch whisky brand that sells more bottles annually is Johnnie Walker.

The most popular product line for the global spirits manufacturer Heaven Hill, on the other hand, is Evan Williams. Evan Williams is also a strong performer in terms of sales.

After Jim Beam White Label, Evan Williams is the leading brand in the market, also regarded as Kentucky bourbon’s No. 2 brand.

What are the varieties of Evan Williams Bourbon?

It has different varieties of taste which include:


evan williams eggnog
Image: Scott Beale

Since eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink, Evan Williams Eggnog is a festive alcoholic beverage that is intended for autumn, winter, and special occasions like Christmas Eve.

The alcohol by volume of Evan Williams Eggnog is 15 percent of the total at 30 proof. To make an effective drink, you may try adding other types of bourbons. You can also add chocolate or mint for even better taste.

Spiced Cider

The Spiced Cider is best enjoyed in autumn, as the temperature starts to drop. It is marginally stronger than the Eggnog, seasonal at 17 percent alcohol by volume, 34 proof, but can taste somehow like water.

Honey Flavour

evan williams honey flavour
Image: Dominic Lockyer

Among their five flavored whiskeys is Evan Williams Honey. Their honey liqueur-infused Kentucky Straight Bourbon is bottled at 65 proof, or 32.5 percent alcohol by volume. It is also the ideal beverage for taking shots.

Jack Daniels Vs Evan Williams – Final Verdict

Evan Williams vs. Jack Daniels is a hard decision to make in the end. With respect to the facts stated above, if you are looking for something light on your pocket, then the former should be on top of your list.

In contrast, people favor Jack Daniels because of its strong and pungent taste. It all boils down to the personal preference of an individual and his pocket.

When you have to choose one from the two, consider all options before making a decision. We hope you enjoyed reading this review. Stay tuned for more on your favorite whiskeys and bourbons!

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