Perrier Water Price, Size & Buying Guide

Perrier bottled mineral water is an iconic brand and stands out as one of the best in this class. While there is now a lot of competition in the bottled water space, Perrier stands out as one of the first and is often considered to be one of the best.

Given this water’s elevated status and illustrious history, we look at the bottle price of Perrier Water.

Perrier Water is a household name and is possibly the most recognized brand in bottled or sparkling mineral waters. They have been around for many years and have strong brand loyalty.

The History of Perrier Water

perrier water

The story of this water dates back to 1863, something few other brands can claim. One Louis Perrier, a French doctor, bottled water from the Les Bouillons spring in Southern France. While the water had been around since Roman times, it was in 1863 that it was a commercial venture.

Over time, the spring was sold and what was initially a spa and water source became a bottled water source. One of the early marketing wins was the green bottle that we know so well.

Remember, this was long before bottled water was fashionable, as it is today. These early successes made the brand popular in the US as well as Britain.

This was bolstered by quality marketing and Perrier Water became known as the “Champagne of mineral water” riding on the back of the perceived French chic at the time.

Despite a few challenges along the way, the brand enjoyed good success, and Nestlébought the company in 1992. They retain a good following and sales to this day, despite the fact that they are a premium brand.

The History of Bottled Water

Although bottled water has become trendy, and in some cases essential, it has been around for a lot longer than most people imagine. While we take access to bottled water for granted, it has an interesting history.

Quality water is not always available. The Romans were probably among the first to store water in bottles.

One of the earlier examples started in 1622. This was the UK-based Holy Well Bottling Plant. This water was sold for medicinal and therapeutic reasons, but its popularity paved the path for commercially bottled water.

Bottled Water Market

Many people underestimate the size of the bottled water market. At last count, it was worth roughly USD 283.01 billion and increasing year on year.

This is significant and the reason that there is now so much competition in this space.

Perrier Water Prices, Variations & Sizes

Perrier water is easily available and sold in most parts of the world. It is available in a range of sizes and several unique flavors.

The classic traditional green bottle of Perrier Water comes in 11.15 FZ OZ and 25.3 FZ OZ sizes ([330 mL, 750mL])

As modern trends have developed, it is also available in plastic bottles (PET) sized at 16.9 FZ OZ and 33.8 FZ OZ. That is 500mL and 1L.

Added to that, Perrier Water can also be purchased in 8.45 FZ OZ (250 mL) and 11.15 FZ OZ(330 mL) slim cans.

They also have a range of variations and flavored water.



The price will vary depending on where you purchase your Perrier water and the quantity. Naturally, a case is less expensive than buying single bottles.

Here is the average price:

  • Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water 330 mL $1.80
  • Perrier 750mL Sparkling Water $3.25
  • Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water – 500 mL PET bottle $1.92
  • Perrier 330mL Sparkling Aluminum Can $1.92
  • Perrier 330mL Lime Sparkling Water $1.75
  • Perrier 330mL Lemon Sparkling Water $1.75
  • Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water-250 mL $1.00

Alternative Bottled Water Options

As discussed, bottled water is a massive market and there are many significant players as well as several smaller ones. Bottled water is judged primarily on the mineral content as well as purity. Marketing and price are other important factors.

Some popular alternatives to Perrier Water include:

Fiji Water

fiji water
Image: SoQ錫濛譙

This is a popular brand that hails from the Fiji Islands. This still artesian water has a good following. It was founded in 1996 and has a high silica content.

Fiji Water is available in 330 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, and 1l bottles. You can expect to pay roughly $3 for a 1L bottle.



After Perrier Water, Evian is probably the most recognized and popular brand in many parts of the world. It also has French origins and illustrious history.

You can pick up a dozen 750 ml bottles (PET) for around $25. Evian water is available in a range of sizes. It has a rather unique taste that, while the water is popular, does not appeal to everyone.


Image: Louish Pixel

Another leading brand of quality bottled water is VOSS. This water comes from southern Norway. Part of the charm and appeal is the distinctive bottle.

It is premium water with low mineral content and costs around $27 for a dozen 850 ml bottles.

How To Drink Perrier Water

Perrier water is naturally carbonated although they do enhance this process. It quenches the thirst and has a great taste.

While many people sip it directly from the iconic green bottle, it is best in quality glass. It should be chilled and ideally, no ice should be added unless essential.

how to drink perrier water

Given the carbonation as well as the many flavors available, Perrier Water is often used in a range of cocktails. These include Mojitos, Vodka Soda, Whiskey Highballs, and a range of other mixes.

It is a great option to experiment with if you are feeling creative with your cocktails.

Storage and Shelf Life

If correctly stored, your Perrier Water should last a year to two. You want it to be stored at a consistent temperature that is not too hot. Avoid direct light.

You should be able to determine if the water is past its prime by the odor, color, and taste. You also want to take a look at the “best before” or “best used by” dates which will be printed on the bottle.

If stored correctly and still looking and tasting ok, it is still safe to drink. At some point, however, it will spoil.


1. Does Perrier Water contain minerals?

Yes, it certainly does. These include iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. The concentration of these minerals is not great but certainly has health benefits. It will help to reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, and help to regulate your diet.

Apart from the mineral benefits, water is a basic necessity and is always a good option for better hydration and health.

2. How pure is Perrier water?

A thick layer of clay filters the water and ensures that most, if not all, impurities are removed. The company also has a high standard of quality control.

3. Is sparkling water better than still water?

There is no significant evidence to prove this. The fact is that some people prefer the effervescence of sparkling water. In this case, it will help you to consume more water than you might if you are not a fan of still water. This is beneficial to your health.

Some Common Myths

There are a few misconceptions regarding sparkling water that needs to be cleared up.

1. Does sparkling or carbonated water damage your teeth?

The short answer is no. Unless it has artificial flavoring, which standard Perrier Water does not contain, it will not cause any decay.

You want to avoid brands that have added artificial sweeteners, sugar, or citric acid.

2. Is it dehydrating?

Water is one of the best forms of hydration and sparkling water works as well as still water. The most important aspect is to remain hydrated with sufficient water and if sparkling water works for you, go for it.