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Evian Water Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Lakeisha Ethans
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

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Evian has connoted itself as one of the most replenishing bottled waters in the global market. With a legacy stretching as far back as the 18th century, its water and brand embody conscientiousness for people and the planet at large.

A Brief History of Evian Water

On the backdrop of the French Revolution’s tumult in 18th century France, Count Jean Charles de Laizer fled the epicenter of violence to the commune of Évian-les-Bains.

Ill with a liver ailment, he was given lodging by innkeeper, Gabriel Cachat, whose garden had a water spring.

Laizer drank from the spring daily and found that his condition improved and was eventually cured; what seemed to be a miraculous event was cause for greater investigation into the water.

Garnering the attention of doctors, the water was examined and concluded to have extraordinary properties that bordered on being supernatural.

Soon after the water began to be prescribed, however, its dispensation was cut short by Cachat, who fenced off his garden and began charging a fee.

Word got around that the springs in Evian were a hub for wellness which founded its status as a spa town. Évian-les-Bains, or simply Evian, is a quaint town located in the Southeastern region of France.

In 1829, the eponymous bottled water company was founded as a public enterprise later being acquired by the Danone Group in 1970.

From then onwards, Evian has expanded its reach and influence telling the story of its mineral make-up and refreshing quality.

How Evian Water is Sourced and Bottled

evian water bottle

Evian water is a product of its journey through the French Alps. It starts off as snow and rain that pass through layers of glacier rocks where it is filtered and imbued with minerals and electrolytes.

This natural filtration happens for 15 years underground. Thereafter it emerges at the base of the alps in the town of Évian-les-Bains streaming clear and crisp tasting water with a neutral pH of 7.2.

With regard to bottling, Evian is particularly conscientious about how its packaging affects the environment. In its early days, it would be collected in Paiute water baskets from Cachets spring.

By 1908 it was sold in glass bottles and by 2008 recycled PET plastic bottles were introduced to reduce the company’s energy and water usage.

In 2018, Evian announced that all of its plastic bottles would be made from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, meaning plastic usage will follow a circular process and stay in the economy and out of nature.

Evian+ Mineral Enhanced Sparkling Drink

Aside from its crystalline water, Evian has ventured into producing sparkling drinks under the name evian+. This zero-calorie carbonated drink is enhanced with the minerals magnesium and zinc and is sugar and sweetener-free.

Its four flavors are an array of refreshing yet stimulating combinations, namely:

  • Cucumber and Mint
  • Grapefruit and Basil
  • Lime and Ginger
  • Raspberry and Ginseng

Evian Water Price, Variations & Sizes

Evian Water Composition

Regarding the attributes of its water, Evian comprises bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, with the following measurements of milligrams per liter:

  • Calcium- 80 mg/L
  • Magnesium- 26 mg/L
  • Potassium- 1 mg/L
  • Bicarbonates- 360 mg/L
  • Silica- 15 mg/L
  • Sulphates- 14 mg/L
  • Chlorides- 10 mg/L

Evian water has an everyday range that features bottles of water with sizes that range from 300 ml to 1.5 L. They are usually sold in packs of 6, 12, and 24. Evian water price includes:

Name Size Average Price
Evian Water 330ml (Pack of 24) $41.97
500ml (Pack of 24) $27.25
750ml (Pack of 12) $12.98
1L (Pack of 12) $13.68
1.5L (Pack of  24) $35.00

Glass Bottled Water Range And Limited Edition Bottles

The Activate Movement is Evian’s most recent sustainability campaign that is set out to platform and fund future-driven sustainability initiatives.

It was launched in 2020 by the company in collaboration with Alaska Alaska, which is the name of a studio owned by late fashion creative, Virgil Abloh.

This collaboration was launched with the release of two limited edition products, the 750ml Glass Bottle, and the limited edition bottle.

The 750ml glass bottle and limited-edition bottle celebrate Evian’s collaboration with the fashion world, citing similar collaborations with Christian Lacroix in 2017, Alexander Wang in 2016, and KENZO in 2015.

Each bottle bears a design that ties in with the collaborative theme. The latest one, Activate Movement, is symbolized as blue droplets, which represent the ripple effect as a result of a single action.

When translated to sustainability, the initiative will start a ripple effect in the direction of sustainable action. The Evian x Virgil Abloh x Soma collection features a 500ml bottle with sleeves that come in two colors for easy grip.

Going for $54 each, they are shatter-resistant, have fitted caps made from bamboo, and bear the Activate Movement design, making them part of the collection and broader message.

Evian Water Alternatives/Comparisons

evian water alternatives
Image: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

This mineral water giant has some notable competitors that share in its interest of being more environmentally sustainable and have similar fame in being remarkably refreshing.

1. Evian vs FIJI Water

FIJI Artesian water is professed as “Earth’s finest water”. It all starts in the clouds that pour rain into the tropical island of FIJI. The water pours into a primed forest, where it is slowly filtered by volcanic rock.

It picks up the minerals and electrolytes that give FIJI its exceptionally smooth taste and then is naturally confined in a body of permeable rock called an aquifer. This aquifer has positive pressure applied to it, making it an artesian aquifer.

This natural pressure is intense and acts as a filter against contaminants whilst allowing the permeation of beneficial minerals. When put against each other, Evian and FIJI both have pH levels close to a perfect neutral, with FIJI having a pH of 6.9.

FIJI is also heavily involved in philanthropic efforts, having provided access to clean water in the rural communities in FIJI, building educational facilities and infrastructure, and providing disaster relief during instances of flooding and severe weather in FIJI.

Much like Evian, FIJI is dedicated to sustainability. In partnership with Conservation International, the water company has set out to preserve the Sovi Basin, which is FIJI’s largest unprotected rainforest.

In terms of price, Evian is more affordable, with FIJI costing $10 more on average for less per case.

2. Evian vs Essentia Water

Essentia Water is a leading ionized alkaline water brand that is said to have an energizing effect.

The first thing that stands out about Essentia is its pH of 9.5, which is achieved through a proprietary ionization process that removes acidic ions from spring water that has a bitter taste.

Featuring electrolytes such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride, the drink has a notably clean and smooth taste that is able to rehydrate after intense workouts or long workdays.

As a way to promote sustainability, Essentia released its 2-gallon box, which is made entirely out of recycled corrugated, making it fully recyclable. It also uses 80% less plastic than eight 1 liter bottles, all the while providing the same replenishing Essentia taste.

With regards to environmental sustainability, Essentia has been on track to achieve carbon neutrality by making efforts to lower carbon emissions throughout their production process.

It also invests in low-carbon development projects in Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. On average, Evian water costs $10 more than Essentia per pack.

3. Evian vs Perrier

Perrier is probably Evian’s most similar competitor. They’re both from France and have origin stories going way back. Perrier’s origins date back to 218 BC, when the spring from which it was drawn was called Les Boulliens.

It had been a spa that had been used by the Romans and even their enemies would refresh themselves with the spring’s fresh water on their way to battle.

Fast-forwarding to 1898, British doctor Louis Perrier bought the spring and set up a spa, and sold bottled water. The spring’s ownership would change over the decades until it was bought by Nestle in 1992.

Perrier natural mineral water begins as fallen droplets of rain flow into the highlands of Southern France.

The spring in Vergeze, from which it emerges, is naturally carbonated, however, the natural carbon dioxide gas and water are collected separately then combined as the water is purified and bottled.

Since 2019, Pierre water is no longer carbonated with CO2 gas from its original source but instead features an addition of carbon dioxide in order to reduce its water consumption and overall impact on the environment.

The mineral water has a pH of 5.5, making it slightly acidic, and features calcium chloride, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, sulfate, nitrate, and magnesium- a similar composition to Evian.

Perrier is also a popular feature in alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails where its crisp acidic taste lends itself to enhancing beverages.

With regards to units sold per case, Perrier doesn’t have as many options, however, its 24 pack when compared to Evian water prices is more or less the same.

How To Drink Evian Water

how to drink evian water

1. Have it refrigerated

Evian is markedly refreshing and what better way to cherish its clear and crisp taste than to have it chilled?

2. Use the Evian Water dispenser

Take your drinking experience to the next level with Evian’s (re)new water dispenser. This dispenser was designed with sustainability in mind, once more by one of this generation’s most celebrated designers, the late Virgil Abloh.

It features a collapsible five-liter water bubble that is placed in a sleek base; both of which are 100% recyclable and use less plastic than Evian’s 1.5-liter bottle.

How to Store Evian Water

If unopened, you can store Evian water in a cool, dry, and clean place like a cabinet or pantry with other food items. It’s not recommended to store it near cleaning items or chemicals.

If opened, keep it refrigerated away from items with strong odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Evian have fluoride in it?

Water filtered through glaciers hardly contains fluoride, that is 0 ppm; 0.1 to 0.4 ppm of fluoride is also considered 0 ppm and Evian has 0.1 ppm of fluoride, which is essentially none.

2. Are Evian bottles recyclable?

Yes! Evian bottles have been made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) since 2018 and it is one of the most recycled types of plastic worldwide. In many communities, PET bottles can be recycled through curbside recycling programs or at recycling centers.

3. Are Evian bottles BPA-free?

Since they are made from PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) they are BPA (Bisphenol-A) free.

4. Why is there an expiration date on Evian bottles?

Aside from it being mandatory for companies, the expiration date on Evian bottles is a guide to drinking the water when it has the best organoleptic quality. This is when the mineral properties that give the water its clear and crisp taste are at their peak.

Interesting Facts & Myths

1. In 2017, Evian was recorded to produce 72,000 bottles per hour.

This coincides with a 2014 recording that revealed over six million bottles were filled per day, with a bottle only taking 12 seconds to fill.

2. In April 2020, Evian became the first Danone brand to achieve carbon neutrality.

This took six years of construction and transformation, which created 200 jobs in the process. Over 60% of its bottles are delivered via train, which has a carbon footprint ten times lower than road transport.

3. International Cricket player Virat Kohli only drinks Evian Natural Spring water.

Indian Cricket Premier League player and former captain of India’s national cricket team, Virat Kohli only drinks Evian Natural Spring water, which he also credits for his astounding performance and wellness.

Kohli follows a strict diet and is looked up to as a fitness icon among cricketers. He is said to have it delivered straight from France, which he refreshes with frequently on the pitch.

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