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How Many Times is Grey Goose Distilled?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

Grey Goose is a brand of vodka made by Bacardi in France and is considered one of the world’s most luxurious vodkas. The brand has been very successful and is available worldwide.

To many a surprise, the answer to “how many times is Grey Goose distilled?” is once, though there is a lot that goes into the process to ensure you can taste the full flavor of the product.

The distillers at Grey Goose use a continuous distillation process, which involves running the alcohol vapors through five columns of copper and stainless steel, ensuring no impurities in the end product.

Several types of vodkas are on the market, but Grey Goose is considered among the finest due to its high-quality ingredients and careful distillation process.

What Grey Goose Vodka Is Made From?

grey goose vodka bottle with lemon

The process of making Grey Goose is a long one and is not as simple as many other Vodkas. Most Vodkas are made from Grain alcohol (often wheat or rye), but because of the high cost of these raw materials, other products like potatoes and molasses are used as an alternative.

Not only is Grey Goose made from natural ingredients, but it’s made from the finest quality ingredients around – they don’t skimp.

They start with soft water from a spring in France and use high-quality wheat, which gives it a distinctive taste. The grains are fermented – adding more flavor to the final product.

Once this process has taken place, the next stage requires that the liquor be distilled through copper and stainless steel stills before it is ready to be rested and bottled with its distinctive neck and cap.

The Distillation Process

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Grey Goose is a widely-recognized vodka brand with a reputation for its quality and taste. We know it’s distilled once and is made using spring water from France. But what exactly does this mean?

The whole distillation process of Grey Goose vodka is an ongoing activity – wheat goes in, spirit comes out, and everything is in flow.

Here is a step-by-step look at the process used:

  1. Fermentation
  2. Distilling
  3. Filtration

Let’s take a better look at these steps.


Firstly, the wheat is washed and ground just before the fermentation phase can start.

The company has a continuous fermentation method, utilizing six cascade tanks. Wheat and yeast are added to the first tank, then poured into each subsequent tank, each at a distinct stage of the process.

Finally, the mixture is fermented into a beer with 10% alcohol. Fresh wheat and yeast are fed to the cascade tanks, while beer is drawn out of the last. The whole process takes around 30 hours.


The beer is then distilled into spirit using a five-column distillation method.

Firstly, the water is removed from the concoction to yield a spirit of 92 percent alcohol. The second column, designed for hydro-selection, waters the spirit down upon entering and then redistills it to eliminate specific elements and impurities.

The third column is there to achieve rectification under pressure, and the fourth is to rectify under vacuum. The final column removes alcohols like methyl and ethyl, which have no odor or taste before it can move onto the filtration process.


Grey Goose uses the most refined French water for the filtration process. the water is full of calcium and of the highest quality, having been filtered through limestone at the source of the spring.

The water is treated to eliminate the minerals using double reverse osmosis. After being blended with vodka to a bottling proof of 40%, the water is treated again via cellulose and carbon pads.

This water filtration process adds a unique element to the final product before it can be bottled.

The final step is to bottle the vodka, after which it leaves the distillery in Picardy, France, and travels to Cognac, France, where it is bottled locally and distributed worldwide.

As you probably gather by now, high-quality ingredients are crucial to Bicardi’s vision of their Grey Goose vodka.

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How Many Times is Grey Goose Distilled – Summary

Relatively unknown outside of the beverage industry, this article provides some fascinating insight into what makes Grey Goose vodka so unique.

Grey Goose only distills their vodka once, which is done through a five-column distillation method. This makes Grey Goose Vodka not only made with the intent of being smooth, but it is immensely pure, as distilled liquors go.

Ultimately, the production process greatly varies from other brands of vodka, which makes sense because Grey Goose is a premium and super high-quality vodka.

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