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BLACKENED Whiskey Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

BLACKENED Whiskey is a re-mastered American whiskey that signifies a groundbreaking artistic partnership between Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rock band Metallica and Hall of Fame Master Distiller Dave Pickerell.

The whiskey is pounded by low hertz vibrations using Metallica’s specialized sonic-enhancement system, which causes it to penetrate and seep deeper into the barrel to absorb more flavors from the wood during the distilling process.

This artistic whiskey combines the finest whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes, personally handpicked by master distiller Dave Pickerell. Each type of whiskey has a distinct flavor that contributes significantly to the final product’s rich and distinctive flavors.

In this article, you’ll get an informative overview of a compelling BLACKENED Whiskey, including a brief history, the brand variations, sizes, and prices, and tips on how you should consume it.

A Brief History

brief history blackened whiskey

Master distiller & blender Dave Pickerell and Metallica worked together to create BLACKENED in the initial stages. Unfortunately, Dave died unexpectedly in late 2018, just as BLACKENED started.

In 2019, master blender and distiller Rob Dietrich came on board as Dave’s successor and is now in charge of maintaining Dave’s prestigious blend. Rob, together with Metallica, have established illustrious legacies by creating new environments and introducing their distinctive, explosive perceptions to anything and everything they grasp.

They are unapologetically masters of the craft in their respective fields. Even though they may seem unlikely partners, their shared passion for the arts and commitment to excellence transform them into a combination of creativity and craftsmanship.

Together, they’ve worked to create BLACKENED, a uniquely American whiskey of unwavering quality. When formulating the whiskey, Dave Pickerell combined the best bourbons and ryes, each selected for its distinct flavor and importance to the final spirit’s flavor.

The spirit is made predominantly from a sweet bourbon that combines with the rye’s flavorful spice to make an excellent combination. Since Dave’s death, Rob Dietrich has stepped in for all sourcing and blending to replicate the flavor of Dave’s traditional formula.

Dave decided to age the whiskey in black brandy barrels. Therefore whiskey collects many distinctive, lingering flavor profiles.

The distinctive music of Metallica jolts the whiskey back from the dead after combining in the black brandy casks by being pounded by low-hertz soundwaves as part of a specialized sonic-enhancement method. This forces the whiskey into the barrel’s wood, absorbing more flavor qualities.

Although the whiskey appears to be going through a rigorous process, the flavor is far from robust. The color of the spirit is a toasty amber. There are charred caramel, oak, and honey notes on the nose.

On the palate, there are light indications of spice. As the taste intensifies, a surprising hint of apricot lingers beneath the flavors of honey, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and mint. Expect a lengthy, seamless finish with a few creamy undertones.

Prices, Variations & Sizes

variations blackened whiskey

This super-premium American award-winning whiskey is available online and in local spirit distributors. Additionally, BLACKENED has many limited-edition products that feature a selection of delicious whiskeys and some Metallica merchandise you can get today.

Their limited-edition vinyl set honors Metallica’s award-winning whiskey’s iconic articulation. It was distilled and blended to the Batch 100 playlist chosen by Master Distiller Rob Dietrich and assembled by Lars Ulrich. The set includes two 12″ vinyl picture discs, making it an ideal present for a Metallica fan who enjoys whiskey.

The Black Album Pack is a true collectible for fans of Metallica and fine whiskey alike. The pack includes a 750ml bottle of batch number 114 that has been finished with the sonic enhancement process of The Black Album’s songs. It also contains collector items such as a Metallica whiskey coin and a booklet with BLACKENED’s Snakebyte cocktails.

Cast Strength is a super-premium blend of straight bourbons and ryes that Rob has hand selected and is competed in black brandy casks. Rob curated his own Metallica playlist, which he used for this batch’s proprietary sonic enhancement process.

The 6x platinum sophomore album Ride the Lightning by Metallica inspired BLACKENED’s most recent release, Rye The Lightning. Utilizing their Black Noise sonic enhancement technique, this special edition spirit is a double cask distillation in Madeira and Rum Casks made from 5 to 8-year-old aged Kentucky straight rye whiskeys.

BLACKENED and Willett Distillery Master Distiller Drew Kuslveen collaborated on the first release in the Masters of Whiskey Series – BLACKENED X Willett Kentucky Straight Rye. The whiskey is a blend of low and high-rye whiskeys aged over 6.5 years. After distillation, it is finished in a Madeira cask for 14 weeks.

The second release of the Masters of Whiskey Series, BLACKENED Whiskey X Wes Henderson, is finished in White Port Wine Casks. It was made in collaboration with Wes Henderson, a co-founder of Angel’s Envy who recently retired, and Rob Dietrich, BLACKENED’s Master Distiller & Blender.

Variations Sizes Prices
BLACKENED Original 350ml & 750ml $39.99
BLACKENED Cast Strength 750ml $59.99
BLACKENED Rye The Lightning 750ml $99.99
BLACKENED Whiskey X Wes Henderson 750ml $129
BLACKENED Limited Edition Whiskey & Vinyl Set 750ml $149.99
BLACKENED Limited Edition Black Album Pack 750ml $159.99
BLACKENED X Willett Kentucky Straight Rye 750ml $159.99

Two Alternatives To BLACKENED American Whiskey

Everyone has their own tastes when referring to whiskey. Some people are loyal to one brand, while others like experimenting with different types.

If you’re looking for a new whiskey other than BLACKENED to add to your liquor cabinet, check out some of their closest competitors, which are also great brands that offer bold flavor and unique twists on the traditional spirit.

High West Distillery

Image: Stephanie Rogers

David Perkins and his partner Jane established High West Distillery in 2006. David, a longtime biochemist, was motivated to start his own enterprise after visiting a whiskey distillery in Kentucky and realizing the similarities between the fermentation and distilling processes and his own operations in biochemistry.

High West started out small, establishing a 250-gallon still in a livery stable and garage. However, the business quickly began to develop into a renowned, award-winning label.

Their whiskey is an amalgam of straight, 10-year-old bourbon and rye whiskies. Vanilla, caramel, and an intricate blend of fruits can completely dominate the nose. The flavor is quite rich and includes notes of spice and cinnamon. In the finish, you can pick out cinnamon, clove, spice, and rye.

In terms of price, High West whiskies are generally cheaper than BLACKENED whiskies. Their bottles start on the lower end at $37 for the standard High West Bourbon. It then works up to a maximum of $124.99 for their top-end whiskey – Bourye.

The Hilhaven Lodge

the hilhaven lodge

Built in 1927 as a retreat and playground for individuals who lived in the spotlight, Hillhaven Lodge is a private residence tucked away in Beverly Hills. The Lodge and its functioning as a distillery continue today as the house is passed down from one iconic holder to the next. It is currently held by world-famous producer and director Brett Ratner.

The brand produces Tennessee Whiskey in addition to bourbon and rye whiskies for the perfect trifecta. The flavor and aroma are less enticing than BLACKENED, but the cinnamon and pepper spice in the finish makes it arguably more intriguing. Additionally, the whiskey’s lesser alcohol content makes a good sipping whiskey.

The whiskey is available in a 750ml bottle for $59.99, making its entry-level spirit considerably more expensive than BLACKENED’s.

Nonetheless, any whiskey connoisseur on a mission to try some of the most delectable American spirits should not give this brand a miss.


how to drink blackened whiskey

BLACKENED is a whiskey that can be sipped neat, without ice. The aroma is pleasing, the flavor is a little flat, and the finish is excellent. Generally, whiskeys with unaltered flavors taste much better when served neat. However, it appears that BLACKENED American Whiskey is the exception.

The flavor profile is more prominent on the rocks. When drunk neat, the initially vague flavor is enhanced with ice. The sweet apple flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla overpowers the bitter finish, making it further subdued.

You can drink this whiskey out of many things, but the most traditional, and arguably the most popular, is the old-fashioned glass. They’re designed with enough room for ice, making them perfect for the rocks drinker and the neat sipper.

You can also incorporate BLACKENED American Whiskey into some classic cocktails like these to spice things up:


If you’re a lover of ginger, you will love this cocktail. Combine ginger ale, club soda, orange essence, and BLACKENED American Whiskey. Use ginger or citrus for garnish.

Old Fashioned

Mix BLACKENED with sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, and orange essence. Finnish it off with a Maraschino cherry.

Whiskey Sour

Use BLACKENED American Whiskey, egg whites, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, and Angostura bitters to create a flawless whiskey sour cocktail.


How Much Is BLACKENED Whiskey?

The cheapest bottle of BLACKENED American Whiskey is their original blend, sold for $39.99. However, their most premium and expensive spirit, BLACKENED X Willett Kentucky Straight Rye, costs $159.99. Prices may vary depending on which online or local store you visit.

Is BLACKENED Whiskey Owned By Metallica?

BLACKENED American Whiskey is an ultra-premium spirit that’s a product of a collaboration between Metallica and Master Distiller and Blender Dave Pickerell. Saddle, Dave passed away just as the brand got started. Rob Dietrich, a Master Distiller and Blender, took over to carry Dave’s legacy.

What Does BLACKENED Whiskey Taste Like?

BLACKENED American whiskey has been meticulously distilled with honey, apricot, spicy, and toasty flavor notes – all unique characteristics of blended whiskey. The nose has spices, honey, oak, and caramel notes. An unexpected robust apricot flavor is also present.

Is BLACKENED a Whiskey or Bourbon?

BLACKENED American Whiskey is primarily bourbon and pairs its sweetness and savory rye spice to perfection. Master Distiller and Blender Dave hand-selected the finest bourbons and ryes to create BLACKENED. Each whiskey has a distinctive flavor that is important to its final product.

What Kind of Whiskey Is BLACKENED?

Straight bourbons and ryes were personally selected and sourced from North American distilleries by Master Distiller and Blender Dave Pickerell and are combined to create BLACKENED. After Dave’s sudden death, Rob Dietrich was appointed BLACKENED American Whiskey’s Master Distiller & Blender.

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