The 5 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage that has a rich and smooth taste and is loved by people worldwide. In this article, we will look at our top 5 picks for the best gifts for whiskey lovers.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best gifts for your whiskey-loving loved one to celebrate their next special occasion.

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What to consider before buying a gift for a whiskey lover

How to choose a gift for a whiskey lover

how to choose a gift for a whiskey lover

Before buying a gift, you need to consider what your loved one needs. for instance, if they like to display their alcoholic beverages, perhaps a decanter could be a good gift idea. You can find one that fits your loved one’s aesthetic or a quirky one if they like something more fun and creative.

If they prefer their whiskey colder but not watered down, chilling rocks is a good idea while some nice rocks glasses are a good idea for someone who does not have enough glasses or would like something new. Just spend some time considering what they would like and would appreciate.

What are the advantages of a whiskey-related gift?

The main advantage to buying a whiskey-related gift for a whiskey lover is knowing that they will find value in the gift. It is something they are likely to use and what they could appreciate getting.

This ensures that you will be spending money on something that your loved one will find value in, making the cost worth the value.

Things to look for in a gift for a whiskey lover

Look at your budget initially to ensure that you are buying something that will not break the bank and will be worth the cost of the item.

Next, consider what your loved one needs. If they do not need a rocks glass, buying a set may not be the best idea. If they would prefer or need chilling rocks, then that is something to consider.

5 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

1. Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses, 10 oz Capacity, Set of 2

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses, Clear Diamond Shaped Cocktail Barware, Unique Drinkware for Wine and Bourbon, Naturally Aerates, 10 oz Capacity, Set of 2
$34.99 ($17.50 / Count)
  • Enhances Your Drinking Experience: The unique shape allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass; perfect for whisky, bourbon, scotch, wine and more
  • Gravity Defying Design: Rests beautifully positioned at an anti rocking, spill proof, 50 degree tilted angle that shines bright like a diamond
  • Ready to Gift: Makes a stunning addition to any drinkware collection or as an essential bar accessory, and comes in luxury gift packaging
  • Sustainable and Reusable: Crystal clear, lead-free, high quality glass that is dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe; suitable for daily use and cleans easily
  • Professional Quality: Comes with lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty
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11/26/2022 02:24 pm GMT


  • Unique shape: The diamond shape of the whiskey glasses allows them to settle at a 50-degree angle without the glasses rocking or spilling. These glasses can hold 10 US fluid ounces of whiskey at a time and make for a unique drinking experience.
  • Sustainable production: These glasses are made with lead-free and high-quality crystal that is reusable and sustainable. They are dishwasher, freezer, and refrigerator safe making for easy cleanup after use. If you like to have a chilled glass for your whiskey, you can put these glasses in the freezer or fridge without risking them cracking.
  • Natural aeration: The shape of the glasses allows the whiskey held within them to naturally aerate which can improve the flavor of the beverage and bring out the natural taste profile.


  • High price point: For $35, this set of glasses may be a higher price than you might want to spend on whisky glasses. You need to consider whether your loved ones will find value in them and will appreciate the gesture.

If you are looking for some unique rocks glasses for a friend who prefers a fun and quirky way to enjoy their whiskey, this set of diamond-shaped whiskey glasses may be a good idea.

Glasses are a good gift idea as they can be used by your loved one and can make for a good conversation starter due to their unique shape of them.

2. DIY Kit for Homemade Whiskey Flavor

DO Your Whisky Infusion | DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor | Original Gift Set | 12 Woodchip Blends & Botanicals in Glass Tubes | 6 Whiskey Stones | DO YOUR GIN as Seen in GQ, Vogue | Gifts for ...
  • ✅ DO YOUR OWN THING – Trade a cask for the bottle and create authentic whisky flavor with our exclusive woodchip blends. The only extra you need is a bottle of neutral alcohol to infuse as a base....
  • ✅ GET CREATIVE WITH NATURE - Experiment with three types of oak and six herbs & spices to give your mix a truly personal touch. All our botanicals are 100% natural, freshly sourced and come in glass...
  • ✅ PAMPER YOUR EYES & PALATE - Along with premium ingredients, our kit contains two beautiful glass prep bottles and six whiskey ice cubes made of stainless steel. Give your creation its very own...
  • ✅ BECOME A PRO AT THE BAR - From Scotch Single Malt and Irish Blend to good old American Bourbon … a snappy glossary as well as three fantastic basic recipes will give you all you need to excel at...
  • ✅ GIVE THE GIFT OF PURE ENJOYMENT - Our kit is the ideal present for whisky lovers and dabblers of both genders: a spirit(ed) surprise for friends & family. At birthday parties, under the Christmas...
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  • Whiskey-making fun: This kit makes it possible for your loved one to create a flavored blend of whiskey. They can do this by using pre-labeled glass bottles and a combination of three types of woodchips and 6 spices and herbs. Your loved one can get creative while incorporating their favorite alcoholic beverage.
  • Easy to make whiskey: All you need to make your whiskey is a bottle of neutral alcohol to use as a base for your infusion. Add your wood chips and your own choice of herbs and spices to make your whiskey. Then, bottle it in glass bottles and enjoy.
  • Additional accessories: The kit includes 6 whiskey ice cubes that can be put in the freezer and then added to your beverage to chill it without watering it down as ice would. Additionally, there is a recipe book that can guide you on how to make your beverage as well as conduct a whiskey tasting with family and friends.


  • Somewhat high price point: This kit, although it includes numerous items to enhance the flavor of your whiskey, has a price point of approximately $70. At a somewhat high price, this kit should be bought with some consideration of whether your loved one would appreciate this.

Whiskey is already a rich and tasteful alcoholic beverage but there are things you can add to your drink that will enhance the experience.

This could include a whiskey infusion which can be done with this DIY homemade whiskey flavor kit.

3. Whiskey & Wine Decanter Globe World Set with Globe Glasses

Whiskey & Wine Decanter Globe World Set with Globe Glasses Anniversary Birthday House Warming for Liquor Scotch Bourbon Vodka, Gift for Him Husband, Gifts For Men Globe The Wine Savant - 850ml
  • IMPRESS WITH THIS TRULY UNIQUE GIFT: This decanter will make anyone admire the artfully detailed antique ship, beautifully set in the etched globe decanter & whiskey stones
  • AN ABSOLUTE MUST DECANTER SET AND GLASSES: This decanter is a must have for the adventurer or the true connoisseur
  • BEAUTIFUL WITH HANDCRAFTED DETAILS: Mahogany stained wood display and a unique antique ship inside with artfully crafted sails
  • PERFECT GIFT: Groomsmen gift - Best man gift - Wedding gift for the groom - Graduation gift - Father's Day gift - Anniversary gift for him - Gift for whiskey lovers and for all occasions
  • Decanter Dimensions: 10" H X 4- 1/2" W X 6" D - All of our glass is made from Borosilicate which is hypoallergenic, 100% lead-free and unlike a plastic straw, it is BPA-free. Glass sizes are - 850ml...
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  • Everything you need to drink whiskey: Included in this gift set is a globe decanter with a glass ship to add an extra element of travel and globe-trotting. There are 2 whiskey rocks glasses with prints of the globe on them to match the print on the decanter. A wooden stand holds the decanter aloft and finally, there is a set of whiskey stones to chill your whiskey.
  • Handcrafted: This set is made with hand-blown glass which creates a thin and elegant decanter and whiskey glasses. The sales of the ship within the decanter have a slight amber hue which creates an elegant whiskey-drinking experience.
  • Additional features: The decanter allows the whiskey to naturally aerate which will allow the lighter flavors within the whiskey to come out, enhancing the taste and experience.


  • Thin pour spout: This decanter has a somewhat thin pour spout which may make it difficult to pour your whiskey from this decanter. However, if this is something you can get past, this is not too much of a con.

For someone who prides themselves on displaying their alcohol collection, decanters can be a fun gift idea. For a somewhat classy and interesting twist to a decanter, this whiskey globe world set is a good gift idea for a loved one.

4. Cocktail Smoker Kit with Wood Chips & Recipe Book

Cocktail Smoker Kit with Wood Chips & Recipe Book for Whiskey & Bourbon
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  • Good quality materials: The smoker is handmade from single-source oak which is a high-quality material and will last a long time without wearing down too much. With a tapered design, the smoke can sit flat on small cocktail glasses and within the rim of large glasses making it a versatile smoker.
  • All-inclusive: Contained within this kit is a smoke lid made from oak, 4 containers of wood chips, a brush, 2 stainless-steel screens, and a recipe book. The only thing not in this kit is butane.
  • Additional features: The smoker kit comes with a recipe book that will teach your loved one the best way to make creative and mystical cocktails.


  • Cannot be used with some spices or herbs: There are some herbs and spices that cannot be used with the smoker, so you need to ensure you have checked that they are compatible. Similarly, dried fruit cannot be used with this kit.

For a lover of whiskey who wants to take their cocktails to a new level, a smoker could be a good option. This cocktail smoker kit comes with all the items needed to make the perfect cocktail and impress friends and family at your next celebration.

5. Bullet Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve

Bullet Whiskey Stones Gift Set by Royal Reserve | Artisan Crafted Chilling Rocks Scotch Bourbon Glasses and Coasters – Gift for Ranger Police Hunter Guy Men Dad Boyfriend Anniversary or Retirement
  • ♛ BETTER TASTING DRINKS – Imagine tasting the full, rich flavor of your favorite beverage while it is chilled just to the right sipping temperature. Royal Reserve’s beautiful whiskey stone set...
  • ♛ EXCELLENT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – Searching for the ideal gift for someone that already has everything? Look no further! This classic and upscale set is ideal for all adult! An excellent gift...
  • ♛ LEAD FREE GLASSWARE – Impress your friends and family with Royal Reserve’s beautiful bar stone set. This gorgeous barware set will add an elegant look to any bar display or a man cave. Perfect...
  • ♛ CLEAR WINNER OVER ICE – Royal Reserve’s whiskey rocks are made from polished stainless steel, with a high-tech polishing process that makes them smooth enough not to scratch even the most...
  • ♛ YOUR 100% SATISFACTION, GUARANTEED – At Royal Reserve, our products are crafted by trusted artisans from carefully selected materials that have been sourced only from approved suppliers. Quality...
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  • Avoids watering down your whiskey: This set of whiskey stones helps you chill your whiskey without watering it down from melting ice. the whiskey stones will prevent condensation from forming on the glass which will prevent any staining or water rings from forming on your table.
  • Beautiful packaging: The presentation of the whiskey set comes in a handmade 100% pinewood box that has been fire treated and perfectly created to keep the contents of the kit safe. A velvet bag is included to hold the granite stones and keep them from breaking or chipping.
  • Additional accessories: Included in this set is a 2 natural stone coasters made from rustic granite which will protect your table and add a sophisticated air to drinking your beverage. There are 2 handblown crystal glasses that can hold 9 oz of whiskey at a time and have an old-fashioned feel to them to add sophistication to the drink.


  • High price point: At a cost of approximately $44, these stones are on the higher end of the price scale, meaning they should be bought with some consideration. If your loved one is not opposed to having their beverage watered down by ice, you may want to think of something else for a gift idea.

For someone who prefers their whiskey chilled, these bullet whiskey stones are a good gift idea. Included in this set is everything needed to make the perfect glass of whiskey, including 2 glasses, a pinewood box to store the accessories, natural stone coasters, and additional accessories.

Final Thoughts

Although the topic of the article is the best gifts for whiskey lovers, the best overall gift is dependent on your loved one and what they would get from the gift. This is subjective as a gift is not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. Depending on what your loved one needs and would appreciate, that is how you will select the best gift for them.

The whiskey glasses may be a good option for someone who wants to drink their whiskey using an appropriate fashion. For someone who wants to take their whiskey to a new level, an infusion kit could be a good gift idea while a decanter is a good way to display one’s favorite beverage.

A smoker kit is another way to take your whiskey drinking to a new level and add some mystique to the presentation of your beverage while the bullet whiskey stones set is a good option for those looking to chill their beverage without watering it down.

Any of these gift ideas could be suitable for your loved one but it is important to make sure you know what they will appreciate and what they will use.

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