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The 5 Best Hot Chocolate Advent Calendars

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: March 10th, 2023

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Advent Calendars are fun-themed gifts that thousands of people use every year to mark the days of the holiday season.

Choosing a hot chocolate Advent calendar is one of the best ways to truly get into the spirit of the holiday season while broadening your palate by trying new and interesting varieties of hot chocolate.

There are many different choices when it comes to shopping for hot chocolate-themed Advent calendars, and choosing the best one for you comes down to a balance of personal preference, budget, and a handful of other factors.

Choosing the Right Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

right hot chocolate advent calendar

With so many different options on the market today when it comes to hot chocolate-based Advent calendars, it can be tough to decide which option is the best for you.

There are many different types of hot chocolate, and everyone has different needs when it comes to purchasing a hot chocolate Advent calendar.

Budget and Price

The holiday season can be a particularly draining time, both in terms of energy and resources. With so many gifts and outfits to buy for various parties and events, many people find themselves sticking to a strict budget every year in December.

The price of different hot chocolate Advent calendars can vary considerably depending on a number of different factors, including the quality of chocolate used and the types of materials that are used to make the calendar itself.

While it is very important to choose a hot chocolate Advent calendar that fits well within your budget, it is also important to consider the value that is presented in any given option, as certain options contain higher qualities of chocolate than others.

There are certain types of chocolate that are considered to be the best in the world, and some of the highest-quality hot chocolate Advent calendars on the market highlight a number of different imported and artisanal selections.

It is also important to pay attention to the shipping costs that are associated with different hot chocolate Advent calendars, as certain companies offer free shipping and others do not.

There are also options that offer flat rate shipping costs, while others vary depending on shipping location.

Calendar Theme

Each hot chocolate Advent calendar features a slightly different theme. While they are all holiday themed, each option is slightly different in style and approach. Different Advent calendars are better suited for different people, and certain selections require special equipment.

For example, there are certain hot chocolate-based Advent calendars that feature K Cups or Nespresso pods, which can only be used with specialized coffee machines. While these make for convenient and simple options for some people, they are not good fits for others.

The best options for the widest variety of customers showcase high-quality hot chocolates that are presented in powdered form. These are the easiest and most simple solutions that can be enjoyed by the widest variety of people.

Varieties of Hot Chocolate

varieties of hot chocolate

Many people are not aware that there are a variety of different styles and flavors of hot chocolate on the market today, and there are enough different flavors out there to suit all types of different palates and taste preferences.

Some people prefer simple and straightforward representations of hot chocolate that are not too “outside” the box, as the best part of the hot chocolate experience for many people is the element of nostalgia that reminds them of past times.

There are other types of hot chocolate that feature flavors that are popular in coffee flavorings, including vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. Choosing a hot chocolate advent calendar that features different flavored selections is a great way to “mix it up” and try new and exciting flavors.

On the “top shelf” end of the hot chocolate spectrum, there are specialty artisanal and imported chocolates that can feature a number of exotic flavors from around the world.

These are the best options for those who enjoy luxury goods such as fine chocolates, coffees, and teas.

Included Extras

While all hot chocolate Advent calendars feature daily selections of cocoa that are enjoyed during the countdown to Christmas, there are certain companies that take the time and effort to add small and thoughtful touches that can really help tie an advent calendar together.

High-end hot chocolate advent calendars that feature interesting selections from around the world will often include daily notes with each type of hot chocolate to provide more information on its origins, as well as provide helpful tasting notes for each style.

There are also hot chocolate-based Advent calendars that feature QR codes, which direct customers to their websites for added content and extras.

This can include everything from guided tastings to holiday messages, and these small extras are a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Company Reputation

When it comes to purchasing a hot chocolate Advent calendar, it is best to choose an option that is offered by a high-quality company with a proven track record of reliability and a good reputation for customer service.

When choosing an option that requires the use of specialized equipment like a Nespresso machine, it is important to choose an option that uses name-brand “pods,” which are the vessels that hold the actual hot chocolate.

Choosing a company that presents its hot chocolate in off-brand pods can lead to a number of issues such as leaks, which can quickly turn a thoughtful present into a bit of a nuisance that can cause further damage to the coffee machine.

When purchasing a hot chocolate Advent calendar with the intention of giving it away as a gift, choosing an option that is put together by a trusted and recognizable company is always the best practice. Williams Sonoma is a great example of a large company that makes its own hot chocolate Advent calendar.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Hot Chocolate Advent Calendars

dstblcr-table__imageHot Chocolate Advent Calendar 2022
  • Easy To Prepare
  • Compatible with Classic Machine
  • Gluten Free
dstblcr-table__imageThoughtfully Gourmet, 12 Days of Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Set
  • 12 Uniquely Flavored Cocoa
  • Packaged in Resealable Glass Bottles or Packets
  • High Quality Ingredients

Top 5 Hot Chocolate Advent Calendars

There are dozens of different options on the market today when it comes to hot chocolate-based Advent calendars, and while each person will be best suited to slightly different options, we have highlighted five of the most trusted and popular options on the market today.

1. Williams Sonoma 12 Days of Hot Cocoa Advent Calendar


  • 12 individual hot cocoa packets featuring six different flavors
  • Simple to make, just add hot water to each packet
  • Beautifully decorated with holiday print on the front
  • A fairly affordable selection at just under $50 before shipping
  • Trusted and recognizable name brand of Williams Sonoma
  • Each style of powdered cocoa can also be added to coffee


  • Some people do not like that there are duplicates of each flavor
  • No included gifts or extras, simple box with only hot chocolate
  • Chocolate used is not considered to be of the highest quality

2. “CoffeeCountdownBoxes” Christmas Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar


  • 15-day box with all unique hot cocoa selections
  • Each day features its own individual box to count down the days
  • Each box comes with its own K Cup and a bag of miniature marshmallows
  • Includes interesting flavors such as oatmeal cookie and peppermint
  • Individual boxes keep things neat and organized
  • Great value at under $50, especially considering there are 15 selections


  • Only a good fit for people who own a Keurig coffee machine
  • No high-end selections and many of the included pods can be store-bought
  • Not a good fit for those with dietary restrictions such as dairy-free or vegans

3. Nespresso Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar


  • Full-length Advent calendar with a 24-day countdown
  • Compatible with the high-end Nespresso machine
  • Six different classic winter flavors of hot cocoa
  • Comes in a convenient box with perforated pop-outs for each day
  • Great value at around $50, considering 24 pods are included


  • Only a good fit for people who own a Nespresso machine
  • Only six different unique flavors are included
  • Some people have reported that the flavors are not very strong

4. Yawn Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar


  • Three different options at three different price points
  • Two of the options come with high-end vegan marshmallows
  • Includes unique flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Banana Lama, and Sticky Toffee
  • High-end hot chocolate mix that contains at least 65 percent cocoa solids
  • All included ingredients are 100 percent vegan
  • Comes in a sleek box that is very aesthetically pleasing


  • Flavors are listed on the back of the box which gives away the surprise for some
  • Requires the use of a microwave which is not a favorite of many
  • Some flavor blends are too adventurous for some palates

5. Thoughtfully Gourmet 12 Days of Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Set


  • One of the most affordable options on the market
  • Comes with interesting flavors such as rocky road and pumpkin pie
  • Cocoa mix is convenient and easy to use
  • Sleek box is beautifully decorated in the holiday theme
  • Can be used with either hot water or milk


  • Only contains 12 selections for a short holiday-themed calendar
  • Does not include any extras like marshmallows or
  • Hot chocolate selections are not considered to be high-end.

Final Thoughts

Most people are unaware that there are many different ways to make hot chocolate, and there are literally thousands of different recipes that feature different flavors and methods.

While most people are only familiar with powdered-based hot chocolates, there are hundreds of different flavors on the market today, and a hot chocolate Advent calendar is one of the best ways to explore new styles of hot chocolate while counting down the days of the holiday season.

The Yawn Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar is the best option on the market today, as it offers the highest quality of hot chocolate and extras at the best value.

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