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Dasani Water Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Lakeisha Ethans
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

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If you’re looking to taste this purified bottle of minerals, chances are you’re looking for a Dasani water price guide. Dasani presents itself as the bottled water perfect for everyday life, designed to refresh the body and mind at every moment.

Renownedly purified, this water brand keeps it simple and guarantees consistent replenishment with every sip.

A Brief History of Dasani

history of dasani

In 1999, the Coca-Cola Company launched Dasani, a filtered bottled water brand. The brand began branching out of the United States in the 2000s, launching in Canada, the United Kingdom, and across Latin America.

How Dasani Is Made

Dasani is made from local municipal water supplies and is filtered through reverse osmosis. This water treatment process removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane.

This process ensures contaminants are filtered out and flushed away, leaving crystal clear fresh-tasting water. Dasani water is further imbued with minerals including magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride (salt). These minerals give Dasani its distinct, crisp taste.

Sustainability Initiatives

Over the years, Dasani has faced controversy due to its impact on the environment, the brand has since made motions to mitigate these issues. In 2012 the Grand Canyon officially banned bottled water as 30% of the litter in the park was plastic bottles.

This was directly influenced by the sale of Dasani water being sold by the park. Following this incident and other environmental issues at its bottling and filtering plants, the brand introduced initiatives to encourage recycling and reduce the production of plastic bottles.

Aluminum Cans

Dasani’s packaging extended to aluminum cans in 2019 as a way to reduce their production of plastic bottles. It has been argued that while aluminum is easier to recycle; it produces 330g more carbon emissions in production.

“How2Recycle” Labels

In 2020, Dasani introduced their new “How2Recycle” labels, which include instructions on how to recycle. These labels are featured on their bottles and were originally designed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and GreenBlue.

PlantBottle Initiative

As part of its efforts to reduce its impact on the planet, Dasani has introduced PlantBottle packaging, which is composed of 50% recycled plastic and 30% Brazilian sugarcane by-products which are considered to be advanced renewable fuel.

By using this plant-based material, the water brand is lowering its carbon footprint and will reduce plastic bottle production by 1 billion bottles over the next 5 years.


Dasani PureFill was introduced in 2019 as a program to empower customers to refill their bottles with filtered water for free to reduce the number of plastic bottles used.

Dasani Flavours

Dasani began launching naturally flavored sparkling water in 2005, starting in Chile with their lemon and tangerine flavors.

In the Argentinian market, they released peach, lemon, and citrus flavors and under the name Ciel Dasani in Mexico, they released the flavors of lemon-cucumber, papaya-carrot, grapefruit, and mandarin-green tea.

In 2019, the brand decided to discontinue a slew of products and rebranded with their Dasani Flavours water. Dasani Flavours are zero-calorie, lightly sweetened, and naturally flavored water beverages available in the flavors of lemon and strawberry.

Dasani Prices, Variations & Sizes

dasani prices

Regarding expense, Dasani water prices are remarkably affordable, which is probably why it is one of the highest-selling bottled waters in the market. As aforementioned, many products were discontinued while some aren’t readily available.

Type Quantity Average Price
Dasani Water 20 oz $1.89 – $1.99
Dasani Water 12oz (8 pack) $2.99 – $3.59
Dasani Water 16.9 fl oz (8 pack) $4.29 – $5.99
Dasani Water 1.5L (6 pack) $3.29 – $3.99
Dasani Water 1.5L (24 pack) $4.99 – $5.99
Dasani Water 1.5L (32 pack) $7.29 – $8.59
Dasani Sparkling Lime 12oz (8 pack) $3.59 – $4.28
Dasani Sparkling Berry 12oz (8 pack) $3.59 – $4.28
Dasani Sparkling Black Cherry 12oz (8 pack) $3.59 – $4.28
Dasani Sparkling Strawberry 20 fl oz (24 pack) $3.59 – $6.49
Dasani Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade 12 oz (8 pack) $3.59 – $4.28
Dasani Sparkling Lemon 16.9 fl oz (12 pack) $3.99 – $7.98

Dasani Drops

Dasani drops were a zero-calorie water enhancer that infused the taste of delicious fruit into water. They were promoted along with Dasani PureFill to complement the crisp hydration of Dasani’s purified water.

Each 8 oz serving could make up to 32 servings with zero calories in each squirt. It was discontinued in 2019, but a single 1.9 fl oz unit cost around $3.99, and a six-pack typically cost $24.99  boasted a variety of savoring flavors:

  • Orange Passionfruit Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Pear Acai Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Watermelon Punch Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Pineapple Coconut Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Pink Lemonade Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Strawberry Kiwi Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Watermelon Punch Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Pear Acai Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix
  • Orange Passionfruit Water flavor Enhancer Drink Mix

Dasani Alternatives/Comparisons

dasani alternatives

Dasani vs Aquafina

Aquafina is Dasani’s closest competitor. The two brands are similar in a variety of ways and are constantly nudging each other in various rankings. Aquafina Pure Water by PepsiCo is sourced from local municipalities.

Despite it being essentially tap water, it goes through a thorough purification process before it is bottled. This process includes reverse osmosis, UV light, ozone treatment, and charcoal filtration.

In 2005, Aquafina introduced a line of flavored water called Aquafina FlavourSplash* it is a zero carb, zero-calorie flavored non-carbonated water. Flavors include; kiwi, lemon, peach mango, grape, raspberry, and wildberry which are available in 20 oz bottles.

For a brief period of time Aquafina Sparkling, the carbonated alternative to FlavourSplash was produced however, it was soon replaced by Aquafina Alive, which was a low-calorie beverage enriched with vitamins.

The Aquafina Can is much like Dasani’s Aluminium Canned water, which seeks to reduce the production of plastic bottles. Aquafina has been heavily involved in sports sponsorships since its inception in 1994.

It has been a sponsor for Major League Soccer, The New Your Giants, and the Professional Golf Association. In comparison to Dasani water prices, Aquafina costs a few cents less on average.

Dasani vs Ice Mountain Water

Ice Mountain is still water sourced from two groundwater wells in Evart Spring, Michigan. The Ice Mountain brand prides itself in the history of its source; its water began as glaciers that melted over time, which were then filtered naturally in gravel aquifers.

This water was imparted with various minerals and electrolytes, including calcium, chloride, and magnesium. It then flowed to the surface and created natural springs where it is drawn from using pumps.

Not only is their water FDA certified as natural spring water, but it also undergoes a rigorous 10-step quality process that involves micro-filtration and packaging control.

Along with its spring water, Ice mountain produces flavored sparkling water with the flavors; Lime, Lemon, Triple Cherry, Black Cherry, and Raspberry Lime. Their sparkling water is calorie and sugar-free and has no artificial sweeteners or colorants.

Ice Mountain is notably dedicated to sustainability and giving back to its community. Every one of their bottles, including their 3 and 5-gallon refillable bottles, is recyclable. Each bottle is refilled 20 times before they are recycled.

Regarding communal work, Ice Mountain has partnered with fellow bottled water brands to donate water to food banks and schools. With respect to Dasani water prices, Ice Mountain costs $5 more on average. 

Dasani vs Poland Spring

Poland Spring is a brand of bottled water sourced from a spring in Poland, Maine that dates back to the late 18th century. The water brand is a subsidiary of BlueTriton Brands known to produce quality bottled water such as Ice Mountain water.

The spring was first commercialized in 1859 by an innkeeper who claimed that the water cured him of chronic indigestion. This resulted in the inn growing into a resort due to the major popularity the spring gained.

The inn was originally named “Ricker’s Folly”, but following the spring’s success, it was renamed the Poland Spring House in 1876 and operated early into the early 20th century.

The water begins its journey at the glacial deposits on the peaks of Maine’s stunning mountain ranges. It then flows through sand and gravel, which acts as a natural filtration system that not only separates impurities but permeates the water with minerals and salts that impart Poland’s well-loved and fresh taste.

The water is collected at a natural spring and put through quality processing. Although the original spring is no longer drawn from, Poland Spring water is sourced from 8 different springs along the Mains mountain ranges.

Regarding their environmental initiatives, Poland Spring has initiated the MakeBetter Pledge, which is dedicated to caring for the springs and their surrounding environment with the help of hydrologists to keep the area and its biodiversity thriving.

Added to their quality spring water, Poland Spring has a line of sparkling water that is calorie and sugar-free and contains no artificial sweeteners or colorants. It comes in flavored and unflavoured varieties, namely Blood Orange Hibiscus, Orange Mango, White Peach Ginger, and Pomegranate Lemonade.

When compared to Dasani water prices, Poland Spring costs $10 more on average.

How To Drink Dasani


1. Enjoy it as is or refrigerated

Dasani gets its crisp and clean taste from the combined filtration and added minerals. The amazing thing about the balance of salt and minerals in the water is that they lend the water a unique taste that you can pick up from an initial sip or enjoy enhanced by refrigeration.

2. How to store Dasani Water

If unopened, you can store Dasani water in a cool, dry, and clean place like a cabinet or pantry with other food items. It’s not recommended to store it near cleaning items or chemicals. If opened, keep it refrigerated away from items with strong odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dasani gluten-free?

Yes, Dasani water, including Dasani Flavoured, is gluten-free.

2. Is Dasani vegan?

Possibly. One of the minerals in Dasani water is magnesium sulfate, which is a type of salt derived from lactic acid, which can be obtained from whey or milk. However, the general consensus is that Dasani is vegan.

3. Does Dasani have fluoride in it?

Due to Dasani’s high-tech purification process, it has been recorded to contain 0 ppm of fluoride, making it fluoride-free.

4. Are Dasani bottles BPA-free?

Yes, Dasani Bottles contain no Bisphenol-A.

5. Are Dasani bottles recyclable?

Following their PureFill and “How2Recycle” initiatives, Dasani has made sure that customers know where and how to recycle their bottles.

6. Are the minerals in DASANI® safe to drink?

Yes. The mineral and salt content of Dasani has gone through a rigorous inspection by the Food and Drug Administration, which has categorized the amounts of these minerals and salts as dietarily negligible.

7. Can I drink DASANI® if I am on a low-sodium diet?

Yes. The amount of salt in Dasani is negligible according to the FDA, which also classifies it as and as a ‘very low sodium food.’

Interesting Facts & Myths

Beth Bauer Grace

In 2002, professional golfer Beth Bauer Grace signed a deal with the Coca-Cola company to endorse Dasani. Bauer, who was a player for the Ladies Professional Golf Association, made personal appearances and wore a Dasani patch on her right sleeve during tournaments.

Mixed Origins

On an online forum, netizens resolved that the name Dasani is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means “Water, Beautiful”.

Other users suggested that the name Dasani is of Bantu origin and means “Beautiful water”, while a Coca-Cola executive said it sounded like a Roman god of water. Despite all the guessing, the bottled water brand disclosed on social media that the name was an original creation.

Best Selling Water Bottle

In 2020 Dasani water was announced as the world’s second-best-selling brand of bottled water behind Aquafina, with approximately $3.79 billion in sales in 2019.

Kelly Clarkson DNA

In 2005, the DNA of the first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, was auctioned off on eBay following a festival she performed in. The singer is known for her eccentric backstage requirements, which include having no less than 16 bottles of Dasani water.

One of these bottles was swiped by an attendee who put it up on eBay stating that this was a chance for fans “to own some Kelly Clarkson DNA”. The highest bidding was $20.

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